Durga Wins Best Student Of The Month. My Daughter Durga Thursday, 27 January 2022: Episode 134-135



The Episode started with Yashpal consoling Amrita. He said parents lie has good hidden for children but the world is not like that, we judge people by lies, I will find a nice guy for you. She said I accepted Madhav by heart, how shall I forget him, he is very good.

Rajveer got drunk and said I could not trust Durga. He walked on the road and said how can I do such a bad thing. Nandini pulled his hand and saved him from getting hit by a car. She asked what are you doing, everyone was looking for you, you are here, look at your state.

She said Durga was looking for you, why did you come here. He said I don’t deserve respect, I did a bad thing, I fell in my eyes, I could not believe Durga, I thought Durga would make Kuljit win, I locked Satnaam in the car to make Kuljit out of the race, I am ashamed and she became shocked. She said if you really regret, tell this to Durga. He said she will be ashamed of me. She said Durga respects you as I do and he looked at her.

She said I mean if you tell the truth, there will be always truth, Durga will not participate at the state level, she was running for grace marks. He recalled Durga’s words and said she got her passion, she will run for herself, I will do anything to get her forgiveness and threw the wine bottle away.

Durga was with her friends. Manohar run and acted like her. He asked how did you get such passion. She said I felt my feet were not touching the ground, I feel like air was taking me somewhere, I did not wish to stop running, I just wanted to fly and she smiled. He asked how will you tell Yashpal.

She said I have hidden a big thing, I don’t know if he will forgive me or not and he gave her an idea. She thinks if dad sees me winning the race and people clapping, he will be happy. She said I will run and show my happiness, he will feel proud seeing me get respect, I will run in the state level championship, then dad will love me.

Madhav came to meet someone and he hugged Rishi. Rishi said you finally trapped that illiterate girl. Madhav said yes, Yashpal refused the alliance, but Amrita took a stand for me, everything be fine. Rishi hugged him and smiled. In the morning, Durga met Rajveer. He said I am very happy you have won the race.

She made him wear the medal and asked where did you go, did I make any mistake. He said no, I rather made a mistake, I locked Satnaam to stop Kuljit from the race. She said you did not believe me, how can you do this with Satnaam, you did much wrong. He said I was afraid, I am sorry, she ran and he cried.

Amrita prepared to leave for work. Sheela taunted Annapurna. Annapurna stopped Amrita and scolded her. She asked her not to go to work. Amrita said I can’t take leave. Annapurna said I will not take any excuse, if you don’t respect us, tell me and she took Amrita.

Subhadra said I am going to Shri’s school, she always wins student of the month and she left. Madhav called Amrita. Annapurna took the phone and scolded her. She said I will ask Yashpal to kick Madhav out. Amrita said let me talk to him once and she cried. Madhav said I will not let my trap fail. He got a call and said everything is fine, don’t worry, I am getting good news soon. Annapurna locked Amrita in the room and Amrita cried.

Subhadra called Yashpal and said Durga is running from the school’s side. Shri said mummy is right. Satnaam asked Kuljit to go the hostel but Rajveer stopped Satnaam.


The Episode started with Subhadra attending the school function. The teacher announced the student of the month award. She mentioned Durga’s name, as Durga made the school name shine. Shri hugged Durga and congratulated her. Durga won the award and Subhadra became shocked. Teacher said Durga has level championship trophy for our school.

Durga got the award and took everyone’s blessings. Subhadra took a pic of her. Durga run to Rajveer and hugged him and he smiled. Teacher said how cute. Durga said I will not forgive you, but I am happy to share this happiness with you. She took Rajveer with her on the stage. She said Rajveer is also deserving of this trophy and she gave her trophy to Durga.

Rajveer said no, you deserve this trophy and medal, it’s all your hard work, you did this to fulfill your dad’s dream and made her wear the medal. Subhadra said Durga has won the championship, I have to give this news to Yashpal, Durga see what I do now. Rajveer asked Durga to forgive him. Durga said fine but on one condition.

Annapurna said I was afraid that everyone will know this. Yashpal asked her not to worry and Subhadra called him. She said Durga is not studying here, she is running from the school’s side. He said what, she can never break my trust, I will come and prove you wrong. She said fine and ended the call.

Annapurna gave him water. He said I have to go for some important work. Durga saw the trophy and recalled. The peon said the teacher did not come, you all got a leave. Durga went to meet Rajveer. Subhadra waited for Yashpal. He came there. She said congrats, your daughter became a champion.

He said my daughter will never hide anything from me, tell me what did you want to show me. She showed Durga’s pic where she was taking the award. He said I don’t trust you, I will hear the truth from Durga, if this blame is wrong, it won’t be good and she acted good. Durga passed by but did not see him.

Yashpal asked a peon about the students. The Peon said the teacher did not come, so the kids were left. Subhadra thinks Durga got saved again. Shri came and greeted them. Yashpal asked Shri to tell him the truth about Durga. Kuljit asked Satnaam not to send her to the hostel and he scolded her for losing in the race.

He made her sit in the car. Rajveer came and stopped him. Satnaam asked him to celebrate his victory with Durga. Rajveer apologized and said I have locked you in the car. Satnaam became angry and said I knew just you can do this. Rajveer said get your anger out.

Satnaam beat Rajveer. Durga stopped him and said forgive him, I know he did wrong, but you did much wrong, you did not think of Kuljit, she doesn’t like running, even then you made her run in the race, you threatened her, you should apologize. Satnaam scolded her and raised his hand hit her but Rajveer held his hand.

Rajveer reminded him of the past days. He said you used to cry and miss your mum, your dad kept you in the hostel always, did you forgive your dad till now, today you want your daughter to go through the same pain, shame on you, Kuljit respects you so much, what did you do, you scared her.

you can’t see her tears, your daughter is good in studies, give her a chance, let her fly and then see how she makes your name shine. Satnaam said Kuljit is my daughter, stop this. Kuljit said please don’t send me. Satnaam said fine, I will not send you, he hugged her and she became glad. Rajveer apologized to Satnaam,Kuljit waved to Durga and they smile.

Shri said Durga has run in the race and Yashpal became shocked. Rajveer asked Durga to tell Yashpal about the race. Madhav and Amrita met. Annapurna saw them holding hands…..Read more

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