Light Of Love 24 February 2023, Friday: E45-46


The episode started with Seema showing Pallavi that saree’s color is coming out, Seema said my staff are in a hot region and these saree’s won’t work, please understand, Raghav said yes understand this won’t work, Seema said I like your service so I want 70% discount or the order will be cancelled, Raghav said pitty, Pallavi said I will send the revised bill, she asked for washroom and left.

Pallavi asked for a phone from Seema and said she has to make an urgent call, she asked Seema to dial the number 100, Seema said the police? Pallavi said yes.

Amruta said to Sulochana, do you also think Raghav and Pallavi are having an affair, Sulochana said I didn’t earlier but now I do in the last 13 days, said she has gotten close to Raghav, Amruta said I so wish people insult Pallavi a lot and Raghav, Sulochana said do as I say and all will be yours.

Nikhil asked Rahul and Mansi what about Pallavi, Mansi said she isn’t here yet, it’s her performance next.
Pallavi showed Seema Vinegar and Soda and Seema apologized to her, Pallavi said I have taken such big risk to come here, you are taking full payment from the school and giving me 30%, you are a working woman too, how can you cheat, Seema begged Pallavi not to call the Police and that she will give double payment.

Raghav said get double payment, Pallavi said she will go to prison and I don’t want extra money, Raghav said why worry about the world, this is your business and you rarely get such opportunities so just take it and invest in your business, Pallavi remembered her promise to Mansi and said god I have to reach sangeet for my performance.

Amruta came on stage and called out Pallavi’s name for performance, she kept calling Pallavi’s name and started cheering her name, Nikhil, Mansi and Rahul was tensed, Sulochana said come soon Pallavi it’s time for your performance.

Pallavi called Mansi and said she will be here in 20 min, Nikhil said how will we manage 20min, Kirti said I will go announce my performance. Mansi thanked Kirti, Nikhil said let’s wait for the grand performance and let’s have another fabulous performance by Kirti. Kirti began her performance. Raghav and Pallavi were on their way to Sangeet.

Pallavi reached the venue, she turnd back to Raghav and said Thank you. Kirti’s performance finished and Pallavi began right after, Sulochana and Amruta got angry to see her. Rahul and Mansi were very happy. Raghav walked in and saw Pallavi’s performance. Jaya pulled Raghav aside and slapped him, Sharda walked to Pallavi and looked at her in anger and said don’t say a word, let’s go home we need to talk.

Raghav said why slap me Amma, Jaya asked Raghav where did you take Pallavi to, what did you do to her, you asked me for a chance, you are not bad you said, I was happy to see you in this function and thought you were right but as always you proved me wrong, first you sent me to a safe house and then forcefully took Pallavi away and why are you behind her, Raghav said I was saving Pallavi and also Ved you remember.

he was doing drugs business in the name of Jayanti Jewels and I sent him to jail and now he was released, he was constantly attacking me and so I sent you and Kirti to the safe house and as for Pallavi she was out for some work and was kidnapped by some goons and I saved her, but Amma even I lost my family and you think I forgot that day but everyday my day begins and ends with that day but because of that one incident you judge me everyday and take me wrong, you doubt your own upbringing, I am not always wrong but still I am sorry and he left.

Sharda scolded Pallavi for her behavior that she left without safety, even Sulochana is saying this, I can understand if Nikhil, Amruta did this mistake and you went with Raghav, when you know Vijay hates him, what was the urgency to go with him so late, Pallavi said I was, Sharda said just tell me, were you with Raghav…

Precap: Raghav was having lunch and asked Pallavi to leave, Pallavi said I should have slapped you that day itself, Raghav was choking on food.
Sharda said to Sulochana, only Amruta can do such abortion thing in this family, Sulochana said Pallavi has, Pallavi said don’t talk nonsense and Sulochana handed her the receipt.


The episode started with Sharda scolding Pallavi and said just tell me one thing, were you with Raghav and Pallavi nodded yes, Sharda said why Pallavi, why are you giving people chance to talk, I am not stopping you to work with him but there is a time to do work and you need to follow that, Siddhesh walked in and said you don’t need to give explanation, just pack, we are going to Kolhapur, Pallavi said I am not going anywhere.

