Durga & SP Goes On Date. My Daughter Durga 6 July 2022, Wednesday Pt2: Episode 356



The Episode started with Sanjay and Durga drinking and dancing while Aarti’s dad hid behind a tree and looked on. Gayatri made aarti plate ready and asked the servant to make all the arrangements before Durga comes. Aarti’s dad Purushottam came and apologized. Gayatri said fine, I am ready to forgive you and she got water for him.

He said you are really great. She said we also did mistakes and he became angry. She said I forget everything and forgive you. He asked my mistake…. excuse me, you are misunderstanding, I didn’t come to apologize for what I did, but for what I am going to do now and they became shocked.

He said even then all the best. Neelkant saw the auction notice. Purushottam said you will be kicked out from this house, you can’t take anything other than clothes, leave the house on your own and he left.

Neelkant said Durga ruined our family to clean her family’s name. Gayatri went to Anjana. Anjana was packing her clothes and said I can’t take anything, but I will pack things that came from my Maayka.

Gayatri taunted her. Anjana said you should have stopped Durga, what did she get, a fake gold medal, we could have gotten it from market. Gayatri said enough, don’t insult an athlete, you don’t know the value of that medal and she scolded Anjana.

She said humanity is important than any wealth, learn from other’s mistakes. Anjana said this can’t get our happiness, are you not scared. Gayatri said no, Durga didn’t let our courage break, our courage and unity will help us fight, Durga’s life got happiness now, she shouldn’t know about the auction.

Sanjay and Durga came home and saw welcome board for Durga. Gayatri recalled covering up the auction notice with the board and she did Durga’s aarti and gave her an ancestral bangles. She said I always wanted to become a national champion, my dream got fulfilled today. Durga said this victory’s credit goes to you too, this medal is yours too and she made Gayatri wear the medal. Gayatri cried and hugged her and Durga took selfie with them.

The Villagers came to congratulate Durga. Yashpal called Gayatri and asked is SP and Durga back from temple. She said yes. He asked when will they come to the village. She thinks how would i let Durga go, it’s our last night in this house. She said I understand your feelings, we also want to celebrate her victory, they will come tomorrow.

He said it’s a good thing that she is getting much love there. He talked to Durga and asked her to come with SP tomorrow, the villagers are excited to give her an honor. Durga said fine. Gayatri asked Durga to go tomorrow, and rest now and Durga left. Gayatri thinks the auction will take away this house, I wish something happens and morning doesn’t come.

Durga and Sanjay celebrated with the villagers while Gayatri’s house got emptied.