Kulfi Experiences A Miracle. Little Singer Kulfi 16 February 2023, Thursday Pt1: Episode 291


The episode started with Kulfi walks away, sikander starts singing to cheer her, Kulfi turns around and finds him missing, sikander surprise her and makes her laugh, Kulfi starts enjoying the song, Kulfi tries to join him sing but unable to,falana recording them, kulfi very upset, kulfi remembers the accident and starts crying, Mia tensed too seeing live recording.

Sikander and kulfi together, Sikander said stay here I shall get back. Sikander looks at star and said nimi I know you will never forgive me but atleast help me for sake of our daughter we don’t have much time, Kulfi sees a car approaching Sikander, and tries to see, sikander sees the car and gets aside, sikander sees scared Kulfi and rushes to her, Kulfi hugs him and starts crying.mia said I have an idea, I am so brilliant. Kulfi walks to her friends, her friends ask her to sing or speak , Kulfi doesn’t, she hugs her friends and starts crying.

Mia shows Sikander video where kulfi does have some voice but for her to recover we nee do put you in danger I have an idea. Friends try to calm and cheer kulfi, Akash said nothing is gonna work winner is Akash, I was anyways gonna win, Akash said kulfi stop crying, sing or else leave, let’s see your guts say a word I shall never trouble, Kulfi tries hard, but couldn’t speak so leaves.

Akash said I tried so that she can speak, I’m sorry I was trying to help. Sikander asked Mia how could she shoot without permission, Mia said I did it for betterment, and the act I’m suggesting is all to help Kulfi please try an understand and I have a daughter too, I know Kulfi isn’t your daughter but we could help a kid, whole life she will have to spend without voice, please take this risk for this kid.

Next round begins, rocket said we have no song, no rehearsals, Kulfi can’t sing we will be eliminated. Lovely looks at Kulfi thinks her state doesn’t look good how will she sing. Harsh calls Akash on stage, Akash begins his performance,harsh asked judges to score Akash, chittu said he was so good, sikander looks at Kulfi and smiles, Kulfi thinking about elimination.

Sikander having water, Kulfi walks to him and signs him, sikander said speak I don’t understand,sikander said stop I know you can sing, no one will make fun of you,Kulfi gets paper and pen and writes down when I don’t trust myself why do you, and I’m no one to you so why do you trust me,sikander starts crying and pulls her close and said and about to say I’m your, sees Amyra and stop.

Pre cap : Sikander singing on stage, Kulfi tries hard to sing, Kulfi sees Sikander on stage singing and chandelier to collapse on him…Read more

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