My Daughter Durga Friday, 24 December 2021: Episode 86-87



The Episode started with Rajveer saying you have practised well. He sent everyone and made Durga practice more. He said you want 5 marks in every subject, think how many marks will you get, your dad will feel proud, think, you can do this for his happiness and made Durga practice. He asked her to hold a jalebi in her mouth and walk seeing the jalebi. Durga walked and ate the jalebis. He said jalebis is over, but practice is not over, you have to win to get marks and she practiced. He thinks it’s not easy to train this girl, but I have to do this.

Madhav was exercising when Shilpa saw him and smiled. She signalled Bantu to blow air on her. She dried her hair and acted like a heroine. Amrita came there. Shilpa saw her and stood drying her hair. Amrita saw Shilpa eyeing Madhav.

Durga came home late and wished Subhadra was still sleeping. She silently entered the room. She thinks who moved the blanket, did Bua see this pillows, I will lie down fast. Subhadra saw her and came to her.

Durga acted like she was sleeping. Subhadra thinks, Durga thinks she is very clever and left. Yashpal stopped Sheela from going to Madhav. Amrita placed the clothes for drying and saw Madhav. Yashpal said I don’t want the family women to go near Madhav, did you understand, I will give the food to Madhav and he went upstairs. Madhav went to the room. Bantu said Madhav did not even see you, why. Shilpa fell down and was hurt. She screamed and shouted to Sheela. Madhav came and was shocked. He cared for her and she was glad.

She said I was looking at you, I mean the birds. He asked her to be careful. Yashpal came upstairs, meanwhile Sheela tried to call out Shilpa and alert her. Yashpal saw Madhav and Shilpa and was shocked, he instantly became angry. Shilpa was also shocked seeing him. Yashpal shouted on Madhav for touching Shilpa and dragged him downstairs.

He said I know such guys well, I understood you when you met me for the first time. Brij asked what happened. Yashpal said Madhav was teasing Shilpa. Madhav said enough, you are an elder so I am quiet, else I won’t hear any blames, I will not think wrong for Shilpa, she fell, so I was applying medicine, if you don’t trust me, trust Shilpa. Yashpal asked him how did you go close to Shilpa, tell me. Madhav said there are many people in this house, if Shilpa was crying, why did anyone not come, if I am wrong, why did she not stop me, she was hurt, I was just helping her, if I misbehaved with her, she would have not been silent. Yashpal asked him not to try to go close to his house women. He warned him that next time he will send him with his luggage.

Madhav said sure, but explain to your house girls also and he left. Yashpal warned Amrita and Shilpa not to go upstairs, else it will be bad. Amrita thinks if dad knows I work with Madhav, he will make me leave work, I can’t tell him anything and she left. Shilpa was annoyed and talked to Sheela. Sheela said I have an idea, we have to involve Amrita in this. Durga talked to Amma. Subhadra saw Durga and asked her where is she going, sit and have food. Durga thinks did Subhadra get to know things or not.

Subhadra taunted Durga. Sanjay said I am feeling bad for you Durga, you will lose the race. Durga told Rajveer about the big problem, I can’t come to training anymore and he was shocked.


The Episode started with Subhadra talking sweet to Durga. Subhadra thinks Durga is acting clever, I will teach you a lesson. She asked Durga when did she wake up in the morning. Durga said like every day. Subhadra asked why do I feel you woke up early, your face looks tired, did you study early in the morning. Uncle praised Durga. Subhadra said Durga does so many things without telling us. Durga said I will go to school. Subhadra thinks I will catch you red handed with proof.

Shilpa’s friend, Sheela asked Billu and asked her not to talk much. Durga saw an Aarti balancing book and running. Sanjay and his group went to Durga. Sanjay said I feel bad for you, you will lose in the game, it’s so sad. Durga said race hasn’t not happened yet. Sanjay said you have to lose in the race, it doesn’t matter and Sanjay left. Durga said I have to tell you something, I can’t come for training from tomorrow. Rajveer became shocked. She said I will prepare at home and will come into the race directly. He asked her not to make excuses. She said a big problem has come up. He said I will tell you the real problem, come here. He showed her the athletes and asked her to see their body angle, how they are running, it’s techniques which you have to learn, race means running in your own track, is this easy, you know how important is this, I know you run fast, but you have to learn this.

Sheela, Bantu and Shilpa’s friend met Billu. Billu said I have teased many girls, but none has caught me. Sheela asked him to tease Amrita, Shilpa will get her. She described Amrita and asked her to tease her from far, when a hero type girl comes, you leave like a villain, we have to make Madhav a hero in front of Amrita, then she will praise him in front of Yashpal. Billu asked her to get out and she became shocked.

Rajveer explained to Durga how she will get marks after crossing three races. He said winner goes in the second race, runner up runs in the race if the winner fails to come. He explained to her about the champions, they made the school name shine, is it easy to make them lose, you want to make them lose without training, when you make them lose, you will get marks, I am not denying, you have talent, but you have to sharpen it, training is to increase talent, you just run, not race, you have overconfidence, you tell me clearly if you don’t want to run, I will train Aarti. She asked him not to tease her by Aarti’s name, I will cross all the races. She smiled. She said my Bua is the problem. He asked what happened. She told him everything.

He said the problem is very big, but I have a solution, come for practice. Billu asked how dare you ask me to leave, I become hero, it’s a tough thing, leave everything to me, just pay as per the rate card. Sheela read the rate list. She asked him to just tease her a little.

The Teacher said I can’t help you Durga. She saw Rajveer and stopped and complimented her. She thanked him and said I am always free for you. He said Durga can become a better champion than Aarti, I want your help. She said no, don’t drag me into this, it’s risky. He said I know that, but it’s important for both of us, please. She held his hand and said no please, I will try to help. Durga smiled and the Teacher left.

Durga said your and her thinking match. He asked really, come for training. She asked are we doing wrong. He said no, you are doing this to fulfill your dad’s dream. She thinks Bua should not doubt me. It’s morning, Durga thinks thinks now Bua has to wake up. Subhadra woke up and Durga runs. Subhadra saw her going. Durga smiled and run and Subhadra followed her.

Amrita refused to give the phone back. Her sleeve got torn by wall nail and Madhav looked on. Durga placed the boxes on her head, she tried to balance it and everyone clapped.