Nimrat Passes Her Diary To Sikander. Little Singer Kulfi 13 January 2023, Friday Pt1: Episode 243


The episode started with Sikander walking away, Nimrat said don’t go she needs you, Sikander then sat beside Kulfi, Nimrat said she is just like you, she loves you a lot, recognize that love. Sikander said kulfi you complete me, if you go I will be back to mess but I’m helpless, Nimrat said I am helpless too.

Kulfi is your daughter, you have to recognize that. Lovely said Nimrat can do nothing to me, so I don’t have to be scared but I can’t waste time, I will throw kulfi away. Nimrat said I have two days and I won’t give up.

Kulfi wrote a letter to sikander and asking him to take care of himself and not to any alcohol but rehearse and have his favourite food instead. Sikander was packing for kulfi and said my laughter and happinesses will go away with you, all day I will keep thinking about you, Kulfi wrote don’t be worried about me.

I will take care of myself, I am with you, Sikander said all will change when Kulfi go, even me, if she isn’t with me, I am not well, I wish my princess could stay with me, Kulfi thinks I wish I could stay here with him. Nimrat was near Sikander, she saw her handkerchief and said you still have it, she then threw it on him, Sikander smelt it and remembered Nimrat, Nimrat said this is the reason why i named her kulfi, she is our daughter.

Lovely said why do you have to pack old stuff, I mean when you are already being pitty to someone, be generous too, here’s some new stuff, Sikander felt bad, Lovely said anyways I am glad you are packing and fulfilling my promise, give me the form, I shall email them, come on quickly, Sikander was very angry. Lovely said Amyra misses you, and she knows her dad will come just to her and not anyone else, lovely then thinks, look Nimrat, you can’t do anything.

Sikander walked to kulfi, she saw the bag in his hand and said come in why stand there, Sikander said I think this…. Kulfi said I will need it, she opened the bag and said wow so many things all for me thank you, Sikander said you know why I am sending you to boarding school, Kulfi said I have something for you, read it and follow it, Sikander looked at her book and was in tears.

Kulfi said oh such bad face, bholi used to make when asked to study, Sikander said I will scold you if you won’t rehearse every morning, Nimart smiled looking at them, Kulfi said I will sit at the same time you rehearse, it will be like we are rehearsing together, Sikander said you love me so much, Kulfi said so do you, look how many things you got me, they will all make me miss you, Sikander thinks, I don’t know how will I live without you.

Kulfi found a diary in her stuff and asked what is this for, Sikander said when I was a kid I use to keep one too, Nimrat said oh I have to find my diary, Lovely has it, Sikander said write your timetable, all your thoughts, song and everything in this.

Nimrat walked into lovely’s bedroom and dropped her ring purposely, Lovely walked out of the bath and started looking for ring, Nimrat said good, start looking at the place where you keep your pricy belongings that’s where my diary will be, lovely opened her cupboard to look for the ring. Amyra was asleep.

Kulfi walked to her and sat beside her and said Amyra are you in pain, don’t worry you will be fine very soon, I am going and I will keep my promise. Here is a recipe for pinni, make them for Sikander he likes it. Lovely was looking for the ring and the diary fell down, Sikander then walked in and Nimrat pushed the diary to him, Nimrat said come on quickly pick it up, read it and reveal the truth that kulfi is your daughter.

Kulfi said Amyra take care I will miss you, Amyra said don’t come back, Kulfi was in shock and left the room, Amyra then started crying. Sikander walked to the diary and picked it up.

Precap : Lovely was on a call said kulfi will leave tomorrow to boarding school, make sure she doesn’t reach the school…Read more

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