My Daughter Durga Monday, 13 December 2021: Episode 70-71

my daughter durga

My Daughter Durga Monday, 13 December 2021 Episode started with Shri teaching Durga. Amrita called Shri and talked to Durga. Durga asked how are you. Amrita said I am fine, how are you. Durga said how will I be without you. Amrita asked her about the Panipat war. Durga asked what, is there riots. Amrita laughed and said not now, I want to know about the old war. Durga said if I knew, why would dad send me here. Shri told everything about the Panipat war to Amrita. Durga said Amrita can’t memorize and write it, and asked her to talk to her friend. She said my friend will help you, I miss everyone, how is dad, tell me, I will study hard. Amrita asked her to take care. Durga said you too, and call my friend.

Amrita met Durga’s friends and got the details about the war and they helped her. She made the drawing and thinks of Madhav’s words. Durga sat to study. She thinks of the race and Rajveer’s words. She sat studying and then rested to sleep. She woke up by the sound of music and saw Subhadra dancing and exercising. Subhadra asked Durga to wake up, Shri went for extra classes. Durga asked what’s this. Subhadra said all rich people do this, get up. Durga did her work and got ready for school.

Subhadra tied a bandage to her finger. She said I have to dry the clothes also, how will I do, she was acting. Durga offered help and run to get the clothes. She did the work and said I am going now. Subhadra said do one more work, Amma will be coming, prepare her breakfast and Durga did that also. Subhadra asked her to go well and have food on the way. Amma came and Durga left.

Amma asked for breakfast and shuts window. Subhadra screamed as her finger came in between the window. Durga heard her and came back and did some aid to her finger. She said I have to leave fast. Yashpal brought some men with sacks. Dadi asked what’s all this. Yashpal said my friend in school told me about someone needing a place to keep the things, I gave the room to him on rent, none will stay here and hee gave her the money. Sheela and Shilpa became shocked. Dadi said you got a good idea, we will get rent and no fear to keep any stranger home and he smiled. Dadi asked them to have sweets. Dadi gave the money to Sheela to pay the bill.

Subhadra’s maid stopped Durga on the way. She did not say anything and left. Shilpa smiled seeing Madhav and she opened her arms but he went and hugged someone else and Shilpa screamed no. Sheela asked what happened. Shilpa said I had many dreams to meet Madhav and give him tea every day, when will this happen. Sheela asked her to sleep, else she will get dark circles. She asked her to trust her mind, and see what she does now, Madhav will stay there and she smiled.

Rajveer’s friend said you are training the girls by leaving the boy’s kabaddi team, I don’t understand. Rajveer said yes. The staff came and looked on. His friend said you are ruining your career after them. Rajveer said wow, you thought good, we are teachers, if we have such small mentality, what will we teach the students, have some shame, girls are not weak, see how she fell and got up to run, about my career, the Lord will see, you think if you worry for your career, I will prepare 5 girls and make them runners. The staff laughed and asked him to prepare runners and present them tomorrow. Rajveer recalled Durga and smiled. He said why tomorrow morning, we will meet today evening.

Madhav was at the workplace when Amrita came there. He saw her and ended the call. He asked did you come to say sorry that the assignment is not completed, I asked about your education, this would have not happened if you studied. He said Amrita will be saying bye to this workplace today and looked at everyone’s work. Amrita asked him to come with her. Madhav asked her to say it here, I don’t care if you cry and apologize, so don’t waste my time and taunted her. He said I think you just have marriage dreams, you should have thought about going ahead in life. She asked him to come with her. She took him and showed him the drawing and he became shocked. She smiled and asked him to just find the year in it and tell her about the war. He became speechless. She asked are you not getting it. She showed him another drawing.

Madhav run to Amrita and fell down and she fell over him and they looked at each other. Durga came to school and collided with teacher, he scolded her whileSanjay and Aarti smiled.


