Amyra Uses Kulfi’s Song To Impress Roshan. Little Singer Kulfi 23 August 2022, Tuesday Pt2: Episode 45



The episode started with Kulfi locked and she kept knocking the door and said my mama may leave,his train will be here let me go.
Lovely handed Amyra the pen drive and said kulfi found it down there.

Amyra said I hate that dirty boy and said mom I told you I won’t lip sync,lovely said okay don’t, I will go show him the pen drive and let this kid be a super star because Sikander baby doesn’t wanna be a superstar so chill, rest here and was walking away.

Amyra rushed to her and stopped her,she hugged her and said I am sorry mom,I want to be a super star,if this will make dada happy I will do as you say,lovely said promise me, Amyra said i promise,lovely said I love you very much.

now all will be as per planned do as I say, Amyra performanced, the stage has speakers hidden and mom there’s a laptop in the kitchen and keep your eyes on me and when I signal, play the song and then baby all is in your hands and she left.
Cutie thinks, I don’t know why, but this is going create a big problem.

Kulfi kept banging the door,she kept looking around for things to open the door,he bag was below the table in the room but she was unaware of it.She started crying and said I want to go to my mama please let me go.

Sikander messaged Maninder that they are in the same car and said I don’t feel good leaving lovely and Amyra at home alone,Maninder messaged back,then go home and shouted Sikander your recording what about it.

sikander said I forgot about it,let me cancel it,he said but that will make the party ahead losses,Sikander said but our plan,he said join us later, Dadi said he is right join us later, go finish your work.

Gunjan said you two should learn how to lie to lovely, she is surely upto something and all this plan was to cover it,Maninder said why always behind her, stop it.

Lovely said since it’s a special dinner let’s have special lighting,cutie thinks good, low lighting will cover Amyra and won’t highlight her faults,lovely said Roshan on Amyra’s birthday she was nervous after that and so she requested for this.

she want the song to be focus and not looks,Roshan said that’s so sweet of her lovely, and remember I don’t like lies.

Lovely said baby ready, all the best and signalled cutie, Amyra started the lip sync,kulfi was trying hard to get out and started crying,she then hurts her fingers.

Roshan and Devika were busy and Amyra lost focus,lovely signalled her to catch up, Amyra some how caught up,the laptop battery went down and Cutie tried to signalled lovely.

Kulfi checked the trunk to find something and said ma I don’t want to stay here, I want to stay with my papa, help me ma,she found a tube,filled it with water and threw the water out of the room.

Cutie placed the laptop on charge,kulfi was crying in her room. Amyra finished the song and Roshan was starring at her,lovely then placed on the lights,Roshan walked to amyra, Amyra was scared and nervous.

Roshan smiled and applauded for amyra,everyone joined him. Amyra blew everyone flying kiss. Roshan said she was brilliant, Amyra this was your best,Devika said not just you there’s no one like you,Roshan said only Sikanders daughter can have this voice and no one else.

Nanu said cutie look at our grand daughter I am so proud of her,kulfi said why am I back her,I miss my village,I have no one here, I want my own people.
Sikander reached home,he said Amyra will be so happy to see me.

Lovely said I am so proud of you,if you listen to me,you will be a star and make mommy proud,Sikander walked to them and said oh looks like my princess is all prepared for tests, Amyra runs to him and said you know dada I performed so well today.

everyone clapped for me,lovely said I made her enact her tests, Amyra said mom why,lovely said one minute Amyra, Sikander where are the others,Sikander said I let them proceed I couldn’t go without you two,lovely thinks God, you are being so sweet and I am hiding things from you.

Cutie walked to them and said lovely dinner is ready,Sikander said but we are going out,cutie said actually Amyra was hungry and so,Sikander said let’s have it together,lovely said mom you have guests and Sikander everyone must be waiting for us at dinner so let’s go.

Cutie slipped on the floor,kulfi started shouting hearing the voice.

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Sikander heard kulfi’s voice and opened the door,kulfi hugged him and started crying…Read more