Nihalo Blackmails Kulfi. Little Singer Kulfi 8 August 2022, Monday Pt1: Episode 21



The episode started with Sikandar telling Lovly that he loved Nimrat. Kulfi remembered her moments with Nimrat and shed tears, she recalled how she used to sleep with her, she then slept with Nimrat’s dupatta, Nihalo came there and made Kulfi sleep on the bed. Nihalo’s kids placed a bet that truly their mother has changed.

The next morning, Kulfi woke up worried and she told Nihalo that she will work in the kitchen. Nihalo told her not to work and gave Kulfi a new dress and asked her to get ready. Kulfi became emotional, Nihalo pretended to be nice with Kullfi and tried to send her away with Sitaram. Nihalo’s kids looked at her shockingly.

Meanwhile, Sikandar started telling his whole story to Lovely. He told her that her father gave him a big opportunity while he demanded him to marry her,i deceived everyone, i deceived Nimrat as well. Lovely was heartbroken after Sikander revealed everything about his past. Nihalo took money from Sitaram and Sitaram asked her, if Kulfi wants to sing than he will take her along.

Kulfi refused, she became depressed and said you are very bad. Lovely asked Sikandar, where is Nimrat. Sikandar said she has moved on and is very happy in her married life. Kulfi run to her room and told her mother that she will not sing. Nihalo came there and started destroying Nimrat’s clothes.

Nihalo burnt Nimrat’s clothes as Kulfi refused to sing. Nihalo also took the box which Nimrat kept hidden. The cloth fell from it and Kulfi picked it. Nihalo then fell down. Nihalo’s kids asked Kulfi to run away and she left.

Precap: Lovely didn’t trust Sikandar and decided to meet Nimrat. On the other hand, Sitaram and the villagers followed Kulfi and she confronted two inspectors…Read more