My Daughter Durga Thursday, 11 November 2021: Episode 26-27

my daughter durga


The Episode started with Durga thinking how to get into the race. She asked her friends to think about something. They all went out through the window. They went to the terrace. Durga said I can’t walk on one leg by falling. They thought of some other way and Durga prayed. They got an idea and made a rope with the sarees. They went down the terrace and Durga went first. They think, how to hide it. The boy said Durga win and buy glasses for your dad, I will get beaten up by my mumma, come and they left. They hid seeing Bantu.

Brij called Bantu and asked about the car. Bantu said the bus has come. Yashpal said women will take time to get ready. Brij said they always do wrong. Durga worried and waited till her family left. Bansi asked if we get late, how will Durga get her dad’s glasses. They hid behind the mirror and passed by Yashpal. Everyone left to reach bus. Bantu saw himself in the mirror. Durga and her friends hid. Brij called Bantu. Durga told the address to the man. Durga and her friends run away and got to the race ground. The man announced the games in the competition. The Coach came there and saw the registration camp.

He thinks of Durga. Durga run in the fields. The man said girls registration closes now, is there anyone else. The Coach looked on. He said when will she come, I am waiting. Yashpal and everyone are on the way in the bus. They sang and clapped. Durga run in front of the bus. Yashpal did not see her. Shri missed Durga. Bantu said very soon she will fail and live with you. Amrita said no, she is working hard and will pass. Sheela thinks I will make Durga busy with work and then she will not be able to study, Yashpal’s dreams will break.

The Coach told the man to wait for some time, more girls can come, start the boys race first. The man said less girls came, we will keep the boys race at the end. The Coach said the race is so that it shows kids talent, not to entertain chief guest. The man said the parents are waiting for the girls race to end, to take girls back home and the Coach worried. Durga asked for the game ground and a man directed her. The bus stopped near the race ground. The driver said I will check the bus, don’t go anywhere. The Coach asked the man to inform him if any girl comes. He said maybe she will come late. Durga came there and the Coach went to the ground.

She saw the boys and said I am scared. The boy said your legs have wheels, if you run slow, you will win. Her friends encouraged her and she went ahead. Yashpal reminded Subhadra and Brij their childhood days. Subhadra asked for milk. Baby joked with her. Yashpal went to get milk. Durga ate food at the stall. The man asked her to go for registration first. Durga went to register. The man said registration has ended, as no girl was coming, and we had to start the race. They thought to go there. The man said there is a place empty in the junior athlete race.

The men talked about the girl running faster than boys. The Coach smiled. Yashpal went to see. Durga run ahead of boys.


The Episode started with the girl asking the man to write her name, she will run with the boys. The man asked are you mad, what will you do. She said I will win, what else. He asked will you win over boys. She said yes, please agree, it’s a big thing for me, I have to win the race for my dad’s glasses, take my name. Her friends praised Durga. The man said let her run if she wants.

Yashpal entered the race ground. The girls race began. Durga wished she could run with the girls. The Coach looked on and did not find Durga in the girls team. He became sad. He thinks that girl run faster than this winner. He asked did that girl come. The man said no. The man announces the boys race, a girl will race with the boys today, everyone looked at Durga smiled. The Coach turned to see and saw Durga. He said she has come.

Everyone clapped for Durga, who was competing with the boys. The Coach looked at her. The Coach looked on and thinks she is the one. Durga said I am not a monkey to jump like them, I will just run, I am scared. Bansi left. Durga stood on her position. The Coach smiled and started the timer. The boys run ahead. Durga started late. The Coach thinks why is her speed slow today. Durga saw the kite and smiled. She run faster than the boys after seeing the kite. Bansi flew the kite to make her win.

Durga run faster and everyone praised her. The Coach saw her speed. Bansi bit the thread and left the kite in the air. The kite went far and Durga run seeing the kite. Her friends cheered for her. The man said this girl has gone ahead of the boys. Durga smiled seeing the kite and run. The man asked his friend to come and see the girl, who is running faster than the boys. Yashpal heard this and went to watch the race. Durga fell down and gets hurt. The man said the girl has fallen down. The boys run ahead. Yashpal thinks the girl who was running has fell down. The Coach said get up….. He looked at her and thinks she got hurt in her knee. Durga got up and started running again. Yashpal left and did not see Durga. Durga saw the glasses on the poster and thinks of Yashpal. She started running again. The Coach said great and smiled.

Durga run in the race. Yashpal took the milk bottles and gave to everyone. Everyone was happy. Yashpal called a lady. He asked about Durga. The lady said I came to satsang, I am going home now. He said fine, tell me when you leave there. She said sure and ended the call. The bus left. Durga run to catch up with the boys. Everyone clapped for her. Durga again run past the boys and the Coach smiled. A boy won the race. Durga lost and cried. The man said everyone is feeling her failure today, the girl has lost. The coach looked at her timing and thinks she has run faster than other girls even when she fell down and he left.

Durga’s friends run to her. They asked her not to cry and not lose, next time you can make everyone lose. She said I could not win the glasses for Yashpal. We will leave from here. The man said we will honor the girl who has run with the boys, she will be given the first prize as the winner, we want to honor her courage, her name is Durga, Durga come here and take the glasses voucher. Durga heard this and stopped. She smiled and went to get the prize. The Coach thinks now I can meet her. He recalled telling the head to honor Durga, her timing was very good, she fell down and could not win, but she deserved to win. Durga asked will my dad’s glasses be made for free by this? The man said yes. The Coach looked her. Bansi saw the photographer and moved her, saying your dad can see the picture, run fast. The Coach Rajbeer Rana was stopped by the man. The man asked him to give the prize to the winner. The Coach looked for Durga.

Durga looked at her knee wound and washed it. The boy said I knew we will get late, so I solved all the papers for us. Durga asked him to keep the voucher, I will go for Amrita’s rasam, I have the address written in my hand. She saw the address erased. The boy asked how will you go now.

The Coach said maybe she left. The man said we will get her name from the list. The Coach said but I had to meet her, look for her. He went to get Durga’s details. Durga said I will reach there. Bansi asked shall we come along. She said no, you all go home now, I will be careful and they left. She cleaned her clothes. The Coach came there but missed to see Durga and she left. The man said if you see Durga, stop her. Durga heard this and thinks who are they, why are they looking for me, will they take the voucher back and she run away. She heard some guys talking about Amrita, whom a guy is fooling in love. She thinks are they talking about my sister.

The guys was discussing about Rishi and his mum’s game. Durga heard them and run to Amrita. She saw the rasam getting completed.


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