Sikander Searches For Kulfi. Little Singer Kulfi 6 September 2022, Tuesday Pt2: Episode 65


The episode started with kulfi getting into the trees and saw the red flower, Amyra was hiding and watching her, kulfi plucked the flower and left, Amyra run to Sikander and said dad i don’t know where kulfi is, i told him not to go but he went this way and left with Sikander, kulfi reached the point and said oh no circle, no amyra and Sikander sir.

Amyra kept diverting Sikander and Sikander scolded her, a near by couple scolded Sikander for his behaviour and left, Sikander started looking for kulfi while she was also looking for Sikander and Amyra, Sikander asked near by people for kulfi and he prayed to God,kulfi started crying and said Amyra is so bad,some people suggested to Sikander to approach the police for help, Amyra thinks, God this will put me into trouble, Sikander then left in a hurry.

Amyra saw kulfi, while sitting in car but didn’t inform Sikander, Sikander started the car and was about to leave, Amyra shouted dada,look it kulfi, Sikander got down shouted for kulfi,he smiled and they both run towards each other, Sikander picked up kulfi and hugged her. Amyra became jealous again seeing Sikander with kulfi.

kulfi said why did you leave me alone, Sikander said I am sorry, why did you go when i asked not to,me and Amyra were so scared,kulfi said I am sorry,i won’t do it again, Amyra took a sigh of relief seeing kulfi didn’t mention her name.

Sikander called Amyra close and hugged her, kulfi and Amyra gave each other cold looks, Sikander said good practice, it was today, Amyra asked what’s happening there, Sikander said oh it’s eid today, Amyra asked can we celebrate eid, Sikander said off course we can,you know when we were kids, we use to celebrate and use to visit ustads house,now let me prepare for eid and then we will celebrate.

Sikander called his friends and wished tjem eid,kulfi stopped Amyra and said i know you do all this on purpose,i know you dont like me, neither do I,but i tried, from today on we aren’t talking. Sikander came and asked aren’t we celebrating eid, Amyra said we are, Sikander said not this way.

we need to celebrate with honesty and forget enemity and till you two finish this, we arent partying, Amyra then looked at kulfi in anger, kulfi went and hugged amyra, Amyra whispered just for dad after eid we will continue, kulfi said deal and Amyra left.

kulfi stopped sikander and asked, aren’t you celebrating eid, Sikander said i will, why won’t i,she then said then why you look worried, Sikander said who told you I am worried,kulfi said no one, i just felt it.

lovely was on a call with minti and told her about the love child and Sikander, Sikander knocked the door and said it’s important.

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Nihalo introduced bholi as kulfi to mahinder…Read more

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