My Daughter Durga Tuesday, 14 December 2021: Episode 72-73

my daughter durga

My Daughter Durga Tuesday, 14 December 2021 Episode started with the teacher asking everyone to write the essay on what they want to become after growing up. Durga thinks what are they writing. Aarti smiled seeing her, and signalled Sanjay to see. Sanjay signalled Aarti to tell the teacher. Aarti told her to watch Durga. The teacher asked what happened Durga, why have you not started writing the essay. Durga asked what essay and everyone laughed. Durga said few lines in english. Teacher saw her book empty and said you are in 7th standard, you don’t know how to write, why do you time pass here and there, than concentrating on studies. She asked the class to listen, if any student fails in test, they will be punished. Durga worried.

Shilpa told Madhav that it did not happen good, mummy in unwell, we will lose the electricity line, you know the burden of daughter’s marriage. He said how will I, I have no daughter. She said Yashpal is not ready to give the room for rent, my mummy is trying to give her life. They got to the place. A lady asked Shilpa to see her mum. Sheela did a drama by standing on the bridge. Shilpa asked Madhav to come with her. Madhav asked Sheela to come, you can’t do this, it’s wrong. Sheela said I can jump for my daughter. He said I will call the police. Sheela said I am not scared. Madhav asked her to think of Shilpa and the family. I will help you. Sheela said everyone say but doesn’t help. Shilpa begged him to help them by taking the room. Madhav said okay fine, I will help you, promise. Sheela smiled and said now I will be back. She slipped down the bridge and hanged, asking them to save her. Madhav saved Sheela by pulling her up. Sheela thanked him for saving her. Shilpa said thanks, you did a lot for me today. He said no, I did this for a mum, I know the value of mum in life. He asked them to come.

It’s night, Durga sat studying. She said I thought just maths is the problem, but even english language goes over head. Subhadra’s husband asked her what is she doing. Durga said I have to do my homework and learn english from Shri. He said she went to her Bua’s house, she will come tomorrow and Durga worried.

She heard Subhadra talking to Yashpal. She took the phone and told Yashpal that she missed him a lot. He said I know, so I called you. Durga said I think of how you used to drop me at school, got jalebis for me, how you used to wake me up, I will learn english from Shri, I agree to Subhadra, I study and do household work well. Subhadra worried. Durga said I sweep the house soon, I wash utensils well and I am learning to wash clothes, I will not let her worry. Yashpal asked why are you doing this. Durga said I am learning things. He said you became mature. Subhadra took the phone and said it’s time for her to study now, she helps me with work, Durga will become a collector and come there. He was glad and thanked her. He ended the call and told Annapurna that Durga has become mature, she is doing work and studying and prayed for Durga. Durga prayed for him too. She said I will fulfill his dreams by studying hard. Rajveer waited for Durga and asked Jaggi to keep jalebi and milk ready. Durga is sleeping at home.

He asked the girls to warm up and practice. He thinks Durga come soon and show your talent to everyone. Aarti came. He asked her to start the practice. She asked who is the fifth runner, it’s 6am now. Rajveer sent them to practice. He wished Durga came. The seniors met Rajveer. He thinks where is Durga, she said she will come at 5am.

He said today we will start with 4 runners. He asked them to run and counted. Durga came running and called him out. Rajveer smiled. Durga said sorry, I was late. Rajveer said our winner has come, our fifth runner. Aarti became angry seeing her. He said you have come, I thought you won’t come. She said I was going to come, I slept off, Hanuman ji woke me up. He asked did Hanuman come to wake you up. She said no, I mean the temple bells. He asked why did you come in school dress, don’t you have sports dress. Aarti laughed at on her. Durga said I did not know other clothes are needed to run. He asked how will you run in shoes. She said I will win barefoot, don’t worry, I will save your job. He said fine, keep your bag and stand in this line. He smiled.

