Sikander’s Memory Is Returning. Little Singer Kulfi 15 March 2023, Wednesday Pt1: Episode 329

In Little Singer Kulfi episode 329, Bhola misses Pakhi, and when he sees Kulfi, they exchange cold looks. The other kids start teasing Bhola, which leads to Principal Vikram Ahoja addressing the students. He tells them that the school will make them stars, and he will make them superstars once he sees their shine.

Bhola asks if he can sing, and when Vikram looks at him, he remembers Sikander. Bhola seeks Guruji’s blessings and starts singing. Vikram has a grudge against Sikander and wishes to take everything from him.

Meanwhile, Pakhi tells her mother, Nandini, that she misses her father, Sikander. Nandini receives a call from Lovely, who is worried about Sikander’s health. Nandini suggests that they pray for their husbands.

Bhola hugs Vikram and asks him how he sang, but Vikram doesn’t answer. Kulfi steps in and thinks that she has to sing with Bhola today. Bhola teases Kulfi while singing. However, when Kulfi starts singing, Bhola joins in, and they both sing together. During the performance, Bhola faints and has flashbacks of Nimrat. He wakes up and sees Nandini and Pakhi around him, and he hugs them.

Guruji advises Bhola to rest, and Kulfi gets excited when she realizes that Bhola is starting to remember his past. Bhola spends time with Pakhi and tells her that Kulfi is also there. Pakhi gets angry and tells Kulfi to stop following her father. In the precap, Lovely shares Sikander’s condition with Nandini, unaware that Bhola is the one listening to their conversation…Read more

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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