Sikander Teaches Kulfi & Amyra Music. Little Singer Kulfi 5 September 2022, Monday Pt2: Episode 63


The started with kulfi holding Amyra’s hands,she kulfi, dad is calling you, kulfi asked why, Amyra said he wants to teach us muiac,kulfi said good and walked to the music room with Amyra.
Sikandar mimiced voices and played an instrument,he mimiced all the voices from the forest, Amyra said dad’s music, Sikander said me and uncle learnt music this way by mimicking voices, Amyra said you think about music all the time, Sikander said it’s peaceful and when you connect with music, you connect with God, it’s like addiction.

Sikander taught them how to micmic voices, Amyra and kulfi started enjoying it, Sikander looked at kulfi and thinks about his lovely child. lovely was in tears and walked to dadi and said mom please stop Mahinder, he is in chiroli to meet Sikanders love child from nimrat, please stop him,i know you hate me,but please save my family.if they come here my family will be broken, my Amyra will be broken, for the sake of her, help me.

Nihalo was dreaming about money,bholi and tinda woke up, Tinda said, it’s time to take a stand against ma and her injustice,look at kulfi, she didi loved us and ma troubled her, we have to fight for kulfis rights,when you meet that uncle tell him the truth that kulfi didi is in mumbai.

Sikander was waiting for mohinder’s call, Sikander asked jagira to get him drinks, Sikander made him a drink and spits it and asked jagira what is this, who added jeera water in my bottle,kulfi said i did. Dadi was thinking about lovely, Gunjan asked what happened,dadi said nothing and asked where is mahinder, did you talk to him,Gunjan said yes i did.

Sikandar said what did you do and scolded kulfi,everyone then gatherered there. kulfi said i threw the alcohol away. Gunjan said oh God,sikander asked why did you do so,kulfi said you are my guru,i have learnt music listening to you but today i learnt from you and understood how knowledgeable you are, i dont want goddess to be upset with you and take your knowledge away.

sikander said no one dare do this to me and talk to me this way, kulfi said what your mom never scolded you,jagira stopped kulfi and said i am sorry sir, Sikander became angry and left, kulfi said why did you do that, i won’t stop till he stops drinkimg that, dadi said you are so good and hugged her.

Sikander woke up and checked his phone for mahinder’s message, Sikander said God i woke up early, maybe because i slept tired and not drunk.

Sikander saw kulfi in the kitchen and asked what are you doing,kulfi said filling bottles, what if water isn’t flowing, Sikander said we have water here 24 hrs, kulfi said okay and how come you are up early, Sikander said just,kulfi said may be because you didnt drink that bad drink.

pre cap:
Sikander said you two stay here, i will be back, Amyra sent kulfi away playing a prank on, Sikander returned and Amyra said i tried to stop him but he didn’t listen…Read more

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