Durga Gets Ready For State Championship. My Daughter Durga Friday, 28 January 2022: Episode 136-137


The Episode started with Shri saying Durga took part in the race. Yashpal thinks Durga was taking part in the race while I thought she was studying here. Shri thinks he will not let Durga take part in the state championship. She said the athlete did not come so Durga had to replace her and she won the race.

He said she run for school’s side, she has run for school’s prestige, I know she can’t do wrong. Subhadra said I heard the teacher saying she will run in the second race, don’t trust her, she is cheating you. He said she will not run in any race now, she will come and tell me about the medal. He asked Shri not to tell Durga that he knows about the race.

Rajveer asked Durga to tell Yashpal about the race. Yashpal said Durga will tell me about it herself, I trust her. Durga said how will I tell dad, I will work hard and win the state level championship, I will make my dad wear the medal, he will get respect, he did a lot for his children, once the race day comes, he will know everything. He said you are smart to do all the planning, come for practice.

Sheela saw Madhav and acted to cry. Madhav looked for Amrita and met her. Amrita said it was not good the way mum and dad knew about us, your lie spoiled things, how will this be fine. Sheela asked Annapurna what will she do about Amrita and Madhav. Annapurna was shocked and dropped the plate. Madhav asked Amrita do you trust me. She said more than myself. Annapurna came, slapped Amrita and scolded Madhav.

Madhav said I wanted to become your family. She asked him to leave Amrita alone, Amrita will forget everything, now it’s her duty to do daughter’s duties.. She asked Madhav to get out and he left. She said I did not know he will ruin our family respect. She said no love marriage will happen in this house.

Madhav said it will take time to convince them. Rishi said if you control Durga, work will be done. Madhav saw Durga and thinks she will make us reach the heart of Amrita’s marriage. He stopped Durga and said we want the happiness of Amrita, I lied for her happiness, but no one is understanding this but she left. He said she is sensible and won’t agree soon.

Subhadra came home and asked about Durga and there Durga came back from school. She told her about the maths period. Subhadra told Yashpal that Durga did not tell her about the race but Durga just kept talking. She asked Annapurna for food.

He asked her why was she late. Durga said we all went to my friend’s place and asked her dad not to send her to a boarding school, good thing is he agreed. He told Subhadra that Durga did not tell him, as she doesn’t want to make me worry, she was helpless to run, she will never run, she will tell me about the trophy some day, I trust her.

Durga thinks of Madhav’s words. He said how will my plan work without meeting Amrita. Durga threw a note, asking what’s Amrita’s favorite color. He said maybe pink, who is there. He thinks who is joking and he saw Durga.

She said you don’t know anything about Amrita, you don’t love her. He said I did not spend time with her, I know Amrita’s family and self esteem matters to her a lot, I love her and Durga left. Shilpa lied to Madhav and said Amrita did not eat. Sheela said Madhav called you to meet him and she smiled.

Amrita asked Yashpal to give a chance to Madhav but he refused. Subhadra heard about Durga’s practice and thinks to take Yashpal to the sports ground to prove the truth.


The Episode started with Subhadra saying what shall I do now and Shri called her. Amma and Shri asked her why is she troubling Durga and she acted to be good. She said i came to meet my mum, I will come back in few days. Amma said don’t know what will she do there. Subhadra said what do I do to bring her truth out, I will take Yashpal to the ground where Durga practices running. Durga told Yashpal about her school project. Subhadra looked on and thinks when will Durga go to practice.

The girl came to take back the laptop and Durga gave it to her. She said I will take help from Shri, I will meet my friend. Subhadra thinks Durga will tell her friends about her victory. Durga left. Yashpal thinks she is getting dependent, no, her studies should not get any hurdle. Amrita asked Annapurna to take the food but she didn’t want to have it. Yashpal asked Amrita to eat the food. Amrita said give one chance to Madhav for my sake. He refused to believe Madhav. He said I will get a true man for you, not any liar. She cried and he left her there.

Durga talked to her friends and Subhadra heard them. She hid under the bed. Her friend asked her about the race preparations. Durga said I have to go in the morning, I have to win in this race. Subhadra thinks I will get Durga’s feet chained.

Sheela and Shilpa saw Madhav going to Amrita. Sheela went to Annapurna and asked her to come fast and see Madhav and Amrita. Amrita said my parents won’t accept our proposal, how will we meet. Annapurna came and heard them. Madhav said it’s wrong to meet this way. Annapurna shouted Amrita,
and she went to slap Amrita.

Madhav came in between and got slapped. He said slap from mum also has motherly love, don’t get annoyed with Amrita, she did not do anything wrong, we could do something that makes us separable, but we did not do such thing, because you trust Amrita.

I respect a mum’s wish and trust, we children can do anything, but can’t pay for mum’s love, we just love each other, we will not do anything to put your respect at stake, I have a request, give our love a last chance, else I promise I will leave from here, we can’t marry without your blessings and he left.

It’s morning, Durga prepared for school, Yashpal also got ready. He asked Annapurna to pack some more roti for him, he has found one more work and will be late to come home, Durga is grown, she needs laptop for studies, I have to buy it. Annapurna asked what’s that. He said it’s a computer, it will help her.

Subhadra came and said I know you don’t like me, you will not hear a word against Durga, I am also a mum, just come with me to the ground and see Durga. He said you started it again. She said Durga’s life is ruining, you just come with me and he agreed.

Madhav talked to Rishi and said I am sure Annapurna will agree. Rishi asked how can you be so sure. Amrita thinks what will mum say and she prayed. Annapurna came to her and asked her to come, we have to give an answer to Madhav.

Annapurna said I will not get my daughter married to you Madhav. Durga practiced. Subhadra took Yashpal to ground. Durga fell down while training.

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