Will Kulfi Find Her Father & Uncle? Little Singer Kulfi 29 August 2022, Monday Pt2: Episode 53


The episode started with Sikander getting down his car, people cheering for him,the media asking where is your wife and daughter,your whole family is here,any misunderstandings,Sikander said no my daughter has her exams so anyways I have to get in.

Kulfi arrived with lovely and others and they were wearing scarf, Amyra said stop murmuring kulfi you need to walk with attitude on the red carpet, Amyra tripped,,kulfi held her and said forget all that, walk properly.

Setu heard kulfi’s voice and said must be my imagination,I have to meet Sikander and passed by kulfi unaware it was her. Setu was about to get into Sikanders room but the guards stopped him,Setu became emotional and said only he can help me get my kulfi, please let me in,the guards pushed him away, kulfi watched but was unaware it’s setu who was being pushed.

Lovely said kulfi stay her with mom and Amyra I will be be back,kulfi started laughing looking at the rollers on Amyra’s head and said it looks so funny, Amyra said dustbin shut up,go away and shouted,cutie said for God’s sake leave us alone.

Cyrus informed lovely and minti about the arrangements,lovely said great perfect it’s what I need,cutie turned and saw kulfi missing and said oh god kulfi he is missing, Amyra panics too,how will I manage my performance now,mom will kill me, Cutie said I always knew this plan is a high risk.

Maninder said Gunjan you looking so pretty today,she said why did you buy such an expensive saree,Maninder said pinki sent this for you with a note which says,to my dearest aunt. Dadi said I felt like I saw kulfi, maninder said she is home.

Kulfi said God this is like a fare but how will I recognise my dad amongst this, God please help,kulfi saw a guy saying please serve my boss this drink, he is a very famous singer,kulfi thinks he is her dad.

Lovely scolded cutie,minti said I told you lovely, this is a risky song,cutie said why couldn’t you think of a playback, why you wanted kulfi to sing live,lovely, well thanks to Amyra she messed with kulfi’s cords, Amyra said stop fighting and go look for kulfi and lovely said let’s go.

Setu was about to serve the singer, kulfi was behind him,the program began and the host Karan addressed the audience, welcomed Sikander on stage,setu and kulfi were both in tears,setu said I wish kulfi was here, I could tell her look here is your dad.kulfi dashed Setu’s hand and moved ahead, Setu then left to clean the tray.

Sikander addressed the audience,kulfi looked at the singer and said he looks so old, how can he be my dad,Sikander greeted a singer from the stage,kulfi said no no this aunty is wearing torn clothes and uncle didn’t even tell her,he can’t be my dad,Ma told me that papa met her first time to return her dupatta.

Kulfi hid to avoid coming into the spot light,Sikander thanked all the guests of honour.kulfi said he may be my dad what will I address him but and looks at the singer and said papa but he doesn’t even look at her.

kulfi pulled him by his shirt,he asked what do you want,kulfi asked are you my dad,he asked who sent you,how dare you talk to me this way,kulfi said my Ma said my dad is a famous singer in Mumbai,kulfi thinks I made a mistake I think, she said sorry and left.
Setu came there and gave the singer a drink.

Sikander said I wish my daughter and wife were here with me today, Setu heard that and became emotional,Sikander said my first song to them, my life, Setu said he is missing Nimo and kulfi how come.

it means he knows everything about them. Sikander began with his performance,kulfi was in tears listening to the song,Sikander missing them while singing, Setu was in tears thinking Sikander is missing nimo and kulfi and Dadi became emotional too.

Sikander finished his song,the audience gave a standing ovation…Read more

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