Kulfi Learns Lovely Is Using Her Songs. Little Singer Kulfi 30 August 2022, Tuesday Pt2: Episode 55


The episode started with Sikander going on the stage,the media asked him how is he feeling to see his daughter being the next singing super star. He said there are times in life you go speechless, today is such a day, the credit and responsibility goes to Amyra’s mom Lovely.

Kulfi’s mama lost hope that Sikander has moved ahead in life, will he be able to help him find Kulfi, but then he thinks that without Sikander’s help he cannot find kulfi in this big city.Sikander looked at Amyra and how he had made her promise that she will not use someone else’s voice and practice hard to become a good singer.

His dreams are destroyed. Kulfi looked at Amyra, Lovely and Sikander on stage and thinks Amyra is so lucky to have a father like Sikandar, she wonders how will her father be like.

Sikander walked out of the concert and vents out his anger on the raod for Lovely’s betrayal.
Kulfi’s Mama was sad as he doesn’t know how to find Kulfi and how she will be, Kulfi was just behind her and was thinking about her father but missed to see her Mama.

Minty was outside with Amyra and Kulfi,she offered Kulfi to have ice cream and Kulfi asked what is this, Miny explained that it’s just like Kulfi, Kulfi said i love Kulfi, thats why mum kept my name as Kulfi, Amyra asked what flavour she will like, she asked Amyra what is all this, Amyra explained her and she thinks Amyra knows all, but she is unaware of nothing, what will her father think of her.

A fan came and was excited to see Amyra. she took pictures and she showed her a video, Kulfi saw Amyra singing to her song and said this is my song, the fan became shocked but Minty handled the situation and said the kid could relate to the song, thats why he felt that he (kulfi) has sung the song.

Lovely’s mum told Lovely that i will have to tell your dad everything as it is only your father who can handle Sikander, she told her to go home and handle Sikander till then.
Sikander’s brother called him but Sikander didn’t not respond, his mum told him to be out of this situation as this mess is between Sikander and Kulfi.

Sikander came home and yelled Lovely’s name loudly, she was not at home, he called her but she didn’t respond and he started breaking things around, Lovely’s father told him what are you doing, you will still remain a villager, Sikander do you know what you daughter has done.

she has done nothing wrong, this happens in the singing industry, Sikander shouted and said it can happen in the industry, but not with me, in my house, Lovely’s father warned him to stop yelling.

He said you cannot talk like this to my daughter, i will destroy you career, Sikander said i have seen too much in this industry, i don’t care anymore, i want to talk to my wife, why can’t you understand. Lovely’s father told him that dare if you touch my daughter and granddaughter and he left.

Lovely came home with Kulfi and Amyra. Sikander’s mum was tensed with his anger, Amyra asked him how was her performance, he yelled at her to go to her room,he then held Lovely’s arms and said today i want an answer.

she said i don’t need to, leave me.
Sikander’s mom helped him watch a video of Amyra singing and wondered how can she sing so well, Kulfi said this is not her voice, it my voice and she was in tears

Nanu told Kulfi that Lovely madam has used you, she told you to learn the song so Amyra can lip sync. Lovely hurts herself to control Sikander’s anger…Read more

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