Kirti Joins Hands With Mandar To Destroy Pallavi. Light Of Love 26 May 2023, Friday Pt1: Episode 145


The episode began with Pallavi asking Rajan to change their oil but if he is not able to then she will order some online. Rajan responded, food is ready and he left. Raghav pulled Pallavi aside and said, Mrs. Pallavi Raghav Rao, you focus so much on the whole house, what about your husband? Pallavi replied, someone might see us, what are you doing. Raghav said, first say I love you and he placed his hand on his lips. Pallavi said, Amma may see us, move aside but Raghav pulled her back and moved close to kiss her, Amma then called Pallavi out and she run away.

Jaya said to Pallavi, I have some few sarees I have never worn, Kirti has selected few of them, you can also select some too. Pallavi responded, they are so pretty. Raghav came there and Amma stood with a finger on her lip and Pallavi began giggling. Raghav asked, why are you standing there like that? Jaya replied, one is laughing and the other is angry, what’s wrong. Anyway, I will go get more sarees and she left. Raghav began chasing Pallavi when she started laughing at him, Amma saw them and was very happy.

Raghav noticed Farhad was still working and he asked him why he hasn’t left yet. Farhad replied, I will leave soon, is the tracker working well? Raghav replied yes, it is. I knew Mandar will try to do something so I placed it in Pallavi’s bag, Kirti overheard them.

Pallavi, Kirti and Jaya were having breakfast, waiting for Raghav. Mandar visited Pallavi and Pallavi asked him why he was there. Mandar replied, I went to a nearby temple and I thought to get you Prasad. Jaya said, that is so nice. Mandar said, Pallavi I think I placed my ear phone in your bag, please check if you can find it. Pallavi said okay. Jaya asked Mandar to have breakfast with them but he refused.
Kirti had told Mandar about the tracker that Raghav placed is Pallavi’s bag.

Pallavi checked her bag and said, I didn’t find anything in it. Kirti was surprised and was thinking, how come she didn’t find it and she asked Pallavi to empty the whole bag. Pallavi emptied the bag and found the tracker. She asked, what is this?

Kirti responded, show it me and she said, this is a tracker. Pallavi asked, what does it do? Mandar replied, it gives the live location of anywhere it is. Raghav saw Mandar and asked him what he was doing there. He also saw Pallavi holding the tracker and saying, I don’t know who did this.

Jaya said, someone might have done it by mistake. Kirti said, someone did this by mistake? Pallavi said, who might have done this, I went to the restaurant yesterday and Raghav handed me my bag. Kirti looked at Raghav and Pallavi asked, why give him that look? Kirti replied, he is so quiet, maybe it was him.

Pallavi said, Raghav would never do this and Kirti said, let him answer then. Pallavi said I don’t want any explanation from him. Kirti said, for once, say no Raghav. Pallavi became angry and said, enough Kirti, you are behaving so much like Sunny, stop doubting your family.

Kirti said, come on Raghav, say it. Pallavi said no, he doesn’t have to but Raghav shouted, yes it was me, I did it because Mandar is taking advantage of her kindness, she doesn’t understand this fact. Pallavi asked, why did you do it, Raghav? Raghav replied, when you were offline the whole day, I went mad. This guy is a fraud, he is on one side challenging me that he will take you away from me in 7 days and on one side behaves innocent in front of you.

Mandar said, enough Raghav, stop blaming me with this low reason, I kept asking you Pallavi, is Raghav fine with it, because when a husband sees someone else with his wife, he gets mad and does whatever he can do best. Raghav attacked Mandar and said, you liar, you are a fraud. Pallavi then stopped them.

Raghav pulled Pallavi and said, he is liar. Pallavi said, don’t talk about trust, I have seen what you did and she asked Mandar to leave. Mandar said, I never want to talk about it and I will never come back here. Kirti stood aside and was smiling.

Pallavi looked at Raghav and left. Raghav was in tears and followed her asking her to listen to him. Pallavi asked, why don’t you trust me? Raghav replied, I trust you more than I trust myself but because of Mandar’s challenge, I had to do this. Pallavi said, why didn’t you tell me earlier, that means you don’t trust me, you doubted my love too when I stood by you, you want to go against me.

For Mandar, I am just doing my duties, you have no right to test my love. Raghav said, Pallavi I….. Pallavi stopped him and said, you said we will fight together so where did that go, I told you everything yet this is how you treat me. Raghav said, I never doubted you. Pallavi said, but your actions are showing something else.

Kirti was enjoying Pasta and said, Sunny you make the best Pasta. Sunny said, you had such good news today. Kirti said, I had so much fun seeing them fight, your plan worked, now they will soon separate. Sunny said, Mandar will do everything, we just have to support him and once Pallavi is out of your house, we will be good.

Mandar went home disturbed and Vijay asked, what happened? Sharda asked, what happened Mandar? Mandar fainted and Milind rushed to them.

Ramya examined Mandar and said, he had a seizure, this happened after a long time, if this continues, he will never recover. I think you should call Pallavi here, he needs her the most, if she refuses then his situation may be worst. Sharda said, it’s difficult for her to come, tell us what to do and we will do. Vijay left and Sharda thinks, God why is all this happening.

Jaya saw Raghav sitting upset and asked him, how is Pallavi? Raghav replied, she is not talking to me, I know you also think I was wrong. Jaya said, your way was bad Raghav, we see you as a jealous husband who doesn’t trust his wife. Raghav said, but that isn’t true. Jaya said I know that, you were the one who hurt her so only you can make her happy. Raghav said, okay Amma, i will do something.

Precap: Raghav was on a call with Mandar and said, you will regret this. Mandar said, it’s an end of story for you and a start of mine and Raghav became very angry.

Sunny and Kirti handed Mandar stuff he needed.

Raghav called Pallavi and told her he loves her a lot and doesn’t know when he began to feel insecure.
Mandar saw Raghav calling Pallavi and went to stand on a parapet, Pallavi saw it became scared…Read more

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