Pallavi D!es In An Accident? Light Of Love 14 February 2023, Tuesday: Episode 31-32


Pallavi was getting ready for Sangeet, she got a call from her brother saying there is death in the family.
Raghav got a call from an unknown number and no one was talking, he got annoyed and said surely this is some girl, he then saw courier boy at the door, he then asked the help to receive the parcel and left. The Courier boy thinks, this is your past.

Amruta and Sulochana were getting ready, Amruta said today is the last chance to impress Raghav don’t bother me, Milind then walked in upset, Sulochana asked what’s wrong, one boy walked in and handed him 3 tickets to Kolhapur, Sulochana asked him to get ready, Milind said there is no wedding.

The courier boy placed on the bomb and said your pasts entry has begun Raghav.

Raghav was thinking about Amma and said life is so ironic, I am going to that woman’s house whom I hate the most to meet woman I love the most my mother, but today I won’t focus on Pallavi but Kirti and Amma, will try to get them home and to impress Amma I wore her favorite traditional wear.

Sulochana yelled at Milind, Milind said this happens in every house, Sulochana said but death is in their house not ours, how does it matter, Amruta said why pull this topic, Milind said Sharda Vahinis mother has passed away, you don’t consider her family but I do, so until all rituals get over this wedding won’t take place and even Rahul’s family is fine with it, Sulochana said how dare you take this decision without me.

Milind said she is my daughter too, you keep insulting me and my family, I keep ignoring but I want my daughter’s to understand the meaning of family and so this decision stands final, Vijay, Sharda and Nikhil are leaving today, when they all come back only then Mansi will marry, in everyone’s presence.

Amruta got angry, Sulochana said Amruta don’t worry this is a golden chance for me to get this house on my name, Amruta asked how, Sulochana said Pallavi will go but wont come back from Kolhapur.

Raghav saw Akash asking for a lift, Raghav asked him where is he going, Akash said my bike is facing issue, I don’t want your lift, Raghav said I am going to Pallavi’s house too, come sit, you will go there and tell my Amma I am a good man, Akash got scared and sat in the car.
The courier boy was following Raghav and updating about him to someone on a call.

Raghav reached Pallavi’s house and said, what nonsense lighting is this, Akash said I don’t know why they switched it off. Pallavi arrived and requested Akash to remove all the lights, Milind said I will go inside and arrange the ticket, Raghav said you should have told me, I would have personally booked the tickets for you, Pallavi said I never give up, Raghav said then why are you running away, Pallavi said it a family emergency and why are you so interested in sangeet.

Raghav said I like marriage, Pallavi said we don’t like you, Pallavi and Raghav got into an argument, Milind walked to Pallavi and said he couldn’t manage the tickets, Pallavi said but Aai needs me, Raghav thinks of the challenge and said I will arrange taxi for her, I will be happy to help her out.
Pallavi said we don’t want his help, Milind said we don’t have any option, Pallavi said I don’t need his help, Raghav said just 20 min and taxi will be here, Milind thanked Raghav and left. Raghav asked Farhad to arrange a taxi for Pallavi.
The courier boy shared Pallavi and private taxi info on the call.

Pallavi was packing and said this Raghav Rao,I would never take help from him, she felt pukish and run to the bathroom, Sulochana walked in and found it fishy, Pallavi then walked to her, Sulochana asked her if she is fine, she said yes, Sulochna said Milind sent you money, Pallavi said I have money thank you and left for the taxi. Sulochana said, Raghav and Pallavi something is cooking between them, he sent her a private car.

Pallavi went to Raghav’s house and said here is your money, Raghav heard a ticking sound, Pallavi said I don’t want any favors from you, but I really need to be in Kolhapur, I am keeping this money here and walked towards the courier box, Raghav got a message reading boxes and courier’s are very dangerous but people never focus on that and Raghav shouted stop Pallavi.

Precap: Raghav was called urgently to the highway and then told the taxi he booked met with an accident, and the car is fully burned and this is Pallavi’s card.


Pallavi was keeping the money on box, Raghav shouted from behind stop and pulled her close and they both fell on the ground and their pendant got entangled, Pallavi said can’t you walk properly, what is it, Raghav said there is a bomb in this box, Pallavi said you and your lies and they both argued, Pallavi became scared, Raghav was also scared as well said I have to throw the box away,he slowly approached it and threw it away, Pallavi closed her ears and they both hid behind a sofa.

Pallavi said why isn’t it blasting yet and why did you throw in the hall, she saw Raghav was scared too and slowly went towards the box,she later walked to Raghav with a clock and made fun of him. Pallavi said no one will hit you because that’s my job, just because I am behaving properly doesn’t mean I have forgiven you, you want angry Raghav back, Pallavi said I am not scared of you and left.

Raghav found a note in the clock which reads your bad time has started. I am back from your past- Lion. Raghav said who is this Lion. Pallavi sat in a taxi and left, the courier boy called and said I have done my work now, no one will be saved sitting in that car.

Amruta said to Sulochana, mom I was dying for this peace, such a relax house, Sulochana said yes no stupid rules and you know from day 1 I have wanted Dada and Vahinis room, it is so well ventilated, but they aren’t leaving it, Amruta said shift to that room, Sulochana said I don’t want it temporary but permanent, Amruta asked how, Milind sees them both and gets scared, Sulochana saw the keys in Milinds hand and asked what are these, Milind said it’s Pallavi’s and Vijay’s room keys, I will lock them since they aren’t here.

Raghav yelled at the staff based on the box incident, Harish walked in and said the number calling you, keeps changing sims and no info about Lion, Raghav called Farhad and told him to shift Amma and Kirti to a safe house and give the shipment work to someone else.

Raghav was sent a taxi blasting video and then got a message to be ready for his worst ride Raghav.

Pallavi was a on call with Sharda, she said don’t worry, I will meet you at Bangalore airport don’t worry and told her about the taxi, Sharda said don’t tell Vijay, Pallavi said okay and later thinks I better not lie to baba, Pallavi then started cursing Raghav.

Raghav got a call from Swami to come to the national highway urgently, there was an incident with a Taxi he booked for Bangalore.
Raghav reached the location, Swami told him the Taxi met with an accident and burnt, no one survived and handed him Pallavi’s card. Raghav asked where is Pallavi, Swami said I dont know, we are looking for her, Raghav said she can’t go without completing our challenge and he started looking for Pallavi everywhere and asked Farhad to get the CCTV footage, he asked passing cars about Pallavi.

Raghav got home worried about Pallavi, he looked around his house and things reminded him of Pallavi, he got a drink and said, Pallavi you can’t give up on challenge the and leave this way, he remembered his past and said I can’t have one more death on me.
He got a message reading sorry about the accident, did you lose someone special?”

Raghav the next morning reached Pallavi’s shop and saw it was closed and said where should I find her. Pallavi walked to him and said is there no sofa in your house, why are you sitting in front of my shop, Raghav said where were you last night, the car met with an accident, Pallavi said I know but yesterday Bangalore’s weather was not good and so Aai didnt allow me to come and when I reached home all were asleep.

why are you panicking, you should be happy if I go away, Raghav said because I dont want one more death on my name, Pallavi said how many did you kill, Raghav said thats not your business, you just remember I dont want to kill you but torture you.
A customer walked to Pallavi asking for the bill of a saree he bought yesterday, Pallavi opened the shop and was about to make the bill, Raghav saw the Lion name on the bill.

Pre cap: Raghav asked Pallavi who is Lion, Pallavi said he bought one of our famous sarees. Raghav asked how did he look, Pallavi said don’t be impatient wait…Read more

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