Durga Escapes From Sanjay’s House To Her Family. My Daughter Durga Friday, 6 May 2022: Episode 270-271


The Episode started with Yashpal and Annapurna hugging Durga. Annapurna said it’s at your first day in in-laws, you should make anything sweet. Sanjay came and acted sweet, saying why will Durga makes sweets, I will make it and they all blessed him.

Sanjay thinks Durga didn’t tell them anything, they look happy. He said I am son in law and have right to come. Annapurna said I will do aarti. Sanjay said Durga has run away from home to get saved from me and my family tortures, right Durga and they became shocked.

He joked and said sorry. Yashpal said yes, you have the right to joke and they all left. Durga asked why did you come here, I didn’t tell them anything as I didn’t wish to hurt them. Sanjay twisted her hand and said a good bahu don’t run away from Sasural, are you not a good bahu and they argued. He said I will not become a fool by you, person can be fooled just once in love. They all came back to welcomed Sanjay with aarti and shagun things. They did tilak and aarti of Sanjay.

Sanjay said I have an invitation, you have to accept it, you know how we got married, we want to marry again, my parents have to accept her any way, don’t worry about that and Durga became shocked. She said I don’t want this to happen again, I told him, I want to focus on the race and Yashpal agreed.

Dadi said now she is bahu. Annapurna said yes, rasams should happen. Sanjay said I will be with her. Yashpal said then do this, if Sanjay is supporting. Sanjay said everyone trusts me, this marriage will be with all rituals, Durga is different, so marriage rasams should be unique, it will happen in my house, so you all are invited, it will start with haldi. Durga thinks what is he planning. Sanjay asked Yashpal to get haldi for him. Shilpa said we will come.

Yashpal said your parents have done wrong with Durga, we don’t want to face them, it won’t be easy to go there. Sanjay thinks how to convince him. He asked them to come at least for Durga’s sake and Yashpal agreed. Durga said we should leave now and Rajveer came home. He said what a pleasant surprise, I was coming to meet Durga.

Durga asked why. Rajveer said I couldn’t make you reach your destination, I want to give you something, the national sports academy will give you training at a new level, then no one can stop you from achieving your dreams, I got this recommendation letter for your admission. Durga thanked him and Sanjay took the letter.

Rajveer said I am not happy with your marriage, but truth is you got married, stay happy, I am sure Sanjay will take care of Durga’s dreams. Sanjay asked him not to worry. Rajveer said I am sure you will take care of my champion and Sanjay hugged him and smiled. Rajveer said get admission in 3 days, it’s the last chance, don’t miss it.

Sanjay said I will go with Durga and they left. Durga asked Sanjay to stop the car but he didn’t listen. She pulled the hand brakes and he said accident would have happened. She said my accident happened, as I got married to you, tell me what is this new drama to trouble us and they argued. He said I have to take revenge for what you did to my parents.

Durga asked Sanjay to give her the letter. He said take the marriage rasams as challenge, after you win this, you will get the letter.


The Episode started with Durga asking Sanjay for the letter. He twisted her hand and asked her to just agree to him, else she can get the letter torn. People laughed seeing them. He asked Durga to take the marriage rasams as a challenge, if she wins, the prize will be this letter. She asked will I believe you after such a big cheat.

He said I knew you will do this, you lied to your family about our relation, I will tell them to explain to you. She hit him and asked him to stay away. She said fine, I have agreed just for my dreams. He said great, then come and they left. Durga scolded him and he raced a girl.

Annapurna and Amrita prepared gifts. Dadi said they look so bitter. Yashpal said we have to make everything fine from our side, it won’t look good if anyone taunts Durga. Shilpa got ready. Brij asked her about Sheela. Dadi said she will make her ready if she gets fine. Shilpa then joked at Dadi and Bantu came there. Yashpal asked him to the gift wrap. He thinks Neelkant and Gayatri’s behavior should be good towards Durga.

Sanjay showed the letter to Gayatri and said now Durga will do what I want, see the timing, I got this letter when I wanted to make her my circus joker, she started listening to me, she will just nod to me and they smiled. Durga got ready. She found it tough to tie the back strings. Sanjay came to help her and stopped her.

He said I will always be there for your help but she hits him. She said I will never take help from you. She stopped Anjana and asked will you tie the back string. Anjana helped her and she Durga thanked her.

Anjana left and Sanjay said fine, I will pray you don’t need anyone’s help now, you will get haldi by your Dadi, this is your first task. She said my family hasn’t come yet. He said not my problem, you should accept you are not deserving of training. Durga’s family arrived, saw the house and the guests. Durga heard her family has come, she became glad but Sanjay stopped her.

Anjana welcomed Durga’s family. Yashpal thinks where is Durga. Durga asked Sanjay to leave her. He asked did you see any hunter letting a bird fly away. He took a fruit knife and threatened her.

He cuts the back string and she became shocked. He said Durga, be careful of time, it’s just few mins left. He saw her phone, took it and he left. She thinks of what to do and looked around. She thinks she has to get the letter some how.

Sanjay said now till this diya lights, your chance will be fine. Durga shouted to her family and said I hate SP and they became shocked….Read more

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