Gayatri Gives Durga Hope To Run. My Daughter Durga 28 June 2022, Tuesday Pt2: Episode 344


The Episode started with Durga hugging Gayatri and Neelkant left. Yashpal said we shall leave now. Durga said I will come along, I have to meet Umang. She left, wishing Sanjay and Gayatri unite again, the bitterness in Sanjay’s heart ends. Gayatri asked Sanjay to talk to her but he refused. She said I have to show you something and asked him to wait. She went and got some box. He said you want to blind me by money, this won’t happen again, this trick won’t work. She said this has valuable things, it’s my world. She showed him some papers and he became shocked. She said it’s your letters, you wrote sorry letters to me. She showed him the letters and said you write these letters when you did a mistake and had to apologize to me and she cried. She said I have always forgiven you, thinking you will change, I gave you many chances, can’t you give me a chance to rectify my mistake and she gave him a sorry card from her side. He then thinks of her, cried and hugged her and she apologized. He said I love you Maa. She said I love you too son and they cried.

Dadi was teaching Umang while Madhav looked on and thinks to take Umang along. He said I will take Umang out, it’s good he is studying, he is a sweet boy, he has won my heart, I want to take him to the market. Dadi asked Umang to go. Brij said no, Umang won’t go. Dadi said let him go, he will feel good. Brij said no, Umang will sleep now, Amrita will take him out later. Madhav said yes, kid needs rest. Brij took Umang and Madhav left. Dadi asked why did you refuse to him. Brij said how could I let him go, Rajveer called and asked me to keep an eye on Param, he is not right, it’s good if he goes.

Amrita asked why did he say so. Brij said I don’t know, he just said this, he asked me to keep Umang away from Madhav, he will come home and tell us, take Umang and make him sleep. Madhav heard them and said they want to make me away from my son, no, I will take him. He called Rashmi and said I will get Umang. Rajveer was on the way with Durga, Yashpal and Annapurna. He said I followed Param, I saw him showing Umang’s pic to some woman, I don’t know his motives, I feel you should make him out of the house and Annapurna prayed.

Madhav got Umang to Rashmi and said it was tough to get Umang. He recalled hiding and taking Umang away. He said Rajveer has seen us together, he has a doubt on me, hold Umang, I will get some snacks for him. Annapurna said take me to the temple, I want to pray. Yashpal said we will go home. Rajveer said you both go home, I will take Annapurna to the temple and Yashpal agreed. Rajveer and Annapurna got down the taxi and Rajveer collided with Madhav. Madhav lied to them and left hurriedly. Rajveer said something is wrong. Annapurna said it will be good if he goes. Rashmi waited for Madhav. Durga waa close to Umang. Amrita then gave water to Dadi.

Rajveer called Amrita and asked where is Umang. She said I just made him sleep in the room. He asked her to go and check once more. She asked him to hold and went and checks. She checked and there was pillows rather in Umang’s place. She became shocked and recalled Brij’s words. She shouted Umang and cried. Dadi asked what happened. Amrita said Umang isn’t here, he has taken Umang. Rajveer asked is Umang not there. Dadi became shocked. Rajveer heard them on the phone, he saw Madhav and run after him. Annapurna asked Amrita to come to the bus stand fast, Param was running away. Amrita left the house. Dadi worried and prayed for Umang. Umang then woke up. Durga saw him and called him out. Rashmi became shocked. Yashpal then saw Umang.

Gayatri said Durga’s running in the nationals is important. Aarti said I can never lose to Durga, I will give up my life. Durga took Umang away from Madhav. Yashpal saved Madhav and they became shocked seeing him.

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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