My Daughter Durga Monday, 4 April 2022: Episode 225-226


The Episode started with Sanjay saying I can’t move back now, if you don’t come, mum will think you are scared, I know you can do this, try to understand. Aarti looked on and smiled. Durga said I have to clear the stain on me, my family has gone through a lot, they need me, I have to be with them, sorry I can’t do this. Shilpa was then counting money.

She said villagers are not giving ration. Bantu said the grains got over. Brij asked her to stop it. She said how much shall we bear because of Durga. Dadi asked her to be ashamed. Shilpa said how will ration come. Yashpal asked her not to worry, they are one family but Shilpa argued. He thinks to arrange food for the family.

Sanjay asked is our love not important. Durga said I can’t keep any other dream ahead of my dream. Aarti thinks Durga and SP’s relation ends. Durga said I have to go and get the district championship form. Sanjay held her hand but she left and went for the form. She thinks to talk to Sanjay and Aarti made her fall. The form fell in the water bucket. Durga argued with her and called Durga foolish. Durga asked her not to dream to make SP away.

She said you didn’t love anyone, so you don’t know no one can break strong relations. Aarti said you have annoyed SP and his mum, which he will never tolerate, I know him since childhood. Durga said I felt you regard me enemy, but you proved me wrong by helping me. Aarti thinks she is crazy. Durga changed the form at the counter.

Sanjay went home. Gayatri said Durga didn’t come right. He said she lost Rana sir and have many problems at home, she would have come if I told her. She asked him to say she refused to come. She said I would have seen her if she came here. She thinks it’s tough to make Durga out of his heart, but Durga did this herself. Durga came there.

Pandit asked Gayatri to keep the house door open so that Devi Durga’s footsteps come in. Sanjay opened the door and saw Durga. He asked her to come in and she went in. She became shocked seeing Durga. Durga said I came to meet your mum. Pandit asked Gayatri to start the aarti and Gayatri did aarti. She made Durga wait and Durga became shocked seeing her.

Gayatri said I have met you before in the hospital, I have seen you when you had run in the race with Stella, I am sorry you lost your coach. Durga apologized to her.

Gayatri asked why. Durga said you wanted me to come here and learn your house rules, but sorry I can’t come, I have district race, it’s important to run. Gayatri said yes, you are a sports person, your game is important than relations, it’s your passion to win in the race track than life.

Durga said I feel winning and losing is just in game, not life, this race is important for me. Gayatri wished her all the best. She gave her walnut as prasad. She taunted Durga and Durga thinks of some idea.

She broke the walnut at the door. Sanjay thinks Durga is very smart. Durga said till there is wish to learn and teach, everything is possible, after the race ends, I will come and learn all your rules, SP is very important for me, his happiness matters to me a lot and Sanjay smiled. Durga prayed and left. Gayatri thinks to make Durga away from SP.

Durga asked Sanjay will Gayatri accept her. He asked her not to worry. Dadi asked for water and fainted.


The Episode started with Sanjay thanking Durga for coming. She said I had to meet your mum, as elders always think good for us, she is good, she had earned a lot by hardwork, she has a big status, I am not sure, if she accepts me or not. He asked her not to worry, his mum cares for his happiness, as she also came here for his happiness, thanks for thinking about him, I loves you so much. Gayatri looked on and thinks Durga is not his love, but his stupidity.

Brij asked Bantu to sell old stuff. Shilpa said this is happening because of Durga. Dadi became angry. Shilpa got hurt and cried. Dadi got the wheat grinding machine. Brij said great. Shilpa asked Dadi to make this house a jail. Dadi said this was the best way to keep the body healthy. She taught them not to use the grinder and she started choking. They all worried for her.

Annapurna looked for water. Yashpal asked her to get water fast. She got some water. Yashpal asked is the water finished. Yashpal and Brij went to find water. Dadi asked them to get water fast. The people refused to give water to Yashpal and scolded him. Yashpal said my mum will die, let me take some water. The men ask him to leave. Shilpa said this is happening because of Durga.

Annapurna asked her to keep eyes open. Yashpal and Brij went to the other village to get water. Yashpal filled the bucket. Durga came there and helped them. Shilpa looked for water. She checked in the kitchen and said I have gotten some water. She fed Dadi and saw there is no water. Brij said I will do this. Durga said I will reach fast, i will take it. Yashpal said let her take it. She got a stick and ropes. She tied the buckets and got it on her shoulder.

She then ran back to her village. The man saw Durga and said we will not let her take the water and they stopped her. Yashpal and Brij looking on. Durga managed to ran away. Durga came home with the water buckets and gave some to Dadi and Dadi became ok. Yashpal fed water to Durga as well and she thanked him.

Yashpal thinks to do something to take care of her diet. Durga said I have to fill the form. Durga looked for a pen and Shilpa taunted her. Durga took her liner. Shilpa tried to snatch it. Durga then filled the form with the liner. Umang said your mind is very sharp. She said no one can stop me from winning this race and they all smiled.

Sanjay and Durga talked on call. He asked her to take care, how will she run. Yashpal said we have to take care of Durga, she should not get affected, she wants good maintained diet. Dadi said we don’t even have water and Shilpa joked.

Brij asked her to shut up and Yashpal calmed him down. Durga felt sleepy. Sanjay asked her to have a good diet and practice, she can do this for their love. Yashpal said we should take this as Lord’s challenge, we have to face this for Durga, I promise I will take care of everyone.

Yashpal beats the goons who blocked his way. Sanjay took Durga and surprised her.

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