Lovely Searches For Kulfi As She Learns Of Her Talent. Little Singer Kulfi 19 August 2022, Friday Pt1: Episode 40



The episode started with Kulfi thinking about her bag and said ma what will I do now,Sikander was passing by and was playing a song in his car,kulfi heard the song. Amyra was dancing in front, left right,she said that dirty boy is gone.

I am so happy,lovely walked to amyra and said what are you doing, Amyra said that dirty boy you threw out, I am so happy, I am gonna party,lovely said Amyra it’s an important day, Roshan kumar will be hot, you can’t sing so bad, Amyra said mom what did you say.

Amyra was about to have a colddrink,lovely said stop, you won’t have anything cold till this meeting, Amyra said enough mom and threw the glass,what’s your problem mom.

you scolded dada first and then me,what’s my fault if I can’t sing,I hate you and everyone and left. Dadi heard it and said lovely calm down, she is a kid,lovely said she never listens.

Dadi said,the situation is what makes her angry,lovely asked what, Dadi said your separation act made her upset and I know it was Sikanders fault but remember, don’t bring it to Amyra, that will upset her like now and lovely said okay.

Kulfi was with the BMC uncle,he asked where is your house tell me I will drop you there,kulfi remembered mama asking her not to tell anything about her village or parents, the uncle said, don’t worry if your parents hits you.

then I will drop you to the police station and they will talk to your parents,kulfi thinks oh no, if this happens and they will take me back home, mama and his hard work all will go in vain and I don’t even have moms bag.

Amyra said mom I have been practising since morning and tomorrow….,lovely remembered dad asking not to include Sikanders parents and since Dadi is near by,she said tomorrow you will be a big star and when I way back a little baby.

I was singing so well, why can’t you sing like him,you are Sikanders daughter, Amyra said ok then, go get him and make him sing,lovely said okay then I will make him sing then.

Lovely got down and started looking for who that boy was,a man passing by said his name was kulfi,lovely thinks oh God, kulfi is that boy and asked are you sure? She explained the looks and he said yes exactly the same.

the person from BMC took him away,lovely was about to go,Sikander came there and asked where to,lovely said nothing you go home I will be back in 5.

Kulfi at signal slowly gets down the van,lovely saw the BMC van and run towards it,she checked in the van but saw no one and asked the person where kulfi was,he said right behind,lovely said stupid,you couldn’t look after a little boy and she started looking for kulfi all around.

Sikander asked jagira,how is kulfi,lovely scolded him and asked if he fine,jagira said he left the house,I don’t know where she went,Sikander said what do you mean by that, quickly go look for him,jagira said he cried a lot.

he won’t come,Sikander said give me his picture I will look for him,jagira said I will look for the pic,jagira came out of the room and said God I am stuck now,Sikander then tried calling lovely.

Lovely found kulfi sitting in a corner and became very happy and said thank you God and walked to her,lovely said I know you are angry I scolded you right,I am sorry, elders do mistake too,and come on you can punish me.

kulfi said ok stand on one feet,lovely said ok and stood on one feet,kulfi said ok enough,and I know it’s tough,we kids know that unlike you elders,you threw me out of the house and told her what all happened.

Lovely walked to her and wiped her tears,kulfi hugged her and started crying,lovely hugged her back and said como on let’s go home, she carried her in her arms and took her home. The security said, she is covered in mud, how did you maam?

lovely smiled, placed her down and pipe water poured on kulfi and enjoyed it,lovely was thinking about kulfis voice and asked the maid to take kulfi in and dry her up.

Kulfi asked her will you help me find my bag? Lovely said yes I promise.

Pre cap:
lovely said I quickly have to record kulfi’s voice and give it to amyra.
Kulfi was in a room dancing and her pagdi came off,lovely knocked the door and said I am coming,kulfi said oh no if she finds out I am a girl?…Read more