Amyra Spoils Kulfi’s Voice. Little Singer Kulfi 26 August 2022, Friday Pt1: Episode 50



The episode started with the Security guard pushing Setu out of the gate and refused to allow him in. Setu said he was Sikander’s relative but the guard doesn’t believe him. Setu told him it’s necessary to meet Sikander, the watchmen gave him a newspaper and said to buy a ticket and see him.

Kulfi was getting hiccups continuously and Setu also gets hiccups. He talked to himself, consoled himself that he will soon find Kulfi. Sikander entered Kulfi’s room and said to her that someone is remembering her. Sikander told Kulfi when he remembers someone he sings and feels relieved.

Kulfi said she also does the same and Sikander told her to sing. She was about to sing but Amyra came and got angry for loving and singing with Kulfi.
Amyra left angrily and locked her room. She started throwing things and Sikander requested her to open the door but she didn’t.

Sikander was about to leave when she opened door and called her dadda. Sikander kissed her and she demanded ballons from him and he left.
Lovely and Minty were coming in the car when Lovely got breathlessness due to stress.

She was tensed because she had to make Kulfi sing backside Amyra in the concert without letting anyone know. Minty was also worried and said her friend that he has landed herself in big a trouble and now she is also a partner in her lie.

Sikander brought a Helium balloon for Amyra and she was very happy. Sikander explained her not to cheat and practice nicely to be a good singer. Amyra promises his dadda that she will listen to him.

Amyra then went to trick Kulfi again. She let’s go of one pair in the air and Kulfi was thrilled. She then told Kulfi that she can take air inside her and fly higher like balloons and Innocent Kulfi was convinced. Sikander was searching for the pendrive and found it.

He listened to Kulfi’s recorded song and cried out of happiness and felt the song was sung by the soul. He remembered heaing that voice somewhere.

Kulfi inhaled the Helium and tried to fly but couldn’t fly. Amayra said that planned flopped in spite of trying hard. When they both hear Sikander whistling, both of them run to the main hall.

Sikander was looking at Kulfi and sung her recorded song. Kulfi became happy and felt Lovely made Sikander listen to her song so now she can sing. She was about to sing but her voice was damaged due to inhaling the Helium…Read more