Kulfi & Amyra Wins Competition Together. Little Singer Kulfi 2 November 2022, Wednesday Pt1: Episode 139


The episode started with Sikander walking into his room and was upset about Amyra saying she will loose if she participates with him,Lovely walked in, saw Sikander in tears and said kids don’t lie Sikander an she thinks her dad isn’t with her,you are just physically with her,Lovely was in tears and walks to her.

she said first Nimrat then music and now kulfi and still Amyra doesn’t have her dad,these 11 days you had to bond with Amyra but you don’t understand so please decide on what is important,Kulfi has her dad now but does Amyra have,just leave Tevar and kulfi alone and find your families happiness.

Amyra woke up at 6 and called Kulfi and she picked the call,Amyra said get ready and get down we need to practice,they both covered themselves with blanket and got down, Amyra explained the rules and said it’s a three legged race and we need to cross obstacles, one will be blind folded,she blind folded kulfi and they both began to practice. Nihalo was scolding bholi and Setu walked in,nihalo asked where were you and where’s my money,Setu said bholi, I was in Mumbai and here you two are, having Prasad.

Sikander and Tevar got into pandal. Everyone gathered and geared up for competition,lovely saw Sikander and Tevar giving each other cold looks and wished they don’t begin arguing,Sikander tried the phone again,Lovely walked to Sikander and said what are you doing come onn,Sikander said don’t worry I won’t fight.

Lovely prayed to God, please don’t ditch me today I will donate more today and every year, just be with me.
Sikander said Tevar for first time Kulfi and Amyra are participating together and so let’s cheer,can you,Tevar said anything for my daughter. Amyra gave cold looks to her friends and Kulfi supported Amyra.

The orgainiser walked to lovely and said ma’am please hold this, it’s for the kids who will loose,Lovely asked why me,He said please ma’am it’s a request,the competition then began. Bebe saw kulfi and Amyra coordinating and said look Mohendar after kulfi left the house these two have started bonding,Rohan cheated, kulfi and Amyra fell,Amyra said look, they are going ahead,kulfi said don’t worry come let’s start again. Amyra and kulfi proceeded,Kulfi and Amyra won the race.

Tevar and Sikander hugged each other in joy,the organiser announced there will be family no 1 competition in the end.Amyra went to hug Sikander,Kulfi said Baba did you see, I won the game,Sikander said very good my princess,Amyra said thank you,Lovely said baby congratulations and now we will participate in family no 1 and we will win the trophy.

Amyra said sorry mom but I want to participate in the next competition with dad and Sikander smiled at her,Amyra said dad here’s a list of things I like you go through it quickly and no one can defeat us,Sikander said thank you princess but I don’t need this to know about you,you are my sight, I gave birth to you and know everything about you, Utah said awesome, now this trophy is ours.

Nihalo asked did you go met Kulfi in Mumbai,what troubles were you talking about but Setu ignored her, Nihalo said tell me what did you do,Setu said God did what he had to, Nihalo said answer me or else I will and picked a rod to hit bholi.

Tevar and kulfi were waiting to have food,Kulfi said akad and baked Bhaiya, you two didn’t eat food right from the morning due to my race,now come on and take a seat, we all will have food,masterji come on join too,Kulfi said look Baba now it looks like a big family,Tevar said true and now we will participate in family no 1, Kulfi said that’s difficulbut…. Tevar said tell me what you like and I will tell you mine and started telling his choices,Kulfi then got confused.

The competition began,Kulfi was asked Tevar’s favourite colour,she said violet,the judge said wrong answer, it’s red,Tevar said don’t loose hope,Amyra was asked Sikander’s favourite colour,Kulfi said black,Amyra said black and Tevar felt bad.

Precap: The organiser said I know you all had fun, and the winner of this years competition is…Read more

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