Little Singer Kulfi 30 May 2023, Tuesday Pt1: Episode 434


The episode began with Kulfi saying, Amyra I hear some noise from baba’s room, they went in there and they got locked. They began shouting for help, they heard some noises and became scared. They followed to where the noise was coming from but find nothing and Amyra said, there is something scary here, we have to leave as soon as possible. Kulfi found a screw driver, managed to unlock the door and they came out of the room.

They heard some goons saying, your daughters are kidnapped and locked in the room, now we will kill you. Sikander fell to the ground, Kulfi stopped Amyra from shouting and said, don’t shout else we will be in trouble too, we have to get him out of this. Amyra assumed he was dead and began panicking. Kulfi said, look his legs are moving, he is not dead.

Amyra’s phone rang which alerted the goons and they began looking for who it was. Kulfi slid Amyra’s phone away, a goon picked it up and left. Amyra said, look what you have done, what will we do now? Kulfi responded, relax we will find a way, it’s important that we get to baba.

They were crawling towards Sikander when Amyra stumbled by a pot and the goons were alerted again but they hid. Kulfi slowly sneaked to Sikander and tried to wake him up, she figured out he wasn’t Sikander and she was caught, Amyra was also caught too. The goon said, your father is dead, you foolish girls. Amyra and Kulfi helped each other and hid in the balcony.

Sikander then came there, Kulfi and Amyra rushed to him saying, save us, they killed you and were going to attack us too. Sikander said, have some water, they are my friends, it was me who asked them to do it. Kulfi saw Raju there, she and Amyra asked, why did he do it? He scared them. Sikander replied, I wanted to teach you not to panic, he then taught them how they can tackle such situation.

Sikander brought them inside the room and said, when you knew there was danger, why didn’t you use your brains. Kulfi asked, but why did you do this? Sikander said shut up, no one talks, just listen to me. He then went on to explain to them that it is important to first verify things first and not just believing them blindly.

Kulfi asked again, but why are you teaching all this? Sikander replied, I can’t be with you two always, so you need to learn how to be independent, you have seen how within the last few months life has turned so weird, these are all lessons, as a father I am teaching you few things, just learn them. Now go home.

Amyra said, Kulfi he is very angry, let’s just leave. Kulfi and Amyra were on their way back when Kulfi saw Raju paying the actors. The actors asked, why is Sikander being so rude and strong on the girls? Raju replied, he has a bigger problem than this poverty. Kulfi heard it and began looking for her photo everywhere in the house, she asked Amyra about it but Amyra said she haven’t seen it.

Kulfi began looking for it everywhere in the chawl and was thinking, if poverty is not the reason why he has changed, then what could it be. Raju saw Kulfi and asked her to go to sleep. Kulfi asked Raju, do you lie to Kalti Chuja?

Raju replied, no I don’t. She asked again, will you lie to me? Raju replied no, I won’t. Kulfi asked, what is the reason behind baba’s sudden behavior? Raju replied, there is nothing as such, he has no problems, she was about leaving and Kulfi said, you are lying but Raju ignored Kulfi and left and Kulfi said, I will find out.

Kulfi said to Amyra, baba came after we slept and left before we work up, this is so unusual. Himmat was distributing sweets and said, I am going to Kartarpur to take blessings, she showed a photo and Kulfi recognized the photo.

Precap : Kulfi packed to go to Kartarpura to pray for Sikander’s wellbeing…Read more

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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