Sikander & Kids Come Back Together. Little Singer Kulfi 16 December 2022, Friday Pt2: Episode 204


The Episode started with Kulfi walkimg out of the room, Sikander said this is your room, stay here as much as you want, Lovely said we are here for rehearsal so let’s get to it and not give hopes for things that won’t happen, Kulfi got the play dialogues, Sikander and lovely read it, Lovely asked who told you to choose this.

Amyra and kulfi said principal ma’am, Sikander asked what do you two know about it, Amyra said ma’am told us, Kulfi said but we didn’t understand, so you tell us please, Sikander smiled and said come I will tell you and left with the girls.

Sikander sang for the girls and narrated Heer Ranjha story, lovely was present too,Amyra imagined Sikander and Lovely as Heer Ranjha, Kulfi also imagined Nimrat as Heer, Amyra said it’s such a bad story, Kulfi said it’s so lovely, Amyra said my mom and dad won’t do this play.

Sikander was following her, Kulfi said let me, you elders don’t interfere, Kulfi walked to Amyra and asked why is she crying, Amyra hugged her and said it’s a bad story, my mom dad can’t separate, Kulfi said they won’t separate, the act can be anything, it’s just to unite them, now things will be as we want, there will be just happiness for everyone, trust your dad if not me, all will be good.

Sikander was going to check on the girls, lovely stopped him and said what’s all that, Sikander asked are you alright, Lovely said yes I am but all that you sang, what were you thinking, when you thought about heer it was Nimrat right, Kulfi heard that and thinks if he says yes, she will feel bad and no then Ma will feel bad.

sikander smiled at Lovely and narrated a poem and said if I couldn’t be Ranjha how could I have heer, I can’t keep promises, I have failed again, so I can’t be Ranjha. Kulfi thinks, I can’t see him losing, he is my hero,I will help him win.

The girls asked the principal to change the ending, the principal said you want me to change the ending of India’s biggest tragedy, Amyra explained to kulfi what tragedy is, Kulfi said we want to unite her parents. how can we use this ending, please change the ending and simplify the play, the principal said I am your principal, you aren’t, anyways go change whatever you want and if yours parents ask, tell them I said so.

Amyra said mom and dad keep fighting, Kulfi said we will ask them to talk and love each other in the play, Amyra said who will watch the whole play then, it should be a whole movie, they should say I love you in the end, haven’t you seen any movies, don’t you know any love story, Kulfi said only one, my mom and dad’s.

Amyra asked how did this love story start, Kulfi narrated the love story. She said mom heard him sing and when she was swinging, her dupatta flew on him, their eyes met and they fell in love, Amyra said cool we found our story, this is what we will make mom and dad do, but mom doesn’t wear dupatta, Kulfi said we will ask her to.

Kulfi and Amyra placed a dupatta over lovely. Mohendar and Bebe smiled, Sikander was busy reading the dialogues, lovely smiled looking in the mirror, Amyra said mom you are so pretty, Bebe said how true, Sikander looked at her and tried to ignore.

Sikander said this scene wasn’t in the story, Kulfi said ma’am wrote this modern age play we have to do as she say, lovely said fine, Kulfi was about to say when Amyra said I will say it, why will she, They then argued purposely, Sikander then asked them to patch up, Kulfi you tell me and princess you tell mom.

Kulfi and Amyra explaind the play, gunjan asked Mohendar what’s cooking in this drama, gunjan thinks how come these two girls are so good together something is fishy.

Pre cap : Sikander and lovely started arguing during the play…Read more

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