Kulfi Learns Tevar Is Not Her Father. Little Singer Kulfi 11 November 2022, Friday Pt1: Episode 154


The episode started with Kulfi thanking Amyra for teaching her how to write Tevar, Sikander, lovely and Nimrat. kulfi remembered watching these names somewhere, Amyra said may be on some paper or magazine, Kulfi said I will be back and left. Amyra went to call Sikander and Tevar. Lovely came there, saw it and said If Sikander sees this, all will be over, Kulfi started looking for the paper. lovely then erased everything.

Amyra said dad we have written everything, your name, moms ,tevars and her mother’s, I taught he, Tevar said thank you Amyra, Sikander said don’t be upset, she will write it again, you taught her, I’m proud of you and soon she will be in school and you both will study together, Tevar then asked where is Kulfi.

Kulfi was looking for the paper every where,the girl asked why are crying, Kulfi told her about the paper and said it had the truth in it and for it I wanted to go to school too, if Sikander sir or Baba reads it there will be huge fight, you won’t tell them right, she said no it will be our secrete don’t cry let’s find it. She saw lovely’s shadow,she got scared and shouted ,Sikander and Tevar heard the voice and run to kulfi, she said sir.

I saw a ghost, Kulfi said no don’t go it’s bad, Tevar said calm down everyone, let’s go look who it is ,Sikander and Tevar saw a smoke lovely was hiding and left, Sikander said girls I told you. Amyra said someone is here for sure, our names where erased and Anjali Didi saw someone too, Amyra and kulfi got scared and run to Sikander and Tevar and said don’t go please, it’s very scary here. Sikander said don’t worry we won’t go, Amyra said you forgot us while dancing with them, you never danced with mom too, Anjali said baby we aren’t here to spoil your date, we are sorry.

Tevar said okay order what you want, Lovely was watching them, Anjali said okay let’s patch up and take a family picture, Anjali found kulfis paper and reads it, kulfi isn’t tevars daughter but Sika, kulfi heard it and walked to her, Amyra left and Kulfi was in tears, she said this isn’t possible read it again, Anjali read it.

Kulfi isn’t tevars daughter but Sik, Kulfi remembered how Tevar was there for her,she remembered cutie and lovely talkimg ,Kulfi said how can this be the truth, Anjali said it must be some prank, Kulfi said such a bad joke,Tevar is my father and Sikander sir never lies and he said Tevar is my father, this paper is bad and threw it.lovely said thank god Kulfi tooked sikanders truth and not the papers.

Kulfi picked the paper and placed it in her pocket. On their way back,Amyra said best trip ever, I will tell everyone,Kulfi was thinking about the truth,Sikander saw her lost and asked her what’s wrong,Tevar said she must be tired,Sikander said no, no, she isn’t she is thinking,tell me,Kulfi said I’m missing mom.

Tevar smiled and said mom is always with you right, look up there in sky, why be upset,Kulfi asked why don’t you miss my mother,Tevar thinks of lovely and said yes I do,Kulfi asked what do you miss the most, Tevar said everything,Kulfi asked like what,Amyra said even I want to know,Tevar said when we get home we will talk not now but the kids forced,Sikander said not now, he is tired, Kulfi said it’s my mom.

Tevar said okay,she was carefree and would do anything she liked and would never be scared of anyone,I use to wait for her for hours but she never liked me keeping her waiting. Kulfi rememberd Nimrat and nothing matches what Tevar said,Amyra said so cool,kulfi come on say something,kulfi thinks nothing is correct.

my mom wasn’t this way,Kulfi said I want to hear a song. Sikander was in tears seeing lost and upset Kulfi,Kulfi thinks Ma, a new problem now,tell me is he my father or not, the sky became all cloudy,Kulfi thinks Ma why do you never tell me the truth, Tevar sir doesn’t know about you and this paper is this the truth. Sikander said we will reach by morning come on, kids go to sleep.

Precap :
Sikander asked kulfi why is she upset,Kulfi said promise me you won’t lie,Sikander said i promise and Kulfi showed him the paper…Read more

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