The Episode started with Amrita showing her drawings and answering Madhav. She gave him a good reply and said village girls are smart and sensible, some educated people are fools, who equate others by getting blind, some people have to change their thinking and she left. Durga came to the school. Sanjay, Aarti and their friends stopped her. Durga asked what happened, why did you stop me. Sanjay reminded she failing Aarti in the race, doesn’t mean she can stay well. Durga said I have no useless time, move off my way. He asked her to control her tongue, apologize and join my team, I am the leader, you have to follow me. She said why, my team is my family, my dad is my leader, I don’t listen to anyone. Sanjay signalled Aarti. They all surrounded Durga and asked her to say sorry. Durga said why, Aarti should say sorry, you think you will drive cycle and look like a hero and she argued with them but yet still they did not let her go.

Durga shouted. They all came round her on a cycle to block her way. Durga looked at them and their speed. She run out of their round and fell down but they did not let her go. Durga got up and run from there. Aarti followed her on the cycle. Durga made the students fall and runs. Sanjay and Aarti still followed Durga. Rajveer happened to see Durga running, while Sanjay was cycling to follow her.

The students asked Sanjay not to let Durga go and Sanjay speed up. Durga runs faster than Sanjay and run ahead. Rajveer saw her and smiled. He thinks I should convince Durga any way to take part in this race. Durga turned and saw Sanjay and everyone and Sanjay smiled. Durga collided with a teacher and students, and made their project fall. Sanjay and everyone laughed. The teacher scolded Durga and asked what did you do, in which class are you, what’s your name. Durga became tensed. Rajveer came there and called her. Sanjay, Aarti and all the kids run seeing Rajveer.

Rajveer asked Durga to be careful while running, you have to look straight and run, it’s the first rule. He told everyone that he asked Durga to run, a competition is coming, it’s an endurance test. The teacher said what about our science project. Rajveer said Durga will make it fine, right Durga. Durga said yes.

Rajveer said but not now, you have to practice for more 4 hours, afterwards you will make the project fine and give it to Sir. She said fine. The teacher said no, I will do it. Rajveer said fine, you are the science teacher, who can make it well but Durga made a mistake,she should get the chance to apologize. She said sorry and the teacher said fine.

Durga smiled. She picked the things and helped them. Rajveer asked Durga to come with her. The people praised Amrita for her painting. Durga’s friends also praised her for making the painting without any help. Madhav heard them. Amrita said it’s not necessary that education is done by going to school, the Lord have mind to study at home also, anyone can get anything by hardwork, come I will tell you the story of this painting. Madhav saw the painting falling and shouted Amrita and she fell on Madhav and they had an eyelock. Everyone looked at them and they got up. The painting was destroyed. Durga’s friend said see this, Madhav spoiled this painting and he became shocked.

Amrita cried and scolded Madhav for ruining someone’s hardwork by getting jealous, you should have asked me not to work here, what did you get doing this, you try to show others down. Durga’s friends scolded him. Madhav said enough now, the kids have spoiled the painting, kids are not sensible, you have sense, did you not think you should not get kids here, now bear this. Manohar said why are you blaming us. Bansi said we did not do anything. Madhav asked what, will you believe them. Amrita said you are blaming the kids. Madhav asked her to think anything she wants and left.

Durga thanked Rajveer for saving her. He said you have to save my job. She asked what, how. He said I lied to the teacher to save you, if you don’t come for practice, they will think I was lying, they will remove me and you from the school, fine I will tell them the truth. She said no, I will come every morning. He said morning at 5. She asked 5? He said yes, come. She said fine and left.

Rajveer asked the girls to go for the round. Jaggi said you are fooling the girl. Rajveer said no, I am showing her direction, she is very young to know her talent is not bounded in classroom, it’s to spread under the open sky, I am helping her to see real life. Madhav said she did her loss and getting angry at me, see her attitude. He collided with Shilpa and she fell in her arms. He asked her to watch while walking, why did you come. Shilpa cried and asked for his help. He asked her to stop crying.

She said please help me. He said don’t do drama in public. She asked him to come along. He asked where. Durga wasn’t seeing the board clear. The teacher said this will be a good exercise. Durga said say in it hindi, how will I understand.

A lady stopped Shilpa and asked her to save her mum. Sheela fell down the cliff and Shilpa became shocked. Durga studied hard at night. Rajveer looked at the time and waited for Durga.