Legally Blind Episode 35: Wednesday Pt1, 24 August 2022 On Adom Tv


We begin tonight’s episode with Stella and Grace arriving to meet Edward and William at the police station to check up on them. Grace thanks William for his help and they both assure Stella they are fine while William continues to eye Grace.

Edward assures Stella that William isn’t into dru9s and Grace tells Stella that Willam helped them catch Marcus. Stella then apologized to William for thinking he is into dru9s again but William says no problem because he hopes Stella can explain it to Anton.

William goes to Grace to ask if she is fine but she prevents Willam from touching her. William said after everything they have been through he thought Grace will be comfortable with him. Grace then thanked and hung him. Edward tells William he seems very eager to get Marcus convicted and Willam said that’s what he deserves.

Marcus is interrogated by the officers for r@ping Grace but he denies doing any such thing as he laughs Grace, Edward and William listen to him and Grace can’t control her tears remembering that night again.

At home, Grace tells Marissa about submitting evidence for the case and they will be going to the fiscal’s office for a solution.

At work, Edward visits Grace’s desk to inform her that he just spoke to their contacts in the fiscal’s office and they have a solution to file a case in court and Grace is happy she will get justice. Edward also promised her he will win against whichever lawyer that defends Marcus.

Joel is given a pro bono case to defend Marcus, he tells her boss he can’t take the case because it involves his ex-girlfriend but she insists Joel take the case because Grace is not his wife so she is not his family so she doesn’t see any conflicts of interest or legal implications.

Joel visits Marcus in jail as his lawyer showing him a picture of Grace and asked why he rap£d her but he denied knowing or r@ping her.

Joel visits Grace and stares at her from afar remembering all Grace went through after the incident. Joel approached her and apologized for everything, however he didn’t tell her he was defending Marcus.

Marcus and his lawyer arrive in court and everyone is shocked it’s Joel as Marcos pleads not guilty. Edward also defends Grace while Willam is seen in court monitoring the situation.

Outside, Grace asks Joel why he is defending Marcus after knowing all she has been through but Joel insists he hasn’t done anything wrong because a man is innocent until proven guilty.

Marcus tries to touch Grace to explain to him he didn’t rap£ her but Grace becomes angry telling him to tell the truth as Edward and Diana try to calm her down while Joel looks disappointed at himself.Grace continues to vent her anger to Edward and Diana.

Later, Joel visits Marcus in jail, he insists he never rap£d Grace but Joel told him there was a witness who saw him with Grace that night and identified him as Grace’s atta¢ker but Marcus told him he is innocent and it’s William having flashbacks of all that William told him because he is the one who rap£d Grace shocking Joel.

In the car, Edward and Diana try to calm down Grace when William appears asking if all is okay and if they have a chance against Marcus and his lawyer but Edward tells him that they can still create stories and lies to prove Marcus is innocent but they have an advantage as William looks at Grace…Read more