Durga placed her bag down and came. She looked at Aarti. He said we will take a round before running, run on 3. Everyone started running. Durga run ahead. Rajveer smiled. Durga thinks I did not get breakfast and food at night, how shall I run, I am feeling weak. Aarti said I can help you in the test. Durga asked her not to trouble her. They completed a round. Rajveer asked everyone to come on their positions. He said the winner will get milk and jalebis today. Aarti laughed at Durga. He asked Durga to run when he said go. Durga saw the jalebis and thinks I will eat the jalebis. He thinks I will tell Durga about the competition when she wins this practice.

Rajveer asked Durga to run faster. Aarti run ahead and he became shocked. Durga lost. Sheela placed rats in the grains room.


The Episode started with Rajveer asking the girls to run. Durga run ahead. Aarti said I will win this competition. Durga said I am not running for any competition. Rajveer praised Durga and told the principal that this time our winner will make Bhiwani’s name shine. Aarti told Durga that she is one of the athlete Rajveer is preparing. Durga became shocked and lowered her speed. She thinks Rajveer cheated me and got me here for the competition. He thinks why did Durga lower her speed. The principal asked is this your Durga. Rajveer asked Durga to run but Aarti won. Rajveer thinks she got to know maybe, so she has lost intentionally. The Principal congratulated Aarti. She won the jalebi and milk prize. Rajveer asked Durga why did she lose intentionally. She said yes, I lost to make my dad’s dream succeed. Principal asked Rajveer to come to the office and talk if he has anything left to say.

Durga thinks to reach home soon, else Subhadra will tell Yashpal. Bantu hid and came home. He brought the box. Shilpa came and asked what are they doing to get Madhav home. Sheela said I have thought of everything. She showed the rats in the box. Shilpa became shocked. Sheela asked Bantu did you understand what you have to do. They smiled. They turned and see Annapurna.

Durga came home and entered the room through the window. Subhadra shouted Durga. Durga acted to be sleeping. Subhadra asked her to wake up, who will do the work if I wake you every day. Durga acted like she was waking up. Subhadra asked her to come downstairs, I can’t make breakfast, come and help me, make breakfast. Durga said fine, I will come, you go and Subhadra left.

Annapurna said I had to send Bantu to the market. Sheela said yes, he will go. Bantu placed the box down and left. Yashpal came and asked for food. Annapurna gave him food. He missed Durga. He said Subhadra would be treating Durga as a queen. Shilpa worried as the rats moved the box. Durga checked the fridge and did not get any food. She said I will be late for school if I go to buy anything now. She made sandwiches for Subhadra. Subhadra came and asked is breakfast ready. Durga said yes, but bread is less, there is no bread for me. Subhadra said I am so sorry, Amma and my husband have to take the breakfast, I get headache by empty stomach, go to school, I will make food for you and feed you and Durga nodded. Subhadra asked Amma to come and have food. Durga said I will leave now. Subhadra’s husband asked won’t you have breakfast. Durga said no, I will be late for school and she left. He saw Subhadra and understood the matter.

Sheela hid and went upstairs. Yashpal said I will find a job to lessen our burden. Sheela left the rats in the grains room. The rats tear the grains back and she smiled. Durga felt hungry. She said I can’t bear hunger, shall I pluck mangoes and she did. She ate the mangoes while on the way to school.

She run to school. The guard shuts the gate and saw her. Durga said he is showing as if I can’t enter if he shuts the gate and she left. Sanjay’s friends placed the milk for Naagdevta and prayed and they left. Durga said this is the way for me, if I come late, but anyone can catch me. She entered the school.

She run and saw the milk bowl. She said milk again. She picked the milk and thanked Hanuman ji and drank the milk. Sanjay’s friends saw her and said Naagin Durga was drinking the milk for so many days, not any Naagdevta and she run away.

The teacher told everyone about the story on cricket. A girl ate jalebis. Durga looked at her. The girl shared the box with Durga. Aarti saw Durga eating jalebis and signalled Sanjay. Sanjay saw it and smiled. He made the box fall down. Durga and the girl became shocked. The teacher turned and saw them.

Madhav looked at Amrita hanging to the shelf. Yashpal scolded Sheela for getting rats to spoil the grains. Rajveer called Subhadra and she scolded Durga.