Little Princess On Adom Tv: 29 August 2023, Tuesday Pt1: Ep 1

Little Princess On Adom episode begins with Princess heading to work and saying, I am a princess, my life is a fairytale. You can’t handle the things that I’ve been through. It was so intense it was really hard. Wokers greeted her. I am no ordinary princess because this Princess is little but with big dreams that’s me but the question is when will all my dreams come true? 

Her workers were disturbing her with schedules, and she asked them to be quiet. Then she said, I have to wake up and it was a dream she had. Princess says good morning after waking up from sleep and says, Wake up Princess, you are dreaming again. She was lying close to her sister Masoy, in a low-budget room. 

She wakes her up but she asks for 5 more minutes to sleep. Princess greets God and his princess picture on the wall. She then went to the kitchen, greeted the kitchen, and started preparing breakfast. Just as Masoy finishes preparing for school, Princess has finished breakfast. She likes the food as it’s her favorite. 

Princess said this is not what you really like, she asks what? Princess brings out her money which she gives to her. Masoy was a street child who was adopted by Princess and her mother, Elise. Elise joins them at the table. Masoy was eating fast so she wouldn’t be late for school.

 They were eating Elise, felt unwell, They asked what was wrong but she said everything was alright Then Princess told her her medicine was on the table which she could take after eating. She thanked Princess.

She complains about being a burden to Princess due to her illness. Princess asks her to stop the melodrama just as Masoy she is also thankful to her for being able to take care of her even without a father. After breakfast, Princess leaves for work. 

Elise a box which contains a jewelry Marcos gave to her she remembers her past with Marcos when she inquired from him if she was one of his mistresses but Marcos reminded her of her situation about having a wife then Elise replies I wish I didn’t love you. 

One day as Elise was walking with her friend she told her she was going to do what she should have done a long time ago that is breaking up with Marcos. Her friend asked Really do you think you can do that? this time at least said yes I need to because I can’t bear it anymore and this is not the relationship I dreamt of. her friend said All right, I will be here. Elise felt nauseous and started vomiting. 

Jerry, can you take care of our stocks outside? Marcos said to one of his employees. And to Elise Marcos said to her, you have to order stocks of vodka. We only have a few, you to make sure… but Elise cut him, Marcos, can we talk? We are at work Marcos said but Elise replied, I know that.

It won’t take long. I can’t wait any longer. Is it about marriage again? Marcos asked but Ellie said no! I know that it’s just an illusion because I want to end our relationship, why? please let’s talk, Marcos said. Marcos held her and asked what was wrong with her because Elise was feeling nauseous again just then Marcus’ wife came to the office and ask What the hell is this? wait just wait Marcos said Don’t touch me, his wife said. Odessa let Me explain Marcus added. Have you got no shame? 

Odessa said to Marcos You are flirting around here she asked, And you are shameless, she said to Elise. You put food on the table because of my dad’s company and this is what you do in return? normally this would be my cue to slap you but I won’t do it because I will never allow my heart to touch that dirty face of yours. on second thought there is alcohol. I can sanitize after. Odessa slaps Elise. Odessa stop Marcos said, I said stop that’s enough. and you I can’t put up with your womanizing she said to Marcos but not in here. Elise and I broke up I ended things with her Marcoa said. 

I was about to say goodbye to her, right Elise? He asks. Elise goes out leaving the 2 to sort things out. Elise’s friend said to her Marcos is shameful he didn’t even fight for you. Am I worth fighting for at least his wife is right. I deserve it because I was in the wrong. I am never doing it again Elise said. I can raise my child on my own I will never ask Marcos for help. 

Elise was outside buying some foodstuffs when Odessa dropped her car by her and saw her pregnancy she said and you are pregnant too. who is the father of your child? Is it Marcos? Odessa just let me leave.  She said. you are shameless she said and beat the hell out of Elise until people came to stop her from harming her further. 

Odessa throws money on her and says isn’t that what you want? Just take it and leave Marcus and me alone, stay away from us, I don’t want your money she said, and Marcos will never be a part of my child’s life because you will never see us again. Odessa fumes with anger as Elise leaves.

At the hospital, Elise said to Winona, Marcos told me before that his Grandma has achondroplasia. What is that? Her friend asked. She said his grandma is a little person. Elise said, a little person you mean a midget! You can’t call them that nowadays, Elise said to her friend. And what if my child inherited that? She said I can’t let anyone insult my child.

I’m sorry, Winona said, of course, I won’t do that. The doctor came to Elise and told her we have your results already and it is positive, like her grandmother, your baby has it too. Here you go, the doctor hands her documents from the test results.  Thank you doc if you may excuse me okay? 

I’m sorry Elise, Winona said. she said to her You don’t need to say sorry, it’s okay that my child is a little person. I will love my child and I will do everything to give her all she wants, Mummy will do everything to make you happy. she said to her unborn child. I will call you princess. 

Princess is all grown up and scares her mom when she climbs the school bus. She worries for her saying why are you up there? How did you get up there princess get down here, they helped me, mum, she said pointing to two of her male friends. I know you guys, she said to the men Why did you tolerate the kid? Why did you get there, she asked Princess. I just want to see how it feels to be looked up to she said to her mother, they always belittle me. It’s sickening. 

You are so naughty, Elise said to her Here is what you have to do if you want people to look up to you, you need to study hard so you can have good grades, get into a good school and graduate from a good university and then you can get a good job that’s what you need to do you don’t need to get up there. mum, no princess said to her, a job won’t make me rich.

I’ll build my own company instead and I will give people jobs she asked her friends and they all nodded in agreement, all of you, I’ll give you jobs she said to everyone. miss what kind of job do you want? she asked a woman, I want to be a manager she said to Princess. I will give all of you a job. Princess promised them, Mark my words she added, Mark my words. 

 and Elise said you are just like your father. I take after my Dad? this is the first time I heard you talk about my father. Is He a businessman? princess asks what’s his name. She asks again. Elise not knowing how to answer her little princess, just said you are so naughty, come down and then she leaves. 

Forgive me princess forgive me for lying. Marcos & Odessa were in a car in the night. Odessa said to the driver Edison, can you drive faster, please? ok mum the driver said. Princess was in the zebra crossing when the car was about to hit her and suddenly the driver stopped. Marcus ask what is wrong. The driver says I am going to check. Yeah, you are not watching the road she said to Princess. you are blaming me you are the one who is driving too fast princess said. 

Eddison, what is going on? Odessa gets down seeing Princess, she said I thought she was a kid she’s already a grown-up and yet you still don’t know how to cross the road. You too, Princess said to Odessa. you didn’t even ask me if I was okay. are you really talking back to me? Odessa asks you are lucky I don’t mess with abnormal people.  Excuse me I am not abnormal Princess said, I am a little person. I’m not talking about your dwarfism honey, Okay I’m talking about stup!d!ty. 

because being stup!d is worse than being a little person As if what she said didn’t get to Princess, she didn’t mind her words but said you talk too much and you are so rude, the truth hurt right oh that I said you have to live with that, and now I know what you really want this right?

 she takes out money throws it on Princess and asks her to pick it up. I don’t need your money Princess said. what I need is a concern but obviously, you don’t have that and I’m not stupid, you just don’t have good manners. take and add that to your wealth. She drops money from her pocket, Perhaps you need more, use it to buy good manners she said to Odessa. 

Odessa was shocked at how Princess talked to her. Marcos gets down from his car and asks what is going on but Odessa says it’s nothing, let’s go, they get back into the car and off the left. Let’s see what unfolds in the next episode of Little Princess…Read more

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