My Daughter Durga Friday, 7 January 2022: Episode 106-107


The Episode started with Durga and Yashpal leaving in the bus. Durga talked to Kaki and asked do you also go home at this time, I will go home with you every day, dad won’t need to come. Yashpal said no. Kaki said she is right, I come here every day, I can help. Yashpal agreed and said it will be good. Durga smiled. She talked to Yashpal on the way about her fees.

He asked her to go home, he has some work, he will come after some time and she agreed. Madhav and Amrita look at the the idol and worried. Madhav said this idol is fake and she was shocked. He said it’s important for us to get the idol, what shall we do. She said don’t worry, we should complain to the police and catch the thief. The thief placed the idol in a box and sent it.

Durga met her friends and said dad will send me with Chandni kaka, now that the problem is over, but the main problem is my fees. She said I wish dad would get a solution for this. Yashpal waited for some man. The man lifted the idol box and came to Yashpal and they talked. The man said you get busy these days, tell me something, is there any bank here which has locker. Yashpal said I don’t know, villagers don’t need lockers, why do you need a locker. The man said I am going to the city and have to keep this jewelry, do you know any Seth ji. Yashpal said no. The man asked him to keep the jewelry, as he trusts him. Yashpal said I have many responsibilities on me, sorry. The man insisted and said I will pay 1000rs for every day. Yashpal refused. The man asked him to think well, he is getting money for help. Yashpal recalled Durga’s fees and still refused. The man said fine, as you wish. Yashpal stopped the man and took the box. The man gave him money in advance and said don’t tell this to even your family. Yashpal said I trust my family. The man said it will be a problem for me, it’s about jewelry, keep it safe and he left.

Madhav and Amrita worried. Madhav recalled the man’s words. Amrita said we have less time, we should not let this news reach anyone. Madhav got a call. She asked who is it. He said the museum officer, did he get news about it. The man said I have made idol reach where you said. The thief happens to be Billu. He payed the man and smiled. He said Madhav was beating me as a hero, now he won’t get the idol anywhere, the idol is safe in his house, I will sell the idol and get money, Madhav will be trapped and he laughed.

Billu said who will save Madhav now. Madhav talked to the museum officer and lied to him about the idol. He told Amrita that they have to find the thief and idols soon. She said we will catch the idol thief in the next 7 days. Yashpal got the box home and placed it under the bed. Dadi saw Yamraj and was shocked. Yamraj asked her to come with him and laughed. Dadi screamed and saw Madan. She shouted to Yashpal and said yamraj came to take me, I did not see my grand daughter’s marriage.Yashpal asked what happened. She said see yamraj came to take me. They all got puzzled. Yashpal said he is not yamraj, don’t worry.

Dadi said if one sees yamraj, it means person is close to death, save me. Sheela asked her to see Shilpa’s marriage dream, he is Madan. Durga said Dadi has TB. Yashpal asked her to be quiet. Madan gave medicines and bill. Yashpal said medicines are coming for free from the government. Madan asked how will I know this, money is needed for TB medicines. Yashpal said fine, I will pay. He checked the bill and said 3000rs. Madan fooled him and said it’s the best medicines. Sheela prayed for Dadi and acted. Yashpal said Brij gave money for Durga’s fees, give it to me for your treatment. Dadi refused. He said I arranged money for Durga’s fees, give me the money. She said no, I won’t give it to you. Sheela asked her to give it to him. Dadi asked Durga to get the money from her room. Durga got it and brought it to her.

Yashpal payed the money to Madan. Madan assured Dadi will be fine. Durga went and sat to study and went on to the terrace. Her friends acted and made her smile. She asked what’s going on. Her friend said we are preparing a skit for mother’s day, we will pay honor to mothers. Durga said it’s too good, I want to do something good for my mum, I will say she is very special and I love her a lot and she smiled.

Durga asked Amrita to see the box. Yashpal was shocked. Durga told her problem to Rajveer. Madhav said we have to stop the officer from seeing the idol. Amrita said I will manage it and he asked how.


The Episode started with Madhav getting worried and going to Amrita. He saw Amrita with Dadi and coughed. Shilpa saw him and thinks Madhav is signalling me to tell his feelings, today I will also tell everything. He coughed again. Amrita saw him and he asked her to come. She signalled him about Dadi. He asked her to just come, he has to talk to her and she nodded. Shilpa smiled and went to Madhav. She said I am a girl, you are a guy, you have to tell me first. He asked what. She said you signalled me to come here. He said I did not do any sign. She asked did you sign Sheela then and laughed. Amrita came and Shilpa was shocked seeing her.

Madhav said I called Amrita, I had some office work, I am sorry. Shilpa was upset and left. Madhav asked Amrita how to find the idol. She said my mind is not working, you look worried, I made tea for you, you don’t get sleep without tea at night, have tea, you will feel good. Shilpa looked on. Madhav took the tea cup. He drank the tea and said it’s great. Shilpa worried. He asked Amrita to tell him how to find the idol. She said I am thinking the same. She stumbled and he held her. Shilpa cried.

Amrita thanked him. He asked for what. She said for saving me from falling. He said then I should also thank you for helping me with the idol matter and making great tea for me. She said fine, I will not say thanks and sorry from now on. He said great, I called you because I don’t know how to find that thief, we have to make sure no one knows our costliest idol is stolen. Shilpa heard them.

It’s morning, Rajveer waited for Durga. Kaki took Durga. Durga said I will go from here. Durga met Rajveer and they left by walking. Rajveer said your training starts now, warm up, run on the road’s side. He guided her on how to pick up, which is important to win race. He asked her to show the right position and she sat down. He asked what’s this, you are passing time, where is your focus. She asked him to listen to her problem. He asked what’s your problem now. She said it’s a big problem, mothers day is going to come tomorrow and he laughed.

She asked what gift will you give your mum tomorrow. He said I will light diya in front of her pic every day. She said diya is lighted when….. forgive me. He said I have good memories of her. She said I want help to decide what to gift my mum. Amrita was worried and her bangle dropped. She went to pick the bangle, while then Durga came there. Amrita talked rude in tension. Durga asked what happened. Amrita said my mind is not working.

Durga asked her to tell her what happened, I can be useful. Amrita smiled and hugged her. She said nothing, I have some problem. Durga showed her the papers but the papers fell down. Durga saw the box under the bed and told Amrita and they pulled the box. Yashpal came and stopped them. Amrita asked what’s this. He said leave this, it has expensive things and he took the box. Durga thinks I am getting scoldings by them. She checked the papers and said it’s good Rajveer got me this plan form, I got this gift for mum, dad and Dadi will be proud of me. Yashpal hid the box in Dadi’s room.

Madhav asked Amrita how will we find the idol, all of us will be trapped. The men came to see the idols and Amrita took them. Murli said museum officer came to meet you and check the idols. Madhav said make him sit, am coming. He told Amrita that they have to stop the officer from seeing the idol, else he will know it’s fake idol. Amrita said I know how to stop him. She told her plan to Murli and sent him.

The new sports teacher trained the girls. Shri asked Durga to go and start practicing. Durga greeted him but he neglected her. Shri said Durga is a competition winner, she is going to represent our school. He thinks last coach was removed because of her, I love my job, so I will concentrate on other students. He said good, you run well, go and get football. Sanjay and Aarti smiled. Durga went to the sports room and was locked inside.

Durga asked them to open the door. Someone scared her. Madhav and Amrita fought with some goons and Madhav was hit.

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Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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