Legally Blind Episode 44: Wednesday Pt2, 31 August 2022 On Adom Tv

Marissa and her daughters worry about what might have exploded so they go outside to check and it’s the electrical fuse outside right there Willam appears asking if they are okay.

He goes with them inside and promises Grace he will check on them from now onwards and Grace thanks him. Marissa wondered if it was another attack against them but Grace tells her not to worry because it could just be a random incident.

William said she has a point because it could be another attack on them so what they should move in with he and Cherie so he can protect them and it’s just for one night. Nina and Marissa convince Grace so they can go since it’s a chance to see and be with cherie too.

William brings the family home and Cherie welcomes them. He then tells Cherie that he has to go back to the townhouse to call the electrical company and check the whole house to make sure they are safe when they go back because he is sure Grace will be more comfortable without him at home. Marissa thanks him and William says he will do everything for Grace and Edward as he leaves.

William goes back to the townhouse and from his flash back we get to see he caused the electrical explosion on purpose. He goes through Grace’s clothing smelling it and remembering how he abu$ed it. He goes to the store room telling himself nothing can stop him from looking at Grace anytime he wants as he laughs.

Cherie goes through William’s dirty clothing and finds Grace’s necklace. Nina tells her that the necklace belongs to Grace and Cherie wonders why William has it.

Grace and her family go to the townhouse, William arrives again telling them the power is restored so Marissa thanks him so does Grace. William then approached Grace calling her sweet and tried to touch her but Grace resists.
William then tells them to excuse him because he is going to make a phone call.

Grace sees a change in the house decoration since she bumped into a flower vase William said it’s nothing and Marissa tells her to relax and excuses her self. William then started taking a video of Grace.

The next day, William arrives again with a basket of fruits telling himself outside the house that Grace’s ever dependable night and shinning armor is right there. He tries to use his spare keys to open the door but it’s not opening. He then bangs on the door calling out for Grace, Marissa arrives and she asks if there is an emergency about Edward.

William then asked about the locks since his spare key isn’t opening but Marissa said they changed the locks in order to protect themselves so when he comes he can ring the door bell, William then gives the basket to Marissa and leaves in a hurry.

Willam becomes so furious driving and parks at a point to watch the video he took of Grace saying Grace can lock herself inside but she can’t lock herself from him and what’s the game that Grace is now playing because first she is thankful and now she is avoiding him so now they will play this game and he will win.

Willam visits Edward again, Edward is blindfolded again since the boss is coming he then asks who their boss is as an angry willam approaches him…Read more

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Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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