My Daughter Durga Tuesday, 16 November 2021: Episode 32-33


My Daughter Durga Tuesday, 16 November 2021 Episode started with Yashpal getting annoyed and leaving the house. Durga thinks, he is annoyed and did not bless me, I wish his anger goes down and he listens to me, I just want a chance. Her friends came and saw her studying. Durga’s friends encouraged her to study so that Yashpal praises her. Durga went to Sneha and asked for some answer. Sneha asked why are you wasting my time. Durga lied to her about Shweta. Neha became angry and went to Shweta. Neha and Shweta argued and fought. Durga went to Sir and told him about Neha and Shweta’s fought. She sent the teacher. She copied the questions from Sir’s book, and said he is going to ask these questions today. The peon came and she hid under the table.

Durga went to class. The teacher told everyone about the test in class today, it’s for preparing them for maths exam, they have to make their school name shine today. He wrote the question on the board. Durga saw the same question in her paper. Teacher asked anyone who knows answer to raise his/her hand. Durga raised her hand. The teacher asked do you want to go out, you won’t know this answer, come lets see what magic you do today. Durga’s friends think she will be scolded today. Durga thinks this is the chance to answer right and get praised by Yashpal, so that I can tell him about Rishi.

She wrote the maths solution on the board. The teacher said it’s wrong, and asked her friend to say it. Her friend said Durga’s solution is right but she has written the decimal wrong. Durga said I forgot to write, I was in a hurry. The teacher said don’t cry, you solved a tough question and impressed me, I feel I did something big that you understood something, very good and she placed the decimal. Everyone clapped for her.

Durga thinks, I copied the question and did wrong, I will not do this again. She asked the teacher to help her, it’s important. He asked what happened. She said sorry, but please praise me in front of Yashpal, he will be much happy. He said you can tell this to him. She said he won’t be happy if I say, please tell him.

Subhadra asked Annapurna not to worry about shopping. Annapurna thanked her. Subhadra said don’t thank now, send Durga with me, when she changes and comes back, then thank me. Amrita said Durga is young, how will she stay there. Subhadra’s husband explained to her that child can change only at tender age. Subhadra said he is right, don’t delay much, else Yashpal’s dream will be incomplete. She left with her husband and daughter.

The teacher praised Durga in front of Yashpal and Yashpal was glad. He thanked the teacher and he clapped for Durga. He said I was waiting to hear this, Dulaari has forgiven you, I have also forgiven you, study hard and see I will get everything you get. Durga cried and said I don’t want anything, just listen to me, promise me you will not be angry at me. He asked what’s the matter, tell me. She said when I was coming back that day… He asked what happened. He got a call from Brij. She said listen to me. He said I have to book the marriage hall, go home, I will listen to everything at home and he left. She said Yashpal would have not need to book hall if he heard me.

She went to buy the glasses for Yashpal. She asked him if the marriage was cancelled, does the wedding hall people refund amount. He said yes but what’s the matter. She said nothing, make this glasses soon and she gave her details and left.

She saw Amrita’s favorite candy and thinks to buy it for Amrita and bought the candy. Her friends came there and bought the candy. Durga argued with them and said my heart is big, I can solve both my problems on my own.

Durga told Yashpal about the function day. He saw her left knee wounded and asked did you run in race. She said yes and he slapped her.


The Episode started with Durga coming home. Brij told Dadi that Yashpal booked the marriage hall. Dadi asked Yashpal to do the shopping from Bhiwani. Yashpal saw Durga. He asked what were you saying, sit and tell me. She said I wanted to tell you first, about the rasam day, when you all went there, there was a race competition. He recalled Rajbeer’s words. He saw the wound on her right knee. He asked did you run in race. She said near that stadium… He said tell me did you run in race. He became angry and asked did you run or not. Everyone came and asked what happened. He asked yes or no.

Durga said yes and he slapped her. Durga fell down and they all became shocked. Yashpal scolded Durga for lying to him, is she not ashamed. Annapurna hugged Durga. Yashpal told them what Durga did, she was racing with her friends, I will break her leg, she will not be able to go out. Dadi scolded Durga.

Yashpal was angry and cried. He said I did a big mistake, she broke my trust, but I have to rectify my mistake, till her exam ends, I will focus on her, Brij go and tell Dulaari to forgive them but marriage will happen after Durga’s exams. Sheela held her head. Brij asked how do i do this. Yashpal said no.

Amrita apologized to Rishi from Durga’s side. She heard Dadi and Yashpal, and asked him to wait. Rishi also heard them on the call. Yashpal said Durga doesn’t know anything, Amrita’s marriage will happen after Durga’s exam. Sheela asked why are you spoiling Amrita’s life because of Durga. Shilpa told Amrita that Durga did big a thing. Brij said Sheela is not wrong, you booked the hall for the marriage, think well. Sheela said we started shopping also, you convinced Dulaari, she will not listen. Yashpal said I don’t want to hear anything, I can’t risk other’s future to make one’s future bright.

Rishi said Durga will spoil my plan. He told Dulaari not to answer any call from Amrita’s phone. Amrita calmed Yashpal down. Yashpal asked why are you crying. Durga should cry when I monitor her, she has to study day and night. Sheela called Subhadra. She told her what’s happening at home. Subhadra talked to Yashpal. He said I will do Amrita’s marriage after Durga’s exam. She said send her with me, I will change her. He said I will change her, if she fails, I will send her to Bhiwani, I have to focus on her.

Bantu taunted Durga. Amrita asked Durga why did you go to te race. Yashpal said fine, I will not postpone the marriage, but someone has to take the marriage responsibility. Subhadra wished Durga runs in race and fails in studies, so that her dreams fulfill. Yashpal told Brij to take the arrangement responsibility of Amrita’s marriage, I can’t see Durga’s studies spoil, if I leave Durga, hardwork, money, and dreams, she will ruin them. Sheela thinks it’s best, if I have to manage money, I will sink Yashpal in loan.

Sheela asked Yashpal to focus on Durga, Amrita is our daughter too. Brij said yes, I will manage the responsibility. Yashpal said I won’t forget this favor. Yashpal took Durga and asked her to study till she falls asleep and Durga cries. He asked her to study. Annapurna looked on. He scolded her for lying. Durga went to Amrita. Amrita asked how many lies did you tell, I always saved you not to spoil you. Durga said listen to me. Amrita said dad and mum got hurt, I don’t want to talk to you and she slept.

Durga went to Annapurna and asked her to talk. Annapurna said I don’t want to hear you and Durga left. Yashpal sat crying. Durga said I thought to lessen his problem by getting the glasses, I am not good in studies, what to do, how do i become a good daughter.

Annapurna said we could not do our duty. Dadi said I will see Durga. Durga fooled Dadi and went to find Rishi’s friends.


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