Little Singer kulfi 11 January 2023, Wednesday Pt1: Episode 239


The Episode started with the little boy thanking Kulfi for her advice and said mom is fine now, belief does has power thank you. Kulfi was walking alone on the roads, she saw a temple, walked in angrily and talked to god. She said, I believed in you but you snatched everything away, I told everyone that you will do all right but you always break my believes, from today on I won’t look at you, I don’t believe in you anymore.

Ma you always said do good and good will happen, why do everyone leave me alone, who will I go to, why don’t I have my baba, who will tell him I am Kulfi sikander Gill, you won’t answer right, Nimrat was right, you are dead and just a star, if you are my mom come save me.

She then stood in the middle of the road and said if you are my mother come save me or else I will die here, a truck then approached her, Kulfi said now I am coming to you because you won’t,the truck by passes kulfi and Kulfi imagined Nimrat hugging her and fainted.

A car stopped by and a couple found kulfi unconscious, they saw her on a newspaper cut out with Sikander and said we have to take her to Sikander gill. Kulfi woke up and found herself in her room and asked how did I come here, I was on the road last night and that truck, may be Baba found me, she was running to him but remembered Sikander’s decision to abandon her.

Sikander was sitting alone crying,he said god please stop this, she considers me everything, loves me the most, this is injustice. Kulfi said my father doesn’t know he is my dad and abandoning me, what will I do, Sikander remembered how Kulfi was always there for him, Sikander said she never let anyone stand against me, she is trying me recollect me and I am breaking her heart but I have to do it, I have to forget her for the sake of Amyra.

Kulfi was scared and walked out looking for Sikander, she found him sitting alone in the balcony and said he can’t see me away even for few minutes but today he made such big decision of keeping me away, now even I will abandon him, Kulfi heard him cry and said he must be also in so much pain.

he did this for Amyra, if he knew I am his daughter he would never do that. She turned around seeing Sikander get up, they both felt the tension, Kulfi thinks, he did it because of the circumstances, I will be happy for him as long as I am here, Sikander walked to her and called her, Kulfi said cheer up.

Amyra is fine now, come on eat something, Sikander left, locked himself and started crying. Kulfi said come on open the door, we will practice together, Sikander thinks, how will I tell you I won’t be with you anymore, I did everything with you since you were here, Kulfi said come on open the door stop throwing tantrums.

Sikander opened the door, smiled at her and wiped his tears,he said oh my little Sardar, you keep talking and talking, tell me one thing, where did you go alone last night, a couple got you home safely to me, what would I do if something had happen to you, Kulfi thinks, if you care then why send me away.

if you knew about our relation you would never send me away, she said I’m sorry and Sikander hugged her. Lovely walked in with her luggage and Jonny barked at her, lovely said quite. Sikander said let’s go check what’s wrong with Jonny, Lovely said how did you forget me now, I am back and you will know who is your owner.

Everyone gathered, Sikander said go in Jonny, lovely said remember me, why stare at me, Lovely said hi sikander, didn’t you tell your family, I will tell them, Sikander and me have decided to stay together, your daughter in law is back in this house, Sikander said yes for Amyra, we took this decision and kulfi I will….. Lovely said Sikander these bags are heavy and you know, call Amyra she is dying to talk to you. Kulfi saw all that and was in tears.

Gunjan said he was saying something about kulfi but lovely stopped him. Sikander asked lovely why did you stop me, Lovely thinks, because they would tell you that she is your daughters, she said please no more drama, just let things flow.

Bebe said forget things for now Amyra is important, kulfi will be fine. Mohinder said yes, we will take care of both the kids, Kulfi heard that and said even they will be hurt when I go away. Lovely asked Sikander, till when will will happen, you can meet Amyra only when Kulfi is sent to the boarding school.

Precap : Sikander said lovely please I will send her away, lovely said stop wasting time, it’s about Amyra’s life…Read more

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