Amyra Finds Kulfi’s Father. Little Singer Kulfi 26 September 2022, Monday Pt1: Episode 90


The episode started with Kulfi hiding behind the door and Sikander walked in,Kulfi saw her father in him and said what is happening, Sikander left and Kulfi left the room too. Amyra saw Kulfi all well dressed as a boy and dancing in her room, tying his rakhi and shouted oh no,she called her friends and said he can never be anything to me,he has to leave forever.

Kulfi walked in and asked did you find anyway, Rohan said now we have to.Amyra took a pic of Kulfi and made a poster with the tag, does any one want a child and said Kulfi here we have a number written too,your father will see this and give us a call,Kulfi said but my father hasn’t seen me.

Rohan said one minute and placed a mirror beside Kulfi pic and said see your father will match your face, he will find it, Kulfi said wow so nice come let’s show this poster to everyone,Amyra said till we find anyone, we won’t tell this to anyone, we will find your father and surprise everyone, you stay home,now go and play,Kukfi said thank you so much and left.

Tevar was sick due to too much alcohol, Minti said why have drinks when you can’t handle it and what was the reason to go to Lovelys party , Tevar said i did this for you, to make you happy,Minti said do things for me and not focus on her,Tevar said let me put a camera on you and just focus on you,Minti said good,Tevar said here’s a surprise for Lovely,Minti asked why are you doing all this,Tevar said, i went to her birthday and didnt gift her, i don’t want her to judge you for that so give this to her.

Kulfi was very excited and saw Sikander, Amyra and Lovelys pic and tried to figure out why Amyra doesn’t look like Sikander. Amyra and her friends together were waiting for a call. Amyra and her friends went to people asking if they want a boy or is Kulfi their son?

Sikander came looking for Kulfi in her room but she hid behind the door. Amyra said if the adoption gets confirmed, my life will be over, Rohan said don’t worry, all will be fine. Sikander saw Kulfis slate, she was practicing ma word on it and he left in tears, Sikander thinks, i should be happy that bhaiya wants to adopt Kulfi.

he will be here forever but i feel bad that the day he calls bhaiya as his dad, he will go away from me.Kulfi thinks, Amyra and her friends are helping me, i should be happy but i am so sad because i feel I will go away from Sikander sir when i meet my dad.

Amyra said Royal, this idea isn’t working and she got a call, the person said i saw a poster, can i talk to someone older,Rohan said yes uncle talk to me,we are helping for our friend Kulfi,he asked what about his father,Amyra said he is dead, so will you be his father and take him away and he said yes.

Kulfi said how long will i hide, now just help me find my father.Amyra started looking for Kulfi.Minti said Lovely, here’s a gift from Tevar, come on open it, Lovely said later i will,Minti said right now,i am interested too, Lovely opened the gift and found a diamond nose ring, Minti said why such an expensive gift.

Flashback showed Lovely looking for her nose ring and started crying,she said it was my favorite, Tevar said don’t cry, i promise i will buy you the same one. Flashback ended.

Minti said i will make him give me 15 of such diamonds and left in anger, Amyra informed Kulfi that she found his dad, Kulfi was in tears,Amrya said he called and he is coming to pick you up, Kulfi was dancing and started crying,Amyra said dance later come now and she hugged Amyra.

Precap : Amyra pointed at a man and said look, that’s your father,Kulfi left with him and Sikander saw them…Read more

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