Finally, Durga Promise To Run. My Daughter Durga Friday, 4 March 2022: Episode 183-184



The Episode started with Chandni taunting Annapurna over putting pallu on her head. She called Annapurna shameless. Sheela asked Chandni and the ladies to listen but they all left. Sheela asked Dadi what’s happening, why did the house fights come out and Yashpal supported Annapurna.

He said Sheela told the house fights to the panchayat. Dadi said I know she is right, it doesn’t mean everyone is wrong, my bahu won’t go out without pallu and became angry at Annapurna.

Durga locked Sanjay in the class. She said I will forget everything and give you to the police if you do anything, take it that this is my last warning. He said you can lie by your beautiful eyes, but I can read the dirt, you cheated in the friendship.

did you feel bad if I replied, you slapped me, you don’t know the result, you will be out of this college in the next 24 hours, I will throw you out, just because I hate you. She said you stay in your misunderstanding, you deserve this,she left and he looked on angrily.

Annapurna thinks of Dadi’s words and stopped. Yashpal held her hand and took her out. Dadi stopped him and said bahu won’t go out of the house without pallu. Yashpal said forgive me, I have to do a father’s duty than a son’s duty, I will make Durga’s fear out of her heart. He asked Dadi to move and cried. Yashpal and Annapurna left. People talking about Annapurna and Dadi looked on.

Sam came to Durga and said I know Sanjay locked you, I don’t have proof for your innocence. She said I don’t know any proof. He said SP is big player, let me become president once and then I will get your respect. She said I can take care of myself, please stay away.

He said I understand you can’t trust anyone, I can do anything to prove my friendship, I like very few people and you are one of them but she left. He said she is not understanding. Yashpal and the family reached the temple. Durga saw the ban on her. Aarti came there and made her fall down and taunted Durga.

Durga got up and cleaned the dirt towards her. Aarti twisted her hand and asked why she slapped Sanjay. Durga said be thankful you were not in his place. Aarti said you will go out with defamation. Durga stepped on her feet and left. Everyone looked at Yashpal and Annapurna. Chandni stopped Annapurna and said we won’t let shameless people enter the temple and all the people became angry.

Sheela asked Dadi to stop Yashpal. Yashpal asked them to listen. Dadi asked him to come with him. Yashpal said respect such pure place, let us go. Chandni said you insulted a wife, what will you respect in the temple, we will not allow you to get inside the temple.

Durga’s friend told her about the people insulting Yashpal and Annapurna. Durga came there and took the trishul.


The Episode started with the people asking Annapurna not to enter the temple. Durga was on the way and thinks of Sanjay’s words. The people became angry at Yashpal and Annapurna. Brij came and stopped the people.

Yashpal said I will do aarti and leave. Brij said it’s puja day, allow them and Chandni humiliated Annapurna and Dadi became shocked. Chandni said we will not bear anything now, it’s too much and they all asked Annapurna to leave. Chandni then pulled her hair and they all became shocked.

Dadi asked Chandni what is she doing. Durga’s friend informed her about Annapurna. Durga thinks about Yashpal’s words and the bitter past. Chandni got a blade to make Annapurna bald while the men caught Yashpal.

Dadi asked Chandni to leave Annapurna and everyone shouted. Chandni scolded Annapurna. Durga screamed and run to Annapurna while everyone looked at her.

The temple bells rang and Yashpal looked on. Durga run like before. She took a Maa trishul and jumped to stop Chandni.

Durga made Chandni fall down and scared her and everyone looked on shocked. Durga said don’t dare to say anything against my mum and dad, I will kill you and sacrifice in this temple. She scolded them for doing the same mistake again, she was young that time, but today she will not bear any injustice, none has the right to point finger at her parents, they can’t punish her family.

She said you all don’t know the difference between right and wrong, showing power on innocent people doesn’t make you great, my family will not bear the stain of my failure. Chandni asked will I worship you. Durga said you will respect my parents, you will call them here and make them do puja, when I win the national championship.

Yashpal and Annapurna smiled. Durga said I will make this village name shine, I will run for my family, my mum’s upbringing is not wrong, my dad’s support was not wrong, I will show everyone that none can stop me from winning and the family smiled.

Durga said just few months more, then you all will come to my house and wipe the stain by your hands, this is my promise and asked Annapurna to come and did aarti with them. Durga came home, looked at her medal and recalled her past. She said Yashpal was right, I was afraid to face the world.

now I understood my real motive, so I am starting my training from tomorrow. Annapurna did her tilak and Durga smiled. Yashpal said you have half won today, by winning over your fears, I am sure you will fully win soon. Durga thinks I will win my fight, none can stop me from running.

Sanjay asked Durga to take her money, how can she fall so low to bribe him for hiding her truth. He said bribe anyone else, I won’t take this money and the Principal looked on.

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