Siddhes said can’t you see you were out of the house for their work late at night but they don’t appreciate instead they are angry with you, they didn’t even allow Nikhil to find you, they are selfish people. Pallavi said she isn’t scolding without any reason, she is right, I should have left informing someone and be careful about Raghav knowing that people are discussing about us, but I was so lost with that work call I couldn’t think.

I had worked so hard for that order so I just told Krishna and left and I am here safe because of Raghav, Siddhesh said Pallavi why don’t you understand, Pallavi said because she is my mother and has right to know where I am, would you stop our Aai Baba too and Vijay is upset because of Raghav, I will handle it and this is my house I wont leave it, Siddhesh said think again Pallavi, don’t make decisions that you would regret later.

Pallavi apologized to Sharda and said Dada also shouldn’t have spoken in this tone to you, Sharda smiled and left.

Pallavi walked to Vijay but he closed the door on her face, Raghav was upset in and tears because of Amma’s behavior, he sat in his old room.

Sharda gave a saree for ironing and found a receipt, she found a pregnancy abortion report. A man visited Pallavi’s shop with her store pouch and said I got this at Jayti jewels, it’s beautiful, can I see some sarees for my wife, Pallavi welcomed him in the shop and showed him the sarees, he selected one and got it packed and said, your sarees and pouches are so good, but the shop so old, anyways Thank you.

Pallavi said Krishna he is right, we need to renovate the shop. Pallavi got a call from Raghav and said I need shop blueprint in half n hour at my house, Pallavi asked why, Raghav said to build underground tunnel and loot your shop, Pallavi disconnected the call and said he just can’t answer properly and Krishna started laughing.

Amruta was on a call and said only fruit diet for wedding, I can’t gain wait, Sharda was staring at her, Amruta disconnected the call and asked Kaku what is it, Sharda called Sulochana and showed her the abortion receipt, Sulochana said this one doesn’t have any name just surname, Sulochana said why call me, Sharda said Amruta what all is this, Amruta asked what, Sharda said it’s yours, you have male friends.

boy friend’s you keep roaming with them late at night, I don’t like it but Sulochana allows it so I didn’t stop it, Sulochana said enough, she is my daughter, there are other girls too, Sharda said who else will abort here, Sulochana said you don’t like me don’t drag my daughter into it, Sharda said this is not about dislike, she is on the wrong track, Sulochana said Pallavi is also in this house, she is roaming a lot now a days behind your back, Sharda then slapped Sulochana.

Pallavi was at Raghav’s house, Raghav was discussing shop layout with the architect and he asked him to start work, Pallavi became happy and said you are renovating the shop so nice, Raghav said he will start work after 15 days when you leave, I will make this a godown because I know you will lose, Pallavi said what are you, you helped me I thought, Raghav said one day I saved you, other day you were in front of a truck. Sulochana said I am quite because of Vijay Dada or else I could slap too.

Tina and Abhishek already told us about Raghav and Pallavi and before you left for Kolhapur, Pallavi went to a doctor, Pallavi was not in the house the whole night, she spent the whole night with Raghav to open a shop in the mall, Siddesh said enough, Sulochana said you should have controlled your sister then and Sharda.

my daughter can marry anyone this can be done by Pallavi not my daughter, Vijay said stop this nonsense Pallavi would never do this, Sulochana said you were upset with Pallavi because she meets Raghav and you tore her cheque too, do a thing, call her and ask her where she is and I am sure she must be with Raghav.

Pallavi said enough Raghav, Raghav started having lunch, Pallavi said I should have slapped you back then,I don’t want to discuss with you anymore, Pallavi was leaving and got a call from Vijay but her phone battery low, she turned around and saw Raghav choking on food, Pallavi said you can’t eat food properly and you want to win the challenge?

She made Raghav lie on the table, sat on him to remove the choked food and hits his back hard, she got off him, gave him water and asked are you better, Raghav said after you hitting me so much, Pallavi said yesterday you gave me business advice let me give you life advice don’t talk while having food and don’t consider my humanity my friendship, because you are my enemy and defeating you is all I see and she left.

Precap: Sulochana said to Pallavi after aborting Raghav’s life asking in full attitude you are asking what did I do and handed Pallavi receipt of abortion.
Pallavi said this isn’t mine, I can prove that.

The Doctor said I know Pallavi, you weren’t expecting the pregnancy this is why we aborted your baby.
Raghav held Vijay’s collar and said show your anger in your house, Pallavi yelled at Raghav and said leave him…Read more

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