Little Princess On Adom Tv: 29 August 2023, Tuesday Pt2: Ep 1

At the beginning of this Little Princess On Adom Tv episode, Princess comes home. She greeted her mother and sister and asked how her day was. Princess mentioned to them how she nearly got hit by a car. Hearing this, her mother and her sister ask if she’s alright and enquire if she is wounded, but Princess tells them, “It’s alright, just relax, just chill. Your reaction is my opposite; it’s so big. I’m okay, Mum, nothing bad happened to me. But the person that almost hit me is so rude.”

“Why? What did she say to you?” my mother said.

“As usual, Mum, she belittled me. She said all kinds of mean words. She said that I did that on purpose to make money. He also gave me money, Mum, but did you know? I gave them money too, so don’t worry about me. I am more than capable of defending myself.”

Her mother said, “You know I am happy that you can defend yourself, but dear, can you turn it down a little? Something might happen to you. And why, why did you give them money? What a waste!”

“Of course, I took it back, Mum. I take after you. But it made me wonder, why are there mean rich people? Aren’t they supposed to be nicer because they have a lot of blessings? When I become rich, I will be even nicer. I will never mistreat anyone.”

Her sister said, “The question is, when are we going to be rich?”

“That’s the question,” her mother added.

“I’ll be rich someday,” Princess said, very optimistic, and said, “Mark my words.”

They imitated her, “You had it memorized,” you said to them.

Her mother said, “Come on, I made dinner. I’m hungry.”

“Give it to me, Mum,” Princess said, and they left for dinner.

The next day, Princess was at work doing a promo, giving a one-hour free time when gamers play for 5 hours. Just as she was doing this promo, the manager came and said, “We going to pay for that one hour, just tell Madam.”

She said, “I have calculated it, and also we don’t have customers at this time of day. That’s why if you do this promo, it will double our profit. Our boss was happy about it when I told her. That’s why she approved it.”

“You are showing off again,” the manager said. “You want to make me look like an incompetent manager because you want to take my position, is that it?”

“I don’t want to be a manager of this computer shop,” Princess said, “because my dream is to become a successful business owner. That’s why I’m practicing here.”

“Hey, hey, hey,” the manager said, “don’t use the computer shop for your training. Stop that promo, and can you please take that costume off? What a disgusting get-up! There, get the sweeper and clean up. The shop is so dirty. Don’t give me the promo. You are annoying me so early in the day.”

Princess said, “Her voice is really making my ears hurt. Can she hear herself? Promo, promo!” Princess continued giving the promo out.

At the computer shop, the gamers were playing. When they had finished, Princess asked for money, saying, “You lost again.” You tried to cheat Princess, but she was too smart for them and asked them to come next time and not to lose. They also mentioned that Princess always beat them whenever they competed with her.

After they left, Jason came and had care. But just as he was doing so, a girl entered the shop and tells Jason, “Is she a girlfriend you’re talking about?”

Jason said, “Yes, this is my girlfriend.”

And the girl left angrily, saying, “You both are good for yourself. That’s what you are leaving me for?”

Princess said, “What do you mean by that, Miss Flatbread? You better watch your tongue. You are in my territory. Maybe you want to get a beating from me. Come on, come here!” But the girl just left, fearing a fight might ensue.

Princess tells Jason to keep her out of his mess, which he said he’s sorry about. Still angry at Jason, she got into the shop one day. He tried to pacify her with a tamarind candy. Princess takes it and tells him not to drag her into his mess again. He said sorry to her, saying he was desperate earlier, for the girl was so persistent, and he has to do something to keep her away from him.

Princess tells him, “You are always playing around with women. You don’t take them seriously.”

He said, “I’m serious, but I haven’t found the right woman for me yet. They are all trouble.”

“Of course,” Princess said, “because you are troublesome too.”

“I am a nice guy,” Jason said.

“I’m too handsome,” Princess said.

“I am telling you, everything is not all about physical appearance. What matters is one’s inner self, the character.”

He said, “I know, you are right. That’s why I’m falling for you.”

“What?” Princess knocked him. “You’re full of nonsense. Don’t add me to your victims. Why don’t you want to have a boyfriend yet, Princess?”

“What time is it?”

You check, and it was 9:00. Princess said, “Dan will be online soon. Get out of my way.” She went to a computer and started chatting with Dan, but Jason was feeling jealous. Princess loses the game to Dan. Unknowingly, she accepted an invitation to meet Dan.

The next day, Princess gets really dressed up to meet them, but Jason sees her and starts troubling her, saying she was going for a date. He then takes her on his motorbike to meet Dam. Just as she gets there, he picks up the phone. As he turned, Princess sees his face.

“Hi, Princess Warrior. I am Dam,” he said. “Can I be your Prince Charming?”

Princess smiled at him. But he hasn’t seen Princess yet, so she hid behind a tree. Dam said, “Are you messing with me?” But still, Princess didn’t utter a word. He got into his car and left.

Princess was angry with herself for ruining the date. It was nice to have fun, but Jason caught a thief and started beating the hell out of him.

The next morning, Princess discussed the failed date with her workmates. Just as they got out, the manager came asking her to help retrieve her money which had fallen into the sewer because she is the only one who can fit through. She said it is the company’s money, which she is supposed to deposit at the bank, but Princess didn’t want to take this insult. They started arguing, and it almost led to a fight.

Just then, Princess’s mother, the King, saw how she was helping her daughter and she collapsed on the ground.

Let’s see what the next episode of “Little Princess” is going to be…Read more

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Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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