Tevar Treats Kulfi Like A Princess. Little Singer Kulfi 17 October 2022, Monday Pt2: Episode 122


The episode started with Kulfi saying he didnt even talk to me, Tevar said stop crying my kid, i can’t see you cry, he danced and started singing for her,this reminded Kulfi of Sikander and how he made her laugh when she was sad, seeing Kulfi not smile, Tevar then hugged her.
Lovely placed crying Amyra to sleep, Sikander stood at the door and watched her,Tevar also placed Kulfi to sleep,he left and Kulfi woke up. Amyra saw Sikander at door.

Sikander started singing and Amyra also started crying. Kulfi heard his voice and rushed to window and started crying, Amyra walked to Sikander, Sikander smiled, got on her knees and said sorry, Amyra then closed the door in anger and Sikander broke down. Tevar saw Kulfi cry holding Sikanders shirt and he also started crying.

He walked to Kulfi the next morning and said it’s going to be an exciting day. Bebe said Sikander it’s Janmashtami and i want ammu home today, Sikander then looked at Lovely and they both left,Mohendar asked what about Kulfi,Bebe said she has a father now. Tevar said Kulfi put your legs in this flour.

Kulfi said but it’s food,Tevar said it’s a ritual for Janmashtami, do it, Kulfi was about to slip but Tevar held her, Kulfi said thank you,you saved me, Tevar said nothing will happen to you, i Love you a lot, On the occasion of Janmashtami, Tevar narrated a story of lord Krishna to Kulfi,Kulfi imagined herself in a situation, Sikander and Tevar too and shouted no no and again started talking about Sikander and Amyra,she heard jonny bark and rushed out, hugged him and said i missed you so much

Amyra shouted Jonny come back, Kulfi said go Jonny,Amyra walked to Kulfi and shouted stop it, stay away from my things,Tevar said Amyra enough, she is my daughter treat her well, Amyra said you promised you will be on my side, this greedy snatched you too and run away, Tevar said forget her, let’s go arrange dahi handi.

Kulfi asked what’s that, Tevar explained her and she said wow i want to see it and who wins it, Tevar thinks your happiness is what matters and said your papa will get it,Amyra said this Kulfi, why does she get so much love. Cutie said lovely.

i can’t force Amyra, Amyra walked in and saw Sikander and Lovely and pushed Sikander away, Sikander said please forgive me, Lovely said forgive us, punish us but let’s go home, Amyra said win dahi handi for me then, Sikander smiled and said done.

Everyone dressed and gathered for dahi handi, Amyra walked with lovely and Sikander, Sikander was looking for Kulfi and they both saw each other.

Pre cap :
Sikander and Tevar faced off, Amyra said Kulfi, i told my dad to win this competition for me….Read more

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