Durga Joins The District Race. My Daughter Durga Friday, 22 April 2011: Episode 250-251


The Episode started with Durga telling Yashpal that she wants to come with him and they went to know the ministry’s decision. The Media said we will update if she gets a chance or not. Yashpal said she should get a wild card entry and he praised Durga. He said it will be injustice to stop her.

The man said no, she has presented a wrong example by risking her life to prove her talent, she should have run in race before and the men went to decide. They all discussed about Durga’s passion. They all had a voting system and asked Vipul to also vote. Vipul said you all start voting without me.

They all went to vote and got equal votes in and against Durga’s favor. Vipul then looked on. Yashpal asked Durga not to worry and Anjana came home. Sanjana asked how is mum. Anjana said she is in a critical state, she is upset with you, don’t worry she will be fine and come home and he worried for Gayatri. He watched the news about Durga.

Vipul came and told Durga about the voting result. She checked and said she got selected. Vipul recalled giving her the vote and everyone became happy for Durga. Yashpal said my daughter will run and win also. Durga said I am feeling very happy. Everyone watch the news and became happy. Annapurna thanked the Lord. Brij said Durga made our head high. Annapurna said she made our name shine and he agreed.

Yashpal said I am happy, my daughter got justice. Neelkant and Aarti became angry. Rajveer smiled seeing the news. Brij said now we can stay in the village and do our work, it all happened because of durga’s good intentions, panchayat changed decision, they were talking of Durga. He asked Durga not to make any mistake, else she won’t be forgiven this time and she agreed. Yashpal said I will be back. Brij fed halwa to Dadi.

Aarti said everyone was wrong, Durga got selected, Gayatri got unwell, my engagement postponed. Her dad said I will hire best coach for you, you also have talents, we will have the controls in hand. Neelkant came and said Gayatri finds solution before problem.

Durga thanked Rajveer and said I have crossed a big hurdle, I will run and win. Rajveer said I am proud of you. Durga and Yashpal became glad. Doctor said he is improving, we should shift him to the hospital for treatment.

Neelkant said Gayatri also worried for your win, she has appointed an international coach for you and Aarti became happy. Neelkant said it’s impossible to make you lose, she will meet coach for training. Aarti said I will see how Durga stays in front of me.

Durga and Yashpal got Rajveer to the hospital and Neelkant looked on. Sanjay worried for Durga and she asked him not to worry for her.


The Episode started with the doctor suggesting they should take Rajveer to the hospital for treatment and Yashpal agreed. The Doctor asked Durga what happened. She said it was just some sprain. He checked and said it’s serious, you should take bed rest, it can damage your nerves, you should not walk and run for two weeks and they ask how can she run in the race.

The Doctor said she should avoid even walking, she became shocked and the Doctor left. Yashpal supported Durga. He thinks I know what Rana wanted to say and what I should do now.

Durga saw the things Sanjay gave her and said sorry, maybe this happened well, your fate has some better girl than me. Yashpal got ginger tea for her. He made her sit and took care of her leg. He said I am champion’s dad. She said I will manage my own. He said I know you are hiding your worry. She said Rajveer is still in danger, his life is being threatened, this bottle is not opening.

He asked her to apply force, he helped her and encouraged her and she smiled. He said we will manage Rana, your leg will be fine by my magic and she asked what magic. He said trust me, I have some herbs, you will run like a deer and he did the aid. She said make me a promise, you will become my dad in every birth and he cried.

He joked that he will be born as her son and take revenge. She said go, I will not talk. He said my daughter got annoyed, they then laughed and hugged. Yashpal and Durga got Rajveer to the hospital. Neelkant came to take Gayatri’s reports. He saw Durga and said whom did she get, Rana died in the bomb blast, how can he be Rana. Sanjay and Durga saw each other.

He found her hurt and asked are you fine, what happened to your foot. She said nothing, just a sprain. He said you have to take care, congrats, I heard about the wild card entry. She said thanks, I know what I have to do, congrats, I heard about you and Aarti’s engagement. She left and felt sorry. He also felt sorry to hide why he was getting engaged to Aarti.

She then went to Yashpal. She asked how can we to leave Rana alone. Yashpal said I make an arrangements and there Brij came and said I am here, focus on practice, no one can do anything to Rana. Yashpal said he is safe as long as Brij is here. Yashpal and Durga left. Yashpal dropped the bangles on the grass and told Durga that her sprain will be fine this time.

He asked her to pick the bangles with the toe and walk. He then asked her to keep a pot on her head as well. She said thank God Rana Sir was my coach during childhood, not you and he laughed. She did as he said but she fell down. He said it’s fine, you will do well, come.

Aarti came and argued. Durga asked if her name is written on her equipments. Aarti said it has my trainer’s name, he is from foreign and made a joke about Yashpal. Durga then taunted her. Aarti’s trainer Mumba came there.

Aarti introduced Durga and Yashpal. Mumba said you are practicing with these bangles and he broke the bangle. He said you are dreaming, go home and play with kids. Aarti said he is right, there is no place for the weak in this championship.

Mumba and Yashpal challenged for dangal. Sanjay said I will marry Aarti. Durga looked on and Mumba asked Yashpal to race with him.

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