How Nandini Saved Sikander’s Life. Little Singer Kulfi 28 February 2023, Tuesday Pt1: Episode 307


The episode started with Pakhi shouting at Bhola to hold the handle, bhola’s cycle stumbled by the tree but he climbed over it and tricked Pakhi and she became angry, Bhola walked to Pakhi and said you got scared right and teased her with the the other kids, Bhola asked her for a kiss but she didn’t give him.

Bhola took kisses from the other kids and made her jealous, Pakhi got angry and left, Bhola followed her singing for her, he tricked Pakhi again while singing and she started fighting with Bhola.

Doctor Nandini saw them and remembered how she found Sikander injured down the bridge, she took Sikander to the hospital and got him operated on, Nandini said someone has prayed a lot for him, that saved him from such big accident.

Nandini then started keeping proper checks of Sikander and he gained consciousness, Nandini asked him for details, Sikander remembers nothing and started acting like a kid, doctor told Nandini the patient has gone mentally backwards, lost memory, Nandini asked will he ever be normal, doctor said no idea.

Nandini saw Bhola and Pakhi playing, in the hospital Sikander kept drawing kulfi, Kulfi found the picture made by Sikander and Pakhi’s toy when she came to see Bhola with Nandini. Nandini said allowing Bhola stay with us, my life and pakhi’s his life has completely changed.

When Pakhi got Bhola home for the first time, Bhola saw teddy bears and got excited, Nandini’s friend asked her why is she taking such huge step by bringing a patient home, you have a daughter too.

Nandini said he is suffering from regression and you have treated him, you know he will never hurt my Pakhi, she asked but you don’t know his name, Nandini said he is Bhola, Pakhi saw Bhola playing with her teddy’s and hid but Bhola saw her.

Bhola slept on the sofa with pakhi’s teddy, Pakhi walked to him and heard his heart beat, Bhola woke up and Pakhi asked are you my dad, sikander saw kulfi instead of Pakhi, Pakhi asked you are my dad right, Bhola smiled and said I am dad.

Nandini saw that and was in shock, Bhola and Pakhi hugged each other, Bhola looked at Nandini, Pakhi said mom dad won’t go anywhere right, Nandini said yes he won’t, he would never leave you, Pakhi became happy and left.

Pakhi informed everyone in the colony her father is here, Nandini and Bhola came out, Nandini was shocked seeing Pakhi happy and she smiled. Pakhi and Bhola loved spending time with each other. Nandini was happy to see them bond.

Nandini said god I am sorry, I had to do this for my Pakhi, you sent Bhola to us and Pakhi misses her dad, let Bhola find his family and my Pakhi her father.

Precap : Kulfi asked god are her intuitions wrong about Bhola and Sikander…Read more

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