Kulfi Impresses The Crowd. Little Singer Kulfi 9 February 2023, Thursday Pt1: Episode 281


The episode started with Harsh welcoming the third guest Usha Uthappa, kulfi and her friends motivated each other, Mahesh walked to them, Kulfi and her friends took his blessings, Mahesh wished them luck and said stick to your basics and tunes, harsh welcomed Sikander Singh Gill on the stage.

Kulfi said what! Baba, Amyra said why is dad here, he said yes to stay out, what if he recognises the dirty girl. Mia walked to Sikander and said thanks for accepting our request at the last minute, Sikander walked on stage. Kulfi said what will I do now, how will I sing in front of him, Sikander looked at Amyra and smiled, and signed her to calm down.

Harsh asked how do you feel about Amyra performing, sikander said every participant is our future in music and about Amyra she is my life and music my purpose, so they have united here today, Kulfi started crying and said even I am working hard, I am your daughter and as usual you know nothing, harsh invited benam group on stage.

Kulfi freezed and went went on the stage, harsh said kids come on quickly, Kulfi and her friends arrived on stage with Mahesh, Kulfi looked at Sikander, Amyra saw it and got scared.

Usha welcomed kulfi and the group, Udit praised them for their innovation in instruments, Kulfi was looking at Sikander, harsh said let’s begin the performance. Kulfi began her performance, Sikander tried to figure who the lead singer was, lovely and Bebe said it’s Kulfi, Mahesh said why did she change the tune.

Mia said kulfi and Sikander do have solid connection, Usha became emotional, sikander got restless, kulfi looked at him while singing, Amyra started crying. The audience applauded for kulfi, Sikander was confused as to how Kulfi was there.

Harsh said fantastic and called Mahesh on stage, harsh said kulfi got very emotional while she sang, she took Sikander’s words to heart, let’s take the judges review, pandit Bhave said it’s a joke, you keep proving me right, you play with raga, this stage isn’t for you or let’s say Mahesh didn’t teach you well.

Harsh said pandit is upset but the audience looked very happy, kulfi was looking at Sikander, pandit said benam group changed the raga which was important and so they won’t be given scores by me, Udit interrupted and said she sang soulfully and didn’t break any rule, pandit said I don’t agree they should be eliminated.

Pre cap : harsh said let’s see the score for benam, pandit gave a zero…Read more

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