Pallavi Chops Love In Mandar’s Bedroom. Light Of Love 30 May 2023, Tuesday Pt2: Episode 149


The episode began with Sharda making an announcement. She said, this pooja is for our son in-law who is not a Marathi, so the performances will be in Hindi. Pallavi was about to give Raghav the kheer when she was taken away to dance. She was performing and Sharda, Mansi, Sulochana and Kirti joined her. Raghav signaled Pallavi that she looks very pretty. Pallavi walked to him and said, I am so tired.

Raghav said here, have some kheer then. Pallavi said no, you have it first. Raghav said, I won’t eat if you don’t eat and he fed her. Sunny saw Mandar happy when Pallavi was eating the kheer and said, this means it was meant for Pallavi not Raghav.

Pallavi said to Raghav, I can dance more now and she left. She then felt dizzy and Mandar signaled Sunny. Sunny took Kirti away and was misbehaving with her, Raghav saw it and followed them. Mandar said, it is good that Raghav left

Pallavi started mentioning Raghav’s name when she was feeling very dizzy. Mandar held her when she fainted, he lifted her and took her to his room. Jaya saw it and began looking for Raghav. Raghav attacked Sunny for misbehaving with Kirti and Kirti said, you don’t have to do that, it’s our personal matter.

Sunny said, I don’t interrupt you two so you shouldn’t interrupt me as well. Jaya signaled Raghav and he went in, saw Mandar taking Pallavi to his room, Sulochana saw him and followed him.

Raghav asked Mandar to stop but Mandar locked the door from inside. Raghav then kept banging on the door, Sulochana came there asked, what’s wrong? Pallavi must have gone in on her own, she is his wife too. Raghav responded, she is my wife. Mandar kept starring at Pallavi, Pallavi held Mandar’s hand thinking it was Raghav and she said, don’t leave me Raghav, stay with me.

Raghav managed to get in and saw Pallavi resting her head on Mandar’s lap. Sulochana began laughing at Raghav for seeing them like that. Mandar placed Pallavi aside and looked at Raghav, Pallavi then held Mandar’s hand thinking it was still Raghav and said, please don’t go and Raghav became shocked. Pallavi continued, I want to stay with you, you are very cute.

Mandar pushed Raghav out and said, Pallavi did everything, I am not lying. He then refused to allow Raghav back in. Raghav wanted to fight with him but Sharda calmed him down. Mandar told Vijay, Pallavi asked me to take her to the room that she was tired. Sharda asked Raghav to calm down but Raghav said, I want Pallavi. Mandar said, Pallavi asked me not to let anyone disturb her.

Vijay said, she is our daughter in-law and my son is back so you have no right on her. Raghav angrily broke a bottle and said, I will kill you. Mandar said, I dare you to touch him and I will kill you. Jaya then calmed Raghav down but he still gave Mandar a cut. Jaya said, Raghav let go home. Sharda said, Pallavi is my responsibility, you have to trust me and she sent Raghav home.

Everyone came down to allow Pallavi to sleep.
Raghav came home very angry and yelled at Jaya. Jaya said, calm down, you will talk to Pallavi, try calling her. He called Pallavi but she was asleep and Mandar disconnected the call. Raghav called back and he kept disconnecting the call. Raghav was very impatient while Mandar deleted the call log.

Pallavi woke up the next morning with a heavy head and was confused as to how she was in Mandar’s room. Mandar walked in and asked, how she is. Pallavi asked, what am I doing here? Mandar replied, you felt dizzy last night so I brought you here. Pallavi said, why am I in your room instead of Aai and where is Raghav?

Mandar replied, I brought you here because they were all busy, Aai was with you, me and Raghav had a fight and he left. Pallavi said, he didn’t come to see me, how could he and she left the room.
Mandar smiled and said, Raghav Rao, what will you do now.

Raghav was home angry and thinking about what happened the previous night, waiting for Pallavi’s call.
Sharda told Pallavi about the incident and Pallavi asked, why? I don’t remember anything, I remember eating kheer and feeling dizzy and then I black out. Sharda asked, you ate Raghav’s kheer? Pallavi said, this Raghav and his anger. Farhad asked Raghav if he is fine and Raghav said, cancel all my meetings, I don’t care, I don’t want to see anyone. Farhad was about to cancel a meeting when Raghav said stop, I am coming.

Sharda asked Pallavi, if she called Raghav? She responded, why should I, he kept fighting and didn’t take me, he didn’t even bother to call. Sharda said, Pallavi don’t complicate matters, call and yell at him but don’t drag it too much and Pallavi said okay.

Raghav was ready to leave when he got a call from Pallavi and she shouted at him saying, how could you leave me alone. Raghav responded, you asked Mandar to tell everyone to leave you alone and not disturb you, I heard it myself. Can you tell me why Mandar is allowed to be with you and no one else is allowed to meet you?

Pallavi responded, why didn’t you call, I don’t remember anything. Raghav said please, first do your responsibility and then tell me later.
Pallavi was confused about what might have happened the previous night that there is so much confusion.

Pre cap: Raghav announced the business man of the week.
Pallavi yelled at Mandar and said, I am here for humanity, I am not a therapist, this isn’t working. I can’t solve all your problems, so I am talking to Dr.Ramya to let her send someone else, I can’t help you anymore.

Pallavi was getting ready for the award ceremony when Mandar shouted loudly.
Pallavi’s name was mentioned at the ceremony, Raghav was waiting for her to come and she came there on a bike…Read more

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