Kulfi Proves Sikander Is Her Father. Little Singer Kulfi 10 March 2023, Friday Pt2: Episode 324


The epsisode started with Kulfi leaving with her friends,sbe rushed back to Bhola, and said baba don’t do this, Bhola said I don’t like you go away. Lovely came to pick Amyra and asked where is Kulfi, Amyra said I don’t care, I asked her to stay away from me, Pakya was about to call Chandan about kulfi missing but saw her and said Chandan kulfi was in class. Lovely then left with the girls.

Kulfi was upset about Bhola’s behaviour and said how could Baba forget me, oh wait let me take him to the same place we met, I had lost but how, Pakhi doesn’t let me near him. Lovely called and it was Pakya,she thinks who he is, she had a call from this number, Chandan heard his voice and signalled Pakya to say it’s a wrong number. Chandan said Lovely has become suspicious about me,my drugs are missing and Lovely is finding clues about me, Pakya go find sikander as soon as possible.

Amyra said mom I have to make project in school, a photo collage, from the time I was a baby to now, Lovely said I have all your photos, all was so different and look now, Amyra said mom this is the best, I love this dad. Kulfi heard them and said I will make a collage too for Baba. Chandan decided to use Mohendar to save himself.

kulfi sorted all Sikander’s old pictures, she was about to leave and Amyra asked her, have you seen dad’s pictures many are missing, Lovely walked to Amyra and scolded her for using her credit card without her permission, Amyra back answered her and left. Kulfi asked lovely did he go, Lovely said yes he has gone for some meeting.

Bhola was playing with Pakhi and her friends, the door bell rang and Bhola became scared, Pakhi saw kulfi and said witch, Kulfi said I am not a witch,Bhola and his friends attacked kulfi. Kulfi hid behind the sofa and said baba please hear me, they all attacked her with water gun, Kulfi then yelled at them, Kulfi and Bhola yelled at each other. Lovely talked to Mohendar about sikanders drug problem and cleared that she was saving Gunjan and not attacking her.

Kulfi scolded Bhola and said I am not a witch, you have been told a lie, I am your daughter, my father and not pakhi, I have proof. Lovely talked to Mohendar that they have to take him to rehab, Mohendar said you are confused, actually Sikander is upset because his friend Chandan got addicted to drugs, he snatched all the tablets and got home.

Pakhi threw all the photos, Nani walked In and saw the pictures, Bhola saw pictures of him and kulfi. Chandan was on a call, waiting for an offer, it was Zinda and his friends tricking him, Zinda by mistake said uncle, Chandan called Pakya, Pakya said leave everything and come to nargis park. Nani asked who are you.

Kulfi said I am his daughter, who are you, Pakhi said she is my Nani, she will throw you out, Kulfi said Nani please explain to Pakhi he has a family, Bhola said Nani look, I am so alike, Kulfi said it is your photo, pakhi’s friends said, this are fake photos, she has photoshopped them, Kulfi said nani please agree, Nani said you might have mistaken, he is pakhi’s father, not yours.

Kulfi said he is my father and hugged him but Bhola pushed her away, Kulfi said if you are her baba show us photos, Bhola said I don’t have because I wasn’t here, Kulfi asked where were you then, Bhola said Nani tell her where I was, Nani said he was in Dubai, Bhola said you heard it, go away now. Nani said, please leave.

Kulfi said everyone lies here, what will I do now, she picked all her pictures and Bhola teased her, Kulfi then left. Kulfi was walking and saw Chandan waiting for her, she was saying, how will I convince baba, Chandan asked on what matter do you what to convince me,Kulfi said I… Chandan asked what are you doing here.

Pre cap : Kulfi told her friends she met Chandan in nargis park…Read more

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