Pregnancy Test Result Is Out. My Daughter Durga 19 July 2022, Tuesday Pt2: Episode 370



The Episode started with Sanjay worrying for Durga. Bhagat came and asked what happened to Durga. Rohini said she fainted, now she is fine, this watchman got her here. Bhagat saw him and recalled Sanjay. He said you are a watchman, you are Durga’s husband right and they became shocked. Durga then came there. Rohini said this is wrong, when they are related, how can they stay in the academy. Tanvi said it doesn’t matter, me and my uncle are here.

Bhagat said we are talking about husband and wife here, relatives can be distraction for female athletes, he has to leave the academy. He asked Durga to go and rest. Durga said I am fine and he left. Durga saw Sanjay and recalled his words. She went to Bhagat and said where will my in-laws go, Sanjay needs the job. He said you know the rules, I can’t help you.

She said you promised you will support me, don’t break our hopes, if you feel SP will distract me, it’s not like that, he is in this state because of me, he stays in a palace, he is working as a watchman, I get strength seeing him. He said okay, you have to promise me, your performance won’t be affected. She said I promise, thanks. Neelkant and Gayatri said we will always be thankful to you. Shilpa looked at them and left.

Yashpal said we are hurt that you are going, I am glad Sanjay took the responsibility. Gayatri said parents wait for this time always. Brij said yes, it will be fine, this house is also yours. Durga checked the pregnancy kit and left it for 2mins. Tanvi and Lakshmi argued. Durga went to see, she stopped their fight and left. Durga went back to the washroom and checked the kit. She became worried seeing the result positive. She said it means I am pregnant. Lakshmi came there and saw Durga. Durga then hid the kit. Lakshmi stopped her and saw the kit. She said you are pregnant, it’s good news.

Shilpa was in market. Few men come around her. A man asked do you identify me, that paint….. She recalled pouring paint on him and became angry. He said call Durga for work, you are her manager, how much money will it take. She asked what work are you talking about and asked him to come. She said I will get mum to talk and she left. Bhagat said today’s workout will be intense, we will do core related workout today.

Durga then thinks of her pregnancy. Bhagat asked what happened, come on, I am talking to you. Sanjay, Gayatri and Neelkant were at a bus stop. Neelkant asked her to wait and went to get some food. Shilpa talked to Sheela on phone. Sheela asked her to come home. Shilpa was talking about the guy Surjit. The men kidnap Shilpa and took her in the car.

Sheela heard Shilpa screaming. Sheela said Shilpa went to the market and was talking to me, she started screaming, someone was misbehaving with her and she cried. Brij asked what happened and she told him everything. She said save Shilpa. He called Shilpa and said it’s switched off. Gayatri saw Shilpa in the car and became shocked. Shilpa shouted for help. Gayatri then stopped the car and took the car keys. Surjit asked her to leave keys and Gayatri asked Shilpa to run. Sanjay and Neelkant came and beat the goons. Gayatri asked Shilpa is she fine. Shilpa hugged her and cried.

Durga came home. Yashpal said you here… it’s your final race today. Durga said I don’t know if I should run or not, I am pregnant…Read more