Durga Meets Her Real Parents. My Daughter Durga Monday, 6 June 2022: Episode 313-314


The Episode started with Durga crying. Sanjay thinks I was not going to tell you anything, but Yashpal told you everything, I will not let you back out, you have to prove my parents innocent, your emotions will make you weak. Durga heard the race commencement and left.

Sanjay came in her way and asked her does she not want to know about her real parents and gave her an envelop. A lady took Durga for the race. Durga recalled Sanjay’s words and she stayed lost.

She thinks of Yashpal’s words. Everyone started running while Durga was still thinking. Yashpal became worried. Durga started running and thinks of Yashpal. She got ahead of everyone and lead the race. Durga and Aarti crossed the finishing line together and everyone waited for results to come.

Durga looked at Yashpal and Annapurna and she run off from there. Rajveer thinks where did she go and he sent Brij after her. Rajveer was checking the results and Brij looked for Durga everywhere. The man announced the winner, Durga has won the race. The man asked her to come on stage and everyone looked for Durga.

Annapurna said she loves us a lot, no one can snatch our right. Yashpal went on stage and received the award and everyone clapped. Yashpal said Meri durga, she is such a great daughter, maybe I was very poor and couldn’t deliver pearls, the Lord snatched our right to give birth to her.

but our good deeds made us lucky to raise her, I pray that she gets born as my daughter. The man said Aarti is the first runner up. Aarti received the award, followed by the others. Sanjay looked for Durga. Yashpal thinks of Durga and cried. Durga sat somewhere and cried and she heard someone….

Rajveer called her real parents home. Yashpal and everyone became shocked.


The Episode started with Durga recalling everyone’s words. Little Durga came to her and asked her to find her real parents, she has the right to know, get away from fake relation. She saw the letter and asked do real parents have more importance than the ones who raised us with love and trust.

Durga cried and said no, Yashpal and Annapurna are my parents, what if they didn’t give birth to me, they are my real parents, no one else and she hugged little Durga. Yashpal asked Sanjay to tell him if he knows anything about Durga.

Sanjay, Rajveer and everyone got a message. Yashpal said it’s Durga’s message. Annapurna asked what did she write. Yashpal said she called everyone home. They all went home and saw Durga. Rajveer asked where did you go from the race grounds.

Durga said I went to get my real parents. She called Sudhir and Sangeeta in. They hugged Durga and cried. Durga called them mum and dad. Sudhir said we were dying to hear this from you, we missed you a lot, we got ruined by losing you.

Yashpal is responsible for this, he kidnapped you, he is a devil, we were in the same hospital, they got a dead child, so they snatched our child and he asked Yashpal to tell the truth.

Annapurna said my child couldn’t survive, it doesn’t mean that Yashpal kidnapped Durga, it’s a lie and Durga asked her to stop it. Sudhir said they lied to you and kept you away, now we won’t give him any chance. Durga said I can see your pain, you both have been in sorrow without me, you would have found me a lot. Sudhir said yes, we tried to find you.

Durga asked Yashpal and Annapurna to see, they have hidden her in a small village. Sangeeta said we have looked for you in many cities. Sudhir said yes. Durga said then you would have gone to police station too and Sudhir worried. Durga said I was kidnapped, you would have filed a Fir.

Sudhir said maybe yes, we were so worried and didn’t think of anything. She said right, your daughter was kidnapped, you were worried. Sudhir said yes. Durga shouted enough, stop lying. Sudhir asked what are you saying, we are your parents, you are our blood.

Durga said Yashpal and Annapurna are my everything, do you want to see, wait and she brought old things. She said you didn’t file any FIR, they have kept all my memories with them, it shows how much important I am to them. She showed him her birth certificate and school certificates.

She showed all the things preserved by her family. Durga said I have 20 years old relation with them, your blood doesn’t matter to me and everyone cried. Durga said I don’t know what happened that day, my truth is just one.

Yashpal and Annapurna are my parents, Lord did big justice with me, they have tolerated much pain for me, I remember how Yashpal got me on his shoulders to get me tuition, he got his hands burnt for my expenses, my mum fed me by staying hungry, I will pray I get such parents in every birth.

Gayatri’s house was broken and Sanjay got angry. Yashpal asked Amrita to keep Durga’s trophy inside and Amrita dumped the trophy.

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