Little Singer Kulfi 16 September 2022, Friday Pt2: Friday Pt2: Episode 81


The episode started with Kulfi walking inside her room and placed the book inside a trunk, Amyra’s friends signed her and called her,she saw they were hiding behind the door ,Amyra said Kulfi let’s go now and they both left.

Amyra’s friends started looking for clues in her room. Tevar walked to Sikanders house, Sikander greeted him and Tevar said the thing is we small town people visit neighbours with sweets so here i am, Sikander said no you are mistaken.

small town people carry bowl to neighbours to borrow sugar, anyways we didnt need the formality,Tevar said sir, this isnt for you it’s for Ma,Ma is the greatest and most lovable human in this world and so I thought of taking blessings too and will be visiting frequently too we are neighbours now.

Rohan found the locket and book,Manali said it’s written in hindi who will read it, Rohan tried reading and said they have songs in it and threw the book away. Amyra was irritated with Kulfi teaching her rhymes

Kulfi said why are we byhearting the poems,Amyra said this poem is regarding fathers so you can narrate it to him when you meet him,Kulfi said wow how thoughtful, i will by learn it by heart now,Amyra said close your eyes and memorise it.

Amyra then walked to Rohan and asked what’s the news,he said she got nothing,now we will go and attack her direct and they all walked to Kulfi.

Tevar was with Ma and Sikander laughing, Tevar was trying to explain to Ma what rappping is, and said it’s the same like narrating tables,Ma said i didnt get you.

Tevar said let me show you a demo,he rapped for dadi and made her laugh. Dadi said you talk so sweetly, Tevar said i talk through heart so people love it, here’s sweet for you, please have it and rest.

Sikander thanked Tevar for making Dadi laugh,Tevar said how about a tea, Sikander said you deserve the one i make,you came specially for Ma and she has laughed after ages,so come on.

Lovely said dad the problem i have now is just Tevar, just finish this Tevar or else me and my family will never come to your house not even Amyra,Cutie said have you gone mad, Tonny said there’s no use talking to her when Sikander will learn about who his love child is and throw you two out, then you will come to my house

Lovely said i am getting everything you have, nothing to do with us, it’s just your ego, let me tell you one thing,Sikander will learn about the truth and even if he does, i won’t return to you and she left
Tevar said there was a girl sir, Sikander said and you fell in love,Tevar said she was a rich girl, she broke my heart and that broken heart got me here, this world knows me and wants to meet me and i am here having tea with my idol, Sikander said you praise me a lot.

i would like to say something just don’t feel bad,just don’t be too attached to fame, be attached to your roots from Sarangpur and no one will ever be Tevar,Tevar said i swear on God sir,i myself believe that people should be in their limits and he touched Sikander feet, Sikander said please don’t, he hugged him and said keep visiting.Tevar said thank you for everything and left.

Rohan said Kulfi we just visited your room,Amyra was so worried for you since the day you tried leaving the house,its all to search for your dad,Kulfi said but we are kids,Rohan said we are intelligent, tell us everything you know about your dad and we will make posters that will help us find your dad.

Lovely walked to Sikander and said hear me out from today on, me, you or anyone from our family won’t visit dads house,because my dad has launched Tevar purposely to take your position.

Sikandar did not get angry and lovely asked him why he is not angry. Sikandar said, this is a test from God to prove himself and Lovely hugged him. Kulfi said that he has never seen his father before but he knows that he is a very big singer.

Amayra’s friend said that they will help her search for his father. Amayra’s friend told Amayra that they will look for some man and call him Kulfi’s father. Kulfi hugged Amayra and thanked her for helping her…Read more

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