Raghav Ruins Mandar’s Date. Light Of Love 25 May 2023, Wednesday Pt2: Episode 144


The episode began with Kirti telling Mandar that, I have seen true love for Pallavi in your eyes. In fact you love her so much that even after forgetting everything you still remembered her. Mandar asked, you being Raghav’s real sister, why do you want to ruin your brother’s married life?

Kirti replied, Raghav and Pallavi doesn’t know the meaning of true love, they are trying to pull me apart from my love sunny. She knows sunny, I know we did wrong with you but we both want to rectify our mistake.

Pallavi, Raghav and Amma enjoyed the photoshoot. Pallavi thanked Raghav for the many good memories he has given her. Raghav responded, you made my life perfect, it’s nothing compared to that. Pallavi said, you are so cute and kiss him while hugging him and Jaya teased them. They saw the pictures and decided one of them to be put in the hall.

Mandar called Pallavi and told her that he saw the picture. Pallavi ask, which picture? Raghav told her, I sent him the selfie as he is close to us now so he must know we are perfect.

Mandar was listening while he was still looking at picture and said, I remember our wedding pictures. He asked Pallavi to come to the Deshmukh house to see more pictures so that he can revive his memories. Pallavi told Raghav about it and asked if she could go? Raghav replied of course you can, you are doing such a good work, why would I stop you.

Pallavi went to change, Raghav then placed a GPS tracker in her bag. Pallavi asked Raghav not to choose a picture without me and she left. After she left, Raghav said sorry for tracking her as he couldn’t trust Mandar.

Mandar called Sharda and Pallavi and said, I remember how Sharda saw Pallavi in the mirror. Sulochana supported him stating, MIL sees DIL face this way. Mandar thanked Pallavi for helping him. Sharda throw the mirror away and took Pallavi’s inside.
Sharda told Pallavi to stop coming to Deshmukh house, otherwise after everything is fine, Mandar will not be able to move on and it might affect her happy life. Pallavi told her, Raghav knows she is doing all that just as a friend.

Mandar told Pallavi that she shouldn’t come there because even Sharda doesn’t want her to come there. Pallavi defended Sharda saying, she is just worried for her children. Mandar said, I feel suffocated in this house. Pallavi said, we shall go out then and Mandar asked her to inform Raghav before they can go. Pallavi called Raghav and told him. Raghav said, I have never stopped you, right now I am busy at a meeting. Pallavi and Mandar went out. Raghav followed them and while going he said, when you fight with Raghav, he always wins.

Milind asked, how did the mirror break? Sulochana told him that Sharda did that, as she doesn’t want Pallavi to come to the Deshmukh house. Milind told Sharda that he knows why she is scared but it will be good if Mandar memories return with the help of Pallavi, she is smart, don’t worry. Sharda said, we all want that very much but not at the cost of ruining Raghav and Pallavi’s house, they just got married, I shall do what I feel is right.

Pallavi and Mandar came to a restaurant and found Raghav. Pallavi asked about his meeting and Raghav told her the meeting was held there and that it ended a while ago. Mandar became suspicious.
Pallavi said, we should spend time together then. She sat in the middle, Raghav was on the right and Mandar on the left. Raghav asked, did you remember anything by spending time with my wife? Pallavi replied yes, he remembers one ritual.

Raghav said it’s so strange that Mandar only remember everything when Pallavi is around. Mandar said, because we share a special bond. Pallavi was confused. Raghav said, that was past and the past stays past. Mandar said, destiny can’t separate the past. Raghav held Pallavi’s hand and said, destiny is mine and no one can change it.

Pallavi became more confused and asked, what’s going on, I don’t understand? Raghav said, nothing it just a random talk, let’s order something, I am feeling hungry. Pallavi asked Mandar to order but he excused himself and said, I remembered something important and he left.

Pallavi was wondering why he left suddenly? Raghav said the clock is ticking, let’s eat something, I am feeling too hungry. Pallavi said, make it quick, I have work at home. Raghav responded, your wish is my command and Pallavi ordered the food. Raghav then remembered 3 days have gone out of the 7 days since the challenge began. Mandar said, I have 4 days to win challenge.

Precap: Pallavi found tracker in her Bag and Kirti asked Raghav about it and he admitted it was him. Mandar got home in torn clothes and fell down.

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