Light Of Love 27 January 2023, Friday Pt2: Episode 10


The episode started with Pallavi seeing Jagdish and was shocked to see him, Sharda gifted Mansi Jhumka, Pallavi became tensed seeing Jagdish, Sulochana was very happy to see Pallavi tensed, Pallavi was about to go to Jagdish, Sulochana called her said these gifts are expensive keep them in my room and Pallavi said okay.

Later Pallavi found Jagdish and Vijay both missing, she asked Nikhil where is Vijay, Nikhil said he is out, Pallavi saw Jagdish and Vijay talking, Vijay looked at Pallavi and asked Pallavi what all this, Jagdish told me that your saree designs are popular, Jagdish walked to her said Pallavi what did you think,that if you didn’t tell me I won’t know? I came to take the rent, you should tell your father everything.

Pallavi said baba we will talk later for now ma is calling you, Vijay asked Jagdish to have dinner and leave, Jagdish said to Pallavi, I am seeing how you are eating, celebrating and buying gold with my money, Pallavi begged Jagdish to give her time, she said, this shop is his dream and Vijay is a heart patient and i do this all for him.

Jagdish showed Pallavi a recording and said if you don’t pay me in 2 days, I will publish this and then your father will surely die. Sulochana saw them talk and said good, I called him and now all control of this house will be mine.

Abhishek dropped Nikhil, Abhishek asked Nikhil to ask Pallavi for a new phone and Nikhil said okay.

Pallavi was very tensed, Milind walked to her and said you look tensed what’s wrong, Pallavi said everything is good, Milind said I got this chicken biryani for your kaku, I will give her and then we will talk and Pallavi said okay.

Milind and Pallavi had coffee together, Pallavi said Kaka I told you the problem now what is the solution, Milind said so it is Krishna’s problem, she has taken a loan and needs extra income, Milind said Pallavi take corporate orders, many places use saree as uniform, Krishna will bring orders and you both divide the profit and Pallavi said thank you.

Pallavi prayed to lord to support her. She visited a Jewelry store and asked for the manager, she was then asked to wait, she then saw Raghav in the shop, Pallavi hid her face and then hid behind the counter, the sales girl asked why are you scared of him, Pallavi asked is he your store manager.

She said he is the store owner and has 200 of such stores. Pallavi was about to leaves when a jewelry sticked on her and the alarm rang, she got caught in the security cage with Raghav and fell into his arms, Pallavi said I didn’t steal, it got stuck, she was hiding her face with her saree, Raghav removed the jewelry.

Pallavi was trying to get out and Raghav signed them to release the cage, Pallavi picked her bag and rushed out, the store manager said sir why did you let her go, what if she was a thief, Raghav said I saw truth in her eyes which you don’t see now a days.

Pallavi said why do I have to see him every morning, she reached a shop and Savitri was on a call scolding someone, Pallavi asked what’s wrong, Savitri said my old age had a function and the caterer ran away, Pallavi said find someone, Savitri said this food is for old people and needs to be made with lot of precision.

Pallavi asked for budget, Savitri said it was 400 but I am ready to pay 800 per plate, Pallavi thinks, it will be 80,000 business and asked Savitri can she help her, she cooks good, Savitiri said are you sure. there are lot of people, Krishna said how will you manage, Pallavi said Mansi will help and also will ask some friends if needed.

Savitri agreed to give Pallavi the order and said come to ashram and take the menu and advance, you have to prepare the food in 4 hours and Pallavi said yes.

Rama swami was in old age home and the people were very happy to have him. Pallavi was with Savitri, Savitri told her that this people are happy because of Mr. Swami, they love him here. Raghav was Mr. Rama Swami and he called Maria. Savitri said Pallavi you wait I will talk to you later.

Savitri walked to Raghav, Raghav then apologized to Maria for yelling at her, Savitri said sorry I know you don’t like mentioning your real name, Raghav asked is the caterer final, Savitri said yes and called Pallavi to see Raghav, Raghav got a call to come to Kirti’s house quickly, Raghav left giving Savitri the advance.

Savitri handed Pallavi the advance and said please thank Mr. Swami and does he like anything special, Savitri said of course. Anjali was in ashram disguised and said Mr. Rama Swami will have something special.

Mansi called Pallavi and said we have to go to Rahuls house for the food and Satyanarayan.

Precap : Amruta said only our house doesn’t have light, Pallavi saw a shadow.
Everyone was then searching for Pallavi…Read more

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