My Daughter Durga Thursday, 23 December 2021: Episode 84-85




The Episode started with Madhav coming to the office. The Manager said it’s good you came on time and gave the presentation well, how did you get late. Madhav saw Amrita and taunted her. He said this art is called pot painting. Amrita said I know, see this. Madhav said colors are bright, use simple colors in it, like in that painting. She said it’s a traditional art, bright colors suit pots. He asked you think you know more than me about colors. She said maybe yes, I am an artist, I know more about colors. He dropped the pot and broke it.

She became angry. He asked her to color the pots well, else he won’t give her another chance. He said no one will return home without ending thier work, am I clear, good luck and he left. Durga cried seeing Yashpal going. Yashpal cried and thinks Durga will be sad, I did not talk to her well. Durga thinks I met him after long a time, sorry I have hurt your heart. He felt sorry to hurt her. She said I know getting good marks are important, what’s the use after studying. She recalled Rajveer’s words and ate the jalebis.

Durga run to school and asked about Rajveer and went to him. She asked about the marks given if she runs in the race. He asked her to listen carefully and not run away, she apologized. He said real talent is wanted by the schools, as the athletes makes the school name shine. She asked what’s my use, tell me about the marks. He said when you work hard and get trophy for the school, the school will give you something in return, school will give you good marks, when you win the race competition for the school, and then the district level, school will give you marks happily. She asked after how many races. He said after winning three races and she smiled.

Aarti looked on from far. Rajveer said you will get 5 marks. She asked in all subjects? He said yes, in all subjects. She asked in every test? He said greed is bad, you will get marks in half yearly and annual, best student in sports gets trophy from the school, your parents will be so happy. Durga thanked him and thinks of Yashpal. She said I will pass any way now, I will work hard and run well, I want Yashpal’s blessings. She smiled looking at Rajveer and she run and Rajveer smiled.

Shilpa came to meet Madhav. Madhav came to her and she smiled. She asked him to save her mum, no one cares for her and acted. Her friend looked on and smiled. Madhav asked how much money she wants. He asked the manager to get money from his drawer. Amrita asked for Madhav.

Madhav held Shilpa and Amrita shocked seeing them. Durga came home. Subhadra asked where were you. Durga thinks why should I say I met Yashpal and I told the real marks to Amrita, Subhadra will scold me. She said I went where Shri goes to study, I had food, I am not hungry. Amma cried in pain. Subhadra asked who will manage Amma now. Durga said I will manage.

The milk delivery guy came. Durga helped Subhadra. The man said I will just give milk in the morning, I won’t come in the evening. Subhadra said who will wake up early in the morning. She looked at Durga and said she will wake up. Madhav asked Shilpa’s friend to make her bindi right. Shilpa was upset. Madhav gave money to Shilpa. He said you can tell me if you need more and Shilpa left. Amrita called her out. Madhav looked at Amrita and left.

Durga made garlic oil and recalled Yashpal and Amrita, who cured her pain by using that oil. She massaged tDadi. Dadi said I am feeling better now, I told so bad things to you, you came to do massage. Durga said my dad said we can leave someone in happiness, but not in sorrow, you are in pain, how can I leave you, I can find good things in bad, I can do work here as daughter, I don’t care if anyone thinks of me as maid. Dadi smiled. Durga thinks I will pass in the exam with good marks.

Yashpal was angry seeing Madhav and Shilpa. Rajveer asked the girls to run faster than bullet. Durga run. Durga thinks who placed the blanket here. Subhadra looked at her.


The Episode started with Yashpal coming home and asking everyone to have laddoos. They all saw Yashpal and laughed. Yashpal asked what happened. He told them about the big school where Durga is studying. Dadi asked how is Durga. Amrita asked does she miss us. Bantu said no, she would have forgotten about us. Yashpal told them what happened at the school event. He said Durga told them about peons and made everyone silent by her speech, I did not meet her in school, she has become smart and talking sensible. Amrita thinks if I tell Yashpal about Durga, he will be sad, Durga will perform well next time and get good marks.

Amrita saw Shilpa coming and took her aside. She asked why did Madhav give you money, tell me. Shilpa said Sheela asked me to get advance money from him, it’s nothing. Madhav came home and saw Sheela fine. He recalled Shilpa’s words and asked Sheela how is she. Sheela said I am fine. Brij said she is fine, what happened to her, how are you. Madhav said I am also fine.

Durga thinks of Rajveer’s words and Shri giving her sports shoes to her. She wore her sports shoes and placed pillow in her place. She looked around and left the house. Rajveer came to the ground and did not see anyone. He said I don’t know if Durga will come today or not. He saw Durga coming and smiled. He said seeing your determination, I had hope you will come, I did not had hope you will come first. Jaggi came with jalebis and asked where is Durga. Rajveer showed Durga running. Jaggi said she came early today. Rajveer said it’s her determination. Durga stood with the girls. Rajveer told them about warm up and cool down. Durga fell and Aarti laughed.

Subhadra woke up and said Durga will take the milk from the delivery guy, I will sleep. Rajveer told the girls that warm up is over, now we will practice running, you all have to run like bullet speed and come back, be focused. Durga and other girls run. Durga came third, while Aarti came first. Rajveer said great, you all have run well, now refreshment break. He told Durga to have food, then know her weaknesses. Durga said I will have food and run faster to get marks, but first tell me my weaknesses. He said have food, then we will make weaknesses away.

Subhadra heard the door bell and went. She took the milk and looked for Durga. She thinks Durga is sleeping. She asked Durga to manage all the work, I have taken the milk and she left.

Rajveer said concentration is very important in running, Durga has less focus, Durga should see the finishing line, anything can happen if she gets late, she can get hurt by falling down.

Subhadra asked Durga to get tea and she went to see Durga. She found pillows in Durga’s place and said where did she go. Rajveer said we will have exercise for increasing concentration today. He asked Durga to go. Durga asked do I need to study to run. He said no, run now. He asked them not to make the book fall, if the book falls, you will keep the book on head and continue the race. Durga found it hard. The book kept falling. He asked her to come slow. He said you can’t make excuse, just focus and walk. Aarti made Durga’s book fall down. Durga complained about Aarti. Rajveer asked them to go to the class. Durga looked on.

Rajveer asked Durga to run faster and earn marks for his dad’s happiness. Amrita saw Madhav. Yashpal saw Madhav with Shilpa.