Pallavi Saves Raghav’s Mother. Light Of Love 2 February 2023, Thursday Pt1: Episode 15


The episode started with Raghav begging Pallavi to please save her shop and gave her papers, he said here are papers, your shop is 30 min from here but you have 15 min in hand all the best….

Sometime back…..
Pallavi reached the shop and saw a shop being destroyed and she stopped the JCB asking what is all this, The Authority said this shop is illegal , Pallavi said there is some confusion, check the papers and I will call the owner, Jagdish came there and said this is not my shop any more, I sold it to Raghav Rao, Pallavi said how can you……

Raghav visited Jagdish, gave him money and said Pallavi’s shop is mine now….

Jagdish told Pallavi that Raghav is the owner, go meet him and take the papers and show them that this shop is not illegal, Jagdish picked the sarees and said this is of no use now, I will use it for my valentine. Pallavi begged the authority to stop and they gave her time till 5 PM.

Sharda was on a call with the marriage bureau agents, Vijay said stop this, Sharda said Pallavi didn’t sleep all night seeing an accident, Vijay said she doesn’t need a husband to live, Sharda said I have seen pain in her eyes, I know why you are so scared but this time I will look after everything and then tell Pallavi.

Pallavi got to Raghav’s house and Raghav met her, Pallavi said I have urgent work, Rama stopped her and said he is very busy, please sit, he will see you in sometime. Pallavi was waiting for Raghav, Raghav was watching her on CCTV. Farhad told Raghav Amma is still in ICU.
Raghav asked to lower the AC temperature in the waiting area.

Sulochana followed Jagdish and started running after him to hit him, Sulochana said how dare you sell the shop, Jagdish said I am a business man, you gave me 5 lakhs, Raghav gave me 30 lakhs.

Krishna gave Pallavi call and authorities ask her to come fast, Raghav then played loud music and the Authorities got angry. Pallavi dropped Krishna message to keep them waiting, she will come with the papers. Pallavi was shivering in the cold and troubled with loud music, her blouse got torn by mistake.

Sulochana was messing whole room to find something, she found papers of the house and burnt them, she said I will buy this house from Pallavi. Pallavi rushed to Raghav and begged him to listen to her, Raghav gave her his jacket and said don’t come to my house like beggars, Pallavi told him she needs papers, Raghav handed her the papers and said your shop is 30 min away but you have 15 min all the best and Pallavi rushed out.

Pallavi’s sandal broke while running, a bike dashed at her and the papers fell down and she started looking for the paper’s, Pallavi saw lord Ganesha Palkhi and the papers fallen in the Palkhi, she picked the paper and saw she has only 2 min left.

Precap : Raghav found Pallavi in his bedroom, Pallavi woke up and yelled at Raghav and said he is the first person whom she hates so much…Read more

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